5 reasons an Apple user should consider a Chromebook

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“My name is chris and i m. The editor of mac format. But you can can though on the editor of an apple focus magazine. I m interested in all of technology and actually recently one of the things i ve been most interested in is chromebooks.

Now chromebooks. If you haven t heard of them are essentially usually cheap low powered laptops that give you access to chrome os. Which is google s chrome web browser based operating system you can t run apps on it that you would normally only run web apps. But as an apple user there are five reasons.

Why you might be interested in chromebooks as well and why you should consider buying one especially this one. This is the first chromebook from hp called the hp chromebook. 11..


And it s really really nice. So reason one why you might want to be interested in this is that it s cheap this is 229 pounds. So four hundred thirty quid or two hundred eighty dollars. You get a laptop.

But you know as cheap is not robbed. It s kind of like it really reminds me of the original or rather the last generation of polycarbonate white mac boos feels fantastic my hand feels really nice as a magnesium chassis. So there s no flex on at all and if you open up. There s a pretty decent ips display in this most previous chromebooks have had fairly crappy displays business actually really nice keyboard feels fantastic.

The whole thing is put together really really well and in fact. There s one extra little touch one i show you while you re here. And that s on the edge..


Here. There s a microusb port. And that s actually used for charging it so you charge it like you would a mobile phone. It s terrific.

If you re traveling obviously you can just use the one cable to keep things charged up so reason to then it s cheap. But it s not crap reason. Three is actually really secure now because it runs cruel. Always.

There isn t the ability to execute malicious code in the same way as there is on our normal windows pc. Let s see and this constantly keeping itself updated in the background as well. So you ve also got an up to date..


Comparatively secure browser also it feels pretty maintenance free. It s about like using an ios device. You re not constantly having to tend to it with your permissions and do this. The housekeeping task.

So it behaved yourself really well reason for it runs. I work what can it doesn t run. I work because it can t run apps in the same ways you d expect them to in a mac apple s new i work in icloud web apps and actually the web apps are pretty good you know i don t care on here. They re a little bit sluggish on the oral process or this inside here.

But they run actually ok so you ve got access to all your documents through icloud you can use them on this device. And you ve got a kind of apple like experience. And there as well the very last reason actually is that while it s not particularly fast..


It is powerful enough now you re not going to be doing high end video editing on this or 3d or even much image manipulation. But as a general purpose kind of office laptop. It s really nice if you ve got let s see a powerful imac sitting in your desk. But you own something cheap quick secure nicely put together to take out in the road.

Chopping your back and take to the coffee shop. And do some writing. This is really really nice 2 to 9 built like an absolute beauty it really is stunningly put together. It s real apple level quality of detail.

I think this is a ” ..

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