[3DS [PSA Nintendo Banning Thousands of Users for “Unauthorized Software” – SpotPass to Blame?

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” s up guys got some bad news today nintendo has begun banning people across the the board arm9 loader hacks users boot. 9 strap users even some non custom firmware are getting banned during this if you re seeing this error code. It means you ve been banned from online services and it was because of potentially using unauthorized software. So nintendo possibly through the spotpass capability of our machines.

Has been receiving information about the games that we play or the apps. That we use and it is quite possible that they have now you know sort of run a verification check to see what apps people have been using through the spotpass feature and banned anyone that has anything that isn t supposed to be there. So this is pretty sad. I m kind of upset that i got banned luckily i don t really play online.


The whole reason. I believe this is spotpass is because i do not play online or hack. My save files. I don t do any pokemon save file editing nothing like that the only thing that is in common that is common between my 3ds and everyone else is that is banned is i had spotpass enabled so i m going to show you guys how to disable spotpass.

Although it might not matter at this point your console might already be banned. I m not sure if it matters now. But if you haven t been banned yet probably turn your router off before you turn on your nintendo 3ds and then go ahead and open up system settings after you ve turned it on go into internet settings. And then spotpass and you should see sending of information go ahead and click on this and make sure.


It s set to off before. You turn your wi fi back on. Many believe that this being set to yes. Is why they are banned.

I had mine set to yes. I do not hack games or play online. So it s 100 possible there 99 possible that spa is the reason that i got banned here is how you check to see if you ve been banned go ahead and click on your friends list and on the bottom screen you should receive 0 0. 2 0 1 0 2 error and this is you ve been banned by nintendo.


And it s because of unauthorized software and this happened because of spot pass or so we believe i m going to go ahead and put a link in the description to the gba temp thread. Where this is being talked about and i will also keep you guys informed on the methods to unban yourself. It s possible we might be able to inject a friend code seed underscore b and be able to get back online. The only thing is we re going to need an unbanned friend code seed so that might be a little difficult to come across after everyone gets banned.

But we ll see how it goes and potentially in the future here all having how to get on banned video. So i just wanted to show you guys that you can still enter the eshop even if you ve been banned. Which is pretty cool that s nice of nintendo at least they still will let us pay for games go down to the comments and tell me if you ve been banned and if you have spotpass enabled. I m also going to put a link to a poll in the description.


Where you can vote on what you had or had not done. And this is going to narrow down the reasons that we are all getting banned as of right now it seems to be that spot pass. ” ..


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