(2014 PROBLEM) Black Screen, Audio Only on Videos? Here s How You Fix (YouTube Bug) DanQ8000

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“Guys then here just came to a quick video for you i understand i ve ve done a lot of you guys are having troubles with the videos apparently it coming up just a black screen and only audio no video. I just want you to know this is not my doing and the videos are actually working from my end. I think it s kind of silly because people are like dad why would you upload a video. Why are you uploading black videos like that that s stupid.

I m like why did you just think about that for two seconds. Why would i upload a video without the video. I m anal. I m ocd about that kind of thing about my channel and my videos being perfect like if there s a grammatical error.

It makes me lose my shit..

So obviously i m on top of things here. So it s not me. It s it s the its youtube as the site apparently. There s an issue now people are freaking out saying.

I can t watch it i can t watch. It actually the problem can be solved in that that quickly pretty much it s just that people don t usually try they just say they see already typed up that that time there s an issue or my god damn one of you do what have you done you crazy lunatic you maniac no all you have to do is if first thing you can try is refreshing the video. If it s still if it s still black go back to my channel and reselect the video not from the subscriber feed. But from my channel itself you can also use the playlist try a different source link.

Because if it s featured in a different link..

It s actually got a different url depending where it is right so i think it s a subscriber feed link that s kind of broken. I m not sure because every single video. I ve watched on youtube is working fine for me i mean i did test it on a different browser. I m currently using chrome and it s working perfectly fine and i haven t had an issue with it.

But i did try it with internet explorer in it did happen once. But all it was refresh the page. And it worked right right away. So i don t know why people like people are getting all up in arms.

I don t know what what s going on please i don t know it s not me so if people i don t get why people think everything s on me because trust me..

If there s an issue of the video. It s fixed before it even goes live and if it doesn t if it s not fixed that the end its benefits. If it s important enough. I will take it down and refit and fix it put it back up before anyone s even noticed it or at least a couple people obviously if it keeps happening for a million videos.

It can t be me like try someone else s videos. It s gonna happen to them too and people been reporting it like all day so i don t know what s going on i don t know when it s gonna get fixed. I m just letting you know if you re having this trouble just go to my channel. Wherever you click the video from originally do it a different way like add it to a playlist like a watch later playlist do it that would go to my channel reload.

It from the channel reload it from the playlist..

I may just do that okay and it ll work trust me i tested it works. I don t know why everyone s freaking out about it it s just another youtube thing. I think they re doing maintenance right now so just so you know alright thanks guys. I gotta get off to bed.

It s getting late here. But by the time you see this it ll be the next day. But ” ..


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