5 Ghz Dual Band Adapter

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” s up technician. All right today s episode is gonna be about this little this this little device from netgear we even had a problem with timmy s laptop that only gets the 24. Megahertz signal. But the 5 megahertz is the faster one this will bring in the 5 megahertz turner laptops will retest it out and we re gonna see what the speed is so we re going over their laptop right now as you can see in the list here.

None of the five megahertz is being picked up at all so we have to go with the regular 24. Megahertz can you do a speed test for these guys mm hmm. Okay. This is a speed test that we re doing.

It is regarding rfu platform. Megahertz. She s getting a little over 10..


Just reminder is the ac 1200 wi fi usb adapter. It s just a little dongle that you plug into your laptop. And if you need the 5 megahertz. It s well.

Worth. It so this device that tammy is opening. Oskar at 3999. 40.

Roughly and if it works it s well worth it oh it plug it in no if you want to do like an extended one we re on the install cd first report connecting. Mr. Vyse..


Other the cd there s an install cd of the runner first before connecting the dongle so i can communicate. I guess. It s more confusing than i thought it was i m running this i m running the speed test right now. You can see i got 356 download.

And i m getting 50 upload there it is on my ipod. That s what she should be closer to 5. Which is the 5 megahertz signal. That s why i m getting such a fast speed.

Let s find out how this improves her theater. Okay it looks like we re being offered the option of joining the five megahertz at t signal. So let s jump on that right now as you can see right here..


We are connected. Now so let s do a speed test again and see if it made it any better you know that was the last speed test results. 14 download six upload let s go still taking a while big improvement. Where the fifties right now.

We were in the tens. Now. We re at. Oh 70.

80. 90. 92..


Oh we peaked. It 100 103. Right there okay and we are is that an upload speed yeah how could the upload speed be bigger than the download speed okay technician the next episode. We re gonna take a look at the smooth mobile gimbal.

I just bought this i ll be using this to do my filming in the meantime. I will see you guys on the next episode. ” ..


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