5 Port HDMI Switcher Unboxing

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“Afternoon. Everybody calling here thyra have used and today. I m going to be unboxing unboxing the five and one or five to one intelligent switch from faust one or that s pronounced. But it is called the intelligence which because it allows you to take five different inputs and send them out through one hdmi of course not at the same time.

But it allows you to plug one hdmi cable up to your tv or computer monitor. And you can input five different ones and switch between them so i m just going to take this tape off and we ll go ahead and pull this out cool thing about this was number one the price..

See the instructions down here. We have the user manual put that off to the side right here. We have the hdmi switcher itself some rubber pads on the bottom to keep it from sliding around you have a selector button on here in case. You don t want to use the remote.

You have lights one through five to tell you which input. You are using you have your power and infrared in and you have input for three and two and then this one you haven t put one in five and the output is in the middle..

So say you plug you plug something into input one into you can now have either one come out of the output depending on which one you have selected so i m going to be using this for my pc. And my xbox. And my apple tv be able to plug them all to my monitor not have to switch the cables. It does come with an included remote you can switch between the different ones with the numbers on there so it does come with the included remote and the included an infrared receiver for the remote itself.

If you do not want to use the remote. If you just want to push the button on here you can leave this out you do not need to plug it up..

But it has a cable in there so you can put this like under your desk or behind your behind your tv or something like that and you can just put this under your tv. Since it s a lot smaller does come with tape to um include there does come with a 3m adhesive to stick it wherever you would like and then this is your power cable. So that s what it comes with it comes with a power cable. The switcher itself a remote and a infrared receiver for the remote and a 3m double sided adhesive for the infrared receiver.

So this has been come with a probe use unboxing the hdmi intelligent switch from foss mon. If that s how that s pronounced..

But thank you for watching don t forget to comment rate and ” ..

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