2020 Gaming Projector Bedroom Setup! BenQ TH585 Projector Review

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” s going on guys. My name is wade with tech daily. So some of the the most popular videos on my channel over the last few months now have been that featured my bedroom projector setup we originally started with a super inexpensive projector under a hundred bucks and i showed you guys that if you want a unique setup like this to enjoy your movies or shows. You don t have to spend a whole lot at all we then bumped up the budget just a bit after that and incorporated a true native 1080p projector.

The cheapest i could find at the time and kept the setup under 250 bucks projector. We used in that video is still one i d certainly recommend. But there was an element missing from that video that a lot of you guys brought up gaming. A lot of relatively affordable projectors aren t all that great at gaming.

They re usually not bright enough to capture the important details in certain games. And that can affect how you play and they sometimes have input lag. Too that makes the games. Difficult and even at times unplayable and that s where this guy comes.

In this is the new ben q. Th 585. It s a full featured 1080p projector with some thoughtful additions that make it geared towards gamers. And it s relatively affordable to now right off the bat.

Let me just say that the word affordable in the projector space is sometimes misleading. I know a lot of folks are surprised to find out that projectors can cost literally thousands of dollars especially as you start to bump up the specs. But ben q. Sells there th 585 for 599 bucks.

And just hear me out now. I do think that s a reasonable price for what you re getting here. Which to sum things up is a really excellent 1080p projector. With the brightness clarity and resolution to enjoy your favorite movies and shows.

While also packing. All the extras that offer a perfect gaming experience to physically the projector itself is pretty standard from top to bottom it s a decent size about a foot long nearly nine inches across and it weighs just over 6 pounds..

When it comes to mounting and setup. You have a couple options of course you can do what i did and just simply utilize the three adjustable feet and place. The projector on a flat surface like a shelf or a table and adjust the angle to your liking you need to leave a bit of space around back for the full size power plug and various ports. That you ll utilize.

But beyond that it s very much a plug and play sort of a setup. Here. There are also some additional m48 millimeter. Screw holes underneath for ceiling mounts.

So you do have that option as well for theaters. Classrooms board rooms or anywhere else as far as your input. Options you ve got some flexibility here with two hdmi ports. Vga rs 232 usb for powering certain devices and simple audio in and out overall.

I m personally happy with the options here as i primarily utilize hdmi from my cable box apple tv fire tv. Stick and my xbox 1x. And i think that setup is what a vast majority of other people will use as well having the option to hook up some external speakers is great too. Though in all honesty.

The built in 10. Watt speaker. Inside this projector isn t too bad at all. It s not all that loud.

But certainly usable and you can still enjoy your contents. While you look for that perfect pair of external speakers to take your setup to the next level and finally when it comes to your button controls you ve got two options built in across the top you ll find an array of things. Including power input. Source menu volume controls and other buttons.

But the projector likely won t be in an easily accessible spot. So benq includes this remote..

Which is great obviously. There s not a whole lot to say here. It s a simple remote they give you full control over everything. But i will say that unlike the small cheap little flimsy micro remotes that often come with projectors this feels more like a tv or cable box remote.

Which is kind of nice alright so let s dive into actually using this projector. Now and the first important thing to note is that this is a dlp projector with 3500 lumens of brightness and a lamp life of anywhere between. 4000 and 15000. Hours of use depending on if you use one of the many eco mode.

Options. You ll get a native 1920. By 1080 full hd resolution with input source and setup at a standard 16. By.

9. Aspect ratio for your screen size and throw distance you can get an 80 inch screen from about 10 feet back. And go all the way up to 150 inches at 18 feet away in my bedroom here for example the th 585 projector sits nearly 12 feet from the opposite wall and at that distance i m getting a screen size of some 90 or so inches. Now obviously when you set this thing up you ll make some adjustments to the zoom and focus to get the alignment and resolution.

Right. And you can also make some height and angle adjustments as well without having to move the projector. Which is great. But unfortunately you are limited on screen size depending on that distance away from the opposite wall.

There s really not a whole lot of screen size adjustments at 3500 lumens. The th 585 can actually be used in less than ideal conditions. Even broad daylight. And if you re researching projectors in general i think anywhere between 3 to 4 thousand lumens is your bare minimum threshold for projectors that can be used with ambient lighting in rooms with some windows or generally just during the day.

Now obviously my bedroom here has nothing but floor to ceiling windows. And this is pretty horrendous conditions for even the best of the best projectors..

But not only is it usable here. I d go so far as to say that it borders on enjoyable obviously. Though you ll be using this projector. Most when the lights go out and while this room is still not completely dark the entire city is right outside my window basically the viewing experience here is still fantastic.

The th 585 is bold and bright and while you can make some picture adjustments with either preset options or custom user settings. I found the standard viewing option to be a perfectly good balance of color for me. Some folks might argue a bit about the saturation. But i always like a bit of exaggerated color.

Anyway and like i said you have plenty of options to tweak the picture and make it right for you if you want as far as resolution and quality 1080p looks. Great even as you approach 90 inches or more. And whether you re watching something animated or real life. Movie or show or whatever everything does look very sharp like i mentioned earlier that built in speaker.

I think is more than good enough to start with but one thing that really helps out is the relatively minimal fan noise. This projector has well it s still noticeable it s not distracting and it s certainly one of the quieter projectors. I ve tested out at this price point most importantly benq markets. This projector as a budget friendly gaming option and with that marketing distinction.

The folks behind it had to ensure that they offered the features and specs that appeal to gamers first of which is low input lag. And i think benq nailed. It with a 16 millisecond response. Time now in the gaming monitor world.

Where he can get a 1 millisecond. Response. Time that doesn t sound all that great. But it actually wasn t too long ago that even the best projectors on the market were pushing 20 to 25 milliseconds or more.

So. 16..

Milliseconds is pretty solid and for casual gamers like myself. I didn t notice any times where i was limited or affected by the input lag are you gonna be using this for competitive play probably not but i think a vast majority of people who are casual gamers would be more than happy with what you re getting visually. You can also make some important adjustments as well to ensure that your game looks and plays right in every occasion benq offers certain gaming mode presets to bring up the shadows and other dark areas to ensure that you see everything that s going on in your game. But even if you don t necessarily utilize.

The specific game mode presets the picture you get with no adjustments at all is still really impressive especially for gaming overall. I don t think the th 585 is only a gaming projector or only a theater projector. I think benq is offering the best of both worlds and i ve been switching back and forth between movies cable tv and gaming over the last few weeks that i ve had this thing and all in all i am really happy with it i think my only gripe with the th5 85. Is the extra projector border you get surrounding your content.

It makes the height and angle adjustments. You made fairly obvious since the content doesn t line up with the projector border if you change anything. And it s just a tiny bit of a distraction from the overall experience beyond that minor and probably irrelevant complaint i think ben cues th 585 projector packs just about everything you d want from a product at this price point like i said earlier projectors can quickly become extremely expensive investments. But for under bucks.

This is one that offers very few compromises and it can easily compete with similar projectors at its price point. And even beyond so hopefully you guys enjoyed this video. Let. Me know what you think of ben q.

s new gaming projector. In the comments down below of course. And also let me know if i should do any more room tours or like fancy setups like this maybe. An office or a living room tour might be down the line.

If you re interested also be sure to follow tech daily on twitter. And subscribe. The tech daily youtube channel. If you haven t already and i ll see you ” .


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