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“The old school days of minecraft. You legitimately had to drag items around by hand. Hand. Where ever you wanted to put them no matter.

What thankfully as time has on mojang has done a lot to improve the quality of life when it comes to inventory and item management in minecraft and today. I want to go over some of the not so obvious tricks that minecraft has to aid sorting items quickly i think mostly everyone knows that you can shift click items between your inventory and chests and that the 1 through 9 keys on the top of your keyboard allow you to select specific hotbar slots quickly in a recent video where i put 9 trillion gold blocks in a single chest. I mentioned that i wanted to make this video and a lot of you responded with things along the lines of yes. Please make that video.


So let s go ahead and launch right into it intro music playing minecraft has a lot of keyboard shortcuts so let s just get into it i m going to go ahead and split this list into two categories survival mode and creative mode. First let s do creative mode tips when you re grabbing items from the creative mode menu. If you hover over an item within the inventory screen and press the 1 through 9 keys on the top of your keyboard minecraft will drop a full stack of that item into those respective slots in your inventory. Useful.

If you plan to transfer those to a chest and speaking of chests. Let me show you how you can duplicate chests with items inside of them this is the trick that i used in the nine trillion gold blocks within a chest video alright so to do this trick while you re in your inventory middle click or use the pick bloc key on an item that you want to clone and you will get a full stack of the item. You cloned and all of the nbt information will be preserved. Which means if there are items within the chest.


That s included when you clone the item aside from what i mentioned. Before this can also be incredibly useful in cloning enchanted items for adventure maps or any other project. You can also middle click blocks within the world as well to drop them into your inventory. Or you can control middle click them to also get the nbt information for whatever you middle click on super.

Useful if you want to a command block and keep all of the information within it or signs to place them elsewhere and after doing all of this. If you decide you want to clear all of the items out of your inventory just shift click the x button within your survival inventory while in creative mode to instantly clear out all of the items that you have all right let s go ahead and move over to survival mode. Now though. Most of these tricks will also work in creative mode.


While you can middle click blocks in the world in creative mode to drop them into your inventory. You can actually do the same in survival mode. In a way. Say you have torches in your backpack somewhere.

And you middle click on a torch within the world while walking around doing that will move the torches from your backpack slots into your selected inventory slot alright and the second to last of the inventory management tips that i have is while you can shift click items from your inventory into chests you can also do the same thing with cooking reagents in furnaces and collecting maximum stacks of items from your crafting bench if you put enough materials within your crafting bench to craft multiple of the same item all right here s one i think you guys have probably been waiting for while you can hold shift and individually click stacks of items over to another chest or from a chest into your inventory you can also move every item of a specific type over as well such as moving all of your cobblestone at once into a chest to do this pick up one of the stacks from where the items are originating after picking it up hold shift and then double click it over any other stack. Where the items are originating every single item of that type will move over to its destination and while this last. One isn t really inventory management a neat keyboard shortcut that you can use is f3 and q it s going to pop up a list of all of the available f3 shortcuts that you can use within game. Most of which will probably become useful at one point or another and that s it i m pretty sure i got every advanced key vine that i could think of out of the way.


But if there are any others that you d like to share feel free to do so in the comment section down below. And if you enjoyed the video. Please leave a like on it it really does help out a lot. But anyways guys.

I hope you all enjoyed my name is antvenom and i bid you all farewell. ” ..

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