5 Boxing Games for Xbox 360

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“Everyone so today. I m to be doing another subject video. And i know i i m being a bit too repetitive as you try something different. But my snapchat seem to get a lot of views including my sarah how on which go around 32000.

Views now i m super surprised as well and i ve been on youtube for less than a week and i m already like getting like this many views and i got nearly 50 subscribers. Now so i m very very impressed and thank you so so much guys. I would never be here without you guys and this is not me being cliche. It just being thankful for everything you guys are doing so yeah.

I hope this video does help you out so basically we are going to launch snapchat and calder s newton camera launched and let s go to the settings right so i ve hankook settings. Cuz. You guys wanna. See my personal info.

So let me just pause. It so then we go to additional services and marg preferences. And friend emojis. Now you can see where all your friend emojis mean now i could talk myself through it.

But i actually have a recording weather today because my phone is really low on storage. So i have to be very very quick. So i do apologize for that so you can read all your emoji meanings. Here and if you want change then you just click.

And you can choose any different emoji and if you want it back to the ones that start originally set for you just click reset to default any 50s and their vascular warms is fast except for you and you can change them and customize them it s really amazing so now let s move on to the snapchat ghosts. So let s start off. So..


I probably do have better versions as well so i m just going to late this now we ll start off with this one. This is actually the surprised ghost face and this is quite interesting because not a lot of people have found out what this means. It s just my personal opinion. Because i actually do like look through my contact and see what people have i think this means this person is a bit shocked by your snaps because it take a bit of time to think of how to reply like perhaps this person is a slow typer maybe they just don t know to say perhaps.

When you snap them they just take a while to reply. And think of what to say so therefore your snaps. Shocked and surprised so moving on to the second ghost race. This is the annoyed ghost face.

Now. I think this person tries to start conversations with you. But you constantly ignore them or leave. The one read perhaps send you stream can you just don t apply.

And that s why they re irritated at you and i have to don t have this with anyone that doesn t mean have a nice person or anything. But it just means that i don t ignore people at much. But this really says a lot about you if you have this with a lot of people it just means you just kind of ignore them. And you don t really bother applying so you in your work on that now the last one was more aggressive too that person isn t snap you anymore.

But this one is very gentle this is nicely they just found because it was uneven and this basically means that this person will get hurt or sad. Because you ignore their snaps like whenever they snap you just leave them on read or you just feed yourself. So you don t reply and just a bit hurt they double text you but you just don t care. So.

If you have this and the triggered one with a lot of people then you really need to work on it because girl you have some social issues right now so let s move on to the next one now. This is the one you get when you ve added somebody or somebodies basically like added you and they re just waiting for you to add them back really or they re just like this is like the hoping emoji like you re just hoping that they ll add you back you know so this is really depending on the person are you back or not or if you ve added them back or not that s basically what this emoji this ghost emoji thing means now this is a bit controversial. It s very similar to the heart eyes one because this person just loves to send out nice snaps people that they care about but perhaps they will snap you as much as a person with the heart eyes as this person would he they wouldn t really send you one snap..


You know don t just individually snap. You they would probably send one snap to like five people in their contacts trying to tart a conversation. You know so this person is really a nice person. But you re not the only one that they re dealing with now.

I m sorry that as my crop game is bad af and i really don t know how to properly because these are all uneven. But this basically just means. This is kind of confused kind of thing and this person probably doesn t know who you are and they just when you added them they just asked who are you and you told them. And you basically had a small conversation and then after that they didn t really talk to you again.

So perhaps you just start more conversations with this kind of person and they just don t really know you is a stranger. So that s all it is this ghost. I m not sure if this is true or not. But i actually thought an article.

So i don t know what to believe i don t see this with anybody. But this apparently means that you blocked him or her so i don t know if that s true or not because i personally don t believe that because how would you even see the ghost. If you block them i can show you pointless book. This apparently means you blocked him or her so you get that together as well now this person can be a bit grumpy.

Because perhaps you don t reply to them honestly half of these annoyed ghosts are basically because you don t reply. So. Perhaps. You should really snap back perhaps after you send them a snap they snap you and then you just don t reply.

And it just they re just kind of annoyed at you to be honest. It s very similar to the triggered one that i showed you guys earlier. So this one s even more annoyed than the other one because they probably been trying to snap you for ages so again this is one of the ghosts..


Where you have to be careful. Now this supposed. It s a bit controversial. Some people say it looks like it s giving you the middle finger.

But it s actually just doing like a spider man sign as my friends say the spider man sign and this person will actually support you like if you snap them from some news or your achievement. They would support you this snapback. But you don t usually talk. Very much you just kind of like you know whenever you have news.

You just sort of conversation well it s not every single day. But they do support you and they just make sure about you so that s a really nice ghost emoji to have now this one again it s a bit controversial. Some of your thing is crying some people think. It s laughing.

I think it s laughing because who cries the huge smile on their face. This person probably. Just thinks you re funny. And i have no idea how snapchat knows that dispersant incher funny.

But they do and i guess i just have it out with everyone they laugh at jokes talk to people a lot. And know. There is good. There is good fun to talk with or not dry people so the other interesting to talk to you so.

If you see this beside somebody perhaps try starting a conversation with them now this ghost emoji. It doesn t mean that the person is an optimistic person it means this person will start a conversation with you first more than you would with them so this will it actually means because i ve seen so. Many articles and like this person..


Things you re an optimistic person okay. That is all bs and they it s obviously for people who struck confidence with you first because i ve seen this through my whole contact list and all the people who have it start conversation with me first that is what it means they they re confident enough to start a conversation with you and perhaps that means you see you an optimistic person. I don t know. But this is what it actually means now this person.

It doesn t mean they re bored of your anything. It just means you guys just don t talk since you ve been added. They never said a word to you you ever said a word to them you just don t talk. But you re still in their frie of boxing games.

We have seen a couple of vr games. Including a creed movie tie in game. But apart from those we ve not had a major boxing game. Since 2011 fans of the finite series have been begging for a new title for years.

Well known a well hated promoter. Eddy. Hearn. Recently teased fans that he was working with ea on a new title.

Where nothing really came of it there are some promising signs. Though as a title called round for round boxing is currently in development. Let s just hope the game gets to see the light of day as boxing fans truly deserve a new boxing video game ” ..


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