5 Best 10-Inch TABLETS 2020

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“You wondering what the best 10 inch tablet is for this year. If so stay stay tuned. Because by the end of the short video you ll know exactly which to choose hey guys. It s 7 top rated and in today s video.

We re going to check out the five best 10 inch tablets on the market. This list was made based on our personal views and are listed based on price quality durability and more to see prices and get more info about the products shown be sure to check out the description below one last thing before we dive in make sure you subscribe and hit the notification bell to get the latest product reviews from the channel. Ok so let s get started with today s video at number 5 is the samsung galaxy tab s6. The galaxy tab s6 is samsung s best effort in the tablet market and finally bring some clout to the android slate space can it get the job done let s find out design wise the tab s6 features an aluminum chassis brilliant 105 inch amoled display with dual rear cameras it s available in two colors mountain gray and rose blush both models look essentially the same from the.

Front a black bezel with white screen in the. Middle the 57. Millimeter. Thick design feels slim in the hand and the bezels are pretty small.

Giving it a light portable feeling overall it s solid and well finished moreover. The tab s6 supports a stylus same as the galaxy note series phones samsung carved out a channel for the stylus on the rear. That also serves as a charging dock for performance. The galaxy tab s6 uses a qualcomm snapdragon 855 processor with the option of six gigabyte or eight gigabyte of ram paired with either 128 or 256 gigabyte of storage.

Plus has a micro sd card slot. So you can expend storage by another 512 gigabyte. The display is a 2560 by 1600 amoled panel with hdr 10. Plus.

Support. Making a cinematic video. Look beautiful thanks to the excellent contrast provided by oled on the back. You ve got a dual camera setup with a 13 megapixel.

Standard camera. Plus. A 5 megapixel ultra wide kim. There s also an 8 megapixel forward facing cat moving on as a media tablet.

This is definitely a great option especially when you factor in the impressive speakers. Which are loud clear and give solid stereo separation. When it s square in front of you a quick word regarding. The battery life.

Which is fairly solid in use as ever it depends on what you re doing. But 10. Hours of work is easily achieved to conclude the tab s6 is a solid tablet. It s beautifully designed it s got a lovely screen and speakers and the fact that it comes with a stylus makes it great value and one we recommend you take a look at and number four is the microsoft surface go the surface go is a gorgeous machine that brings you an excellent windows 10 experience in a 10 inch tablet on design when you think of a budget windows machine you usually don t think of sturdy build quality.

But that s exactly what you get with the surface go the silver magnesium case looks and feels premium weighing just 115. Pounds and still a featherweight one point six six pounds with the keyboard attached plus. You get the same nifty kickstand that you ll find on the more expensive surface pro. Which makes it easy to switch from tablet to laptop mode or just standing up the tablet.

So you can binge on netflix. There s one usb c port a surface connect port for charging and docking and a micro sd card slot to go along with a headphone jack onto performance the surface pro feels speedy in everyday use. It features an intel. Pentium gold.


44. 15y processor with four gigabyte of ram and 64 gigabyte of emmc storage. Microsoft s display game continues to be top notch on the surface go at 1800. By 1200 pixels like most tablets.

The bezels around the 10 inch pixel sense display is pretty large. But that just allows you to grip the device from any side without accidentally triggering anything on the screen. The optional keyboard for the surface pro is surprisingly comfy to use and we like that it s backlit. Additionally.

The surface co does an excellent job handling a typical workload juggling 15. Open tabs in google chrome and the stride messaging app. While streaming spotify has for battery life we found it was around 6 hours on a charge and perhaps a bit longer if the battery saver feature is used overall. The surface co is the ultimate secondary pc.

Although small. The 10 inch display is bright and colorful. The pentium performance is pretty solid for the price and the build quality and sheer portability can be beaten and would make a great choice and number three is the lenovo yoga. Tab.

3. Pro lenovo s 101. Inch. Yoga tab.

3. Pro. Is a powerful android slate. That adds.

A rotatable mini projector. For beaming content onto walls ceilings or screens design. Wise. As soon as you picked it up the lenovo yoga tab.

3. Pro feels like a premium product. It s metal and aluminum construction. Feels really solid and the leather panel on the back is soft to the touch and really comfortable to hold the solid build makes for a weight of 665.

Grams. Additionally. The unique kickstand gives you four angles for easy viewing. Anywhere scroll through recipes.

While you cook check your social feeds. While you eat watch movies. While you work out whatever works for you on the top of the tablet. You ll find a micro usb ports.

And on the bottom. There s a headphone jack under the hinge. There s a place to put a micro sd card. Performance.


Wise. The yoga tab. 3. Pro runs on a.

Quad. Core intel atom. X5 z 8500 at. 144 it s a 22.

4. Gigahertz supported by 2 gigabyte of ram. There s a 13 megapixel rear camera and a front. Facing 5 megapixel camera the 101 inch.

Screen delivers a very impressive 2560 by 1600 pixels. That s 299 ppi. Which is right at the top end of current 10 inch tablet standards. Moving on the yoga.

Tab. 3. Pro. Signature feature is the integrated projector.

That s built into the stand. This essentially allows you to adjust the angle of the projectors throw and still use the tablet easily while it s projecting. Which is awesome for presentations. We must mention the sound quality.

The tab. 3. Pro. Has four integrated front facing speakers with dolby atmos to deliver powerful clear dynamic audio.

Which we really liked plus. It has an 18 hour battery life allowing you to play all day and night without needing to charge overall. The lenovo yoga tab. 3.

Pro. Offers a cool projector and long battery. Life. Making it a great choice for those wanting to use a tablet for entertainment.

Number two is the amazon fire hd. 10. Tablet amazon s cheap. But good enough media.

Tablet gets a much needed speed boost and updated software. Which is just enough to make the fire hd. 10. Still the budget tablet to buy for bigger screen video.


Watching slip. The fire hd 10. From its simple cardboard packaging and you ll find a. Minimalist design that s all about the 101 inch screen at 98.

Millimeters thin 504 grams. In weight and 262 millimeters long the fire hd. 10 is fairly easy to hold on a couch or pack. For the commute.

A range of own brand cases can put a cover over the screen that folds into an effective kickstand in addition when moving around the. Body you ll find a 35. Millimeter. Headphone socket.

Volume. Controls. Micro usb and the standby button. All sitting on one end with a covered micro sd card slot on the side.

Performance. Wise the fire hd 10 features a brilliant 101. Inch 1080p full hd. Display.

1920 by 1200 screen with a quad. Core. 18. Gigahertz processor plus.

2. Gigabyte of ram. And either. 32.

Or. 64. Gigabyte of on board storage. Expandable.

Up to 256 gigabyte via. Micro sd. Great. For keeping.

Photos. Favorite movies. And compatible. Games.

And apps. With you the fire. Hd. 10.


Includes alexa integration. As standard. You can now. Use.

Alexa hands free mode to pause videos play music open apps. Show sports scores display. The weather and more and just ask more over stereo speakers in the top are fairly loud and clear. But lack bass and sound a little shrill.

When turned up to maximum there s a headphone socket or bluetooth for connecting your own headphones. We must mention the battery life. The fire hd 10 continued for 11 hours 22 minutes and should you require extra juice you can use a power bank to charge the tablet via the micro usb port to conclude if you want a new tablet for yourself or your kids. But don t want to spend a lot then get the fire hd.

10. It s the best value tablet. You can buy. Another.

One. Is the apple ipad air. The latest apple ipad air is much like the ipad pro in all but name if you can live without the face id uniform bezels and type c port offered by the current pro then this 105 inch ipad is a compelling offering especially considering its cheaper price point design wise the ipad design is iconic therefore. Its design hasn t changed drastically despite the expanded screen real estate.

The aluminum frame feels well built and cool to the touch. It features a touch id home button in the bottom bezel and the same speaker design. Meaning those bezels remain fairly large. But they re practical for holding on to as for color choices.

The air comes in silver gold and space. Gray what sets the air apart from the regular 102 inch ipad is the a12 bionic processor. This is powerful efficient and able to handle pretty much anything you throw at it if you once you edit a movie in imovie or turn through some photos in lightroom it ll do that effortlessly the lcd screen is a highlight being bright enough to see in sunny conditions and it looks sharp additionally. The gesture interface makes it easy to navigate with a large screen.

And there are several multitasking features that make the ipad air more versatile and if you want to get work done on the ipad air you re in luck because it supports the smart keyboard as well as the apple pencil as for the battery. The air has a 30 point. 2 watt hour rechargeable battery. Which is good for around 10 hours of wi fi browsing to conclude the ipad.

Air isn t the most innovative apple slate on the market. But by getting all the basics right it easily earns a place as one of the year s best tablets. And is an ideal option for most buyers. Thanks for watching the video.

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