25 Most Useful WordPress Widgets for Your Site

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“To wpbeginner and thank you for watching nin. Today s video. We ll look at at 25 of the most useful wordpress widgets. You can add to your site.

The one is the recent posts widget with nthumbnails by default wordpress comes with recent posts. But this widget. Lets you add na featured image for each of the recent posts and makes it more inviting for the reader. 2 is the category posts widget.

Which lets you show the most recent posts by category on your site. The next. One is simple social icons this widget. Lets nyou add social icons easily to your sidebar just by adding your social media user id 4 is the google maps widget which lets you nadd a map to your site and when the user clicks on it a larger map opens in a lightbox popup.


Is social count plug. Which lets you show nhow. Many followers each of your social media accounts have and this is a great social proof nfor your site. 6.

Is the image widget which lets you add nimages to your widget area using the media uploader. Instead of having to remember html code. 7. Is the custom taxonomies menu widget.

Which nlets you display custom taxonomies in the sidebar of a wordpress site. 8. Is compact archives with is a beautiful nway to show your monthly archives on your website next is the authors widget which lets you display na list of your authors on your site. 10.

Is the youtube channel gallery and this shows nall your latest youtube videos from your channel on your website..

11. Optinmonster. Is a lead generation plugin nthat. Grows your email list optinmonster comes with a sidebar and after post widgets.

Which nlet help you grow your email list quickly. 12. Is the tabbed login widget. Which is another nway to add a login form to your website.

13. Is the simple contact info. And this allows nyou to add your contact information. Social.


And location information. Just by filling out. The form. Once you ve done that you can add the info widget where you want to show your contact information on your website.

14. Is quick chat and this lets you add a live nchatting system anywhere on your website. 15 is the testimonials widget. Which is a nnice way of showing your testimonials on your website.

16. Is whittles this widget lets you show ninformation in an accordion or tabbed style on your sidebar. 17. Is neat skype.

Status widget and this lets you display your skype contact information anywhere on your site..

18 is the random posts widget which lets you show random posts on your sidebar for users to read 19 is soliloquy wordpress slider widget this is na responsive slider plugin that lets you add sliders to your sidebar anywhere on your nwebsite. 20. Is the feature a page widget which lets nyou add a page as a featured page on your sidebar. 21.

Is envira gallery. Which is a responsive ngallery plugin that lets you showcase photo galleries in your sidebar area 22 is date and time widget that simply lets you show the date and time to your visitors on your site. 23. Is the google calendar events.

Which lets you ndisplay your google calendar on upcoming events for your visitors to see. 24 is display recently registered users widget nthis is great if you have registered users this widget can show their user name and a welcome nmessage and more 25 is wordpress popular posts widget and this lets nyou showcase your site s more popular posts on your website. If you like this video click on the like button and go ahead and leave us a comment. There we d love to hear from you ” .


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