7 Pandora Tips & Tricks

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“Everyone and welcome to my video. So today. I just want to do a quick quick video about some tips and tricks when it comes to pandora so just before start most of this information is probably not going to be new. But i did want to do this video just in case you need a reminder or if you re new to pandora.

Just some things you should be aware of and some things that i use that hopefully will be useful for you too so the first. The first tip that i would say is wait for the promotions pandora doesn t have promotions. All the time. But they have them frequently enough that i would recommend just going ahead and waiting for them.

Because you re either going to be getting something for free or some sort of discount. So definitely wait for those most of them are for example there there was one i think last week. That was spend a hundred and twenty dollars and get a free signature piece whether that would be a charm or a ring. There was of course.

The big one when with the spring collection came out. Which was a buy more save more event. So most of them haven t lit like a minimum to spend for example. Spend 120 and get this for free or spend 115 at this for free.

So waiting for the promotions is not only going to get you something for free or a discount. But it s actually going to help you achieve that limit that minimum if you go ahead and wait you know by the time the promotion comes on there s gonna be more pieces that you re gonna want to buy and you re gonna be able to get that free item or discount or whatever it may be and it s also gonna help you save up your money till then so i would definitely recommend number one waiting for the promotions..

There are a couple blogs on the web. I m gonna go ahead and mention them i don t know like they re not mine at all. But i do want to give credit. Where credit is due because those blogs aren t amazing with that kind of information.

They do reviews. There s one called more pandora. There s one. It s called be charming and the art of norah s another one they re just amazing amazing blogs.

So definitely check them out if you need more information now the second one would be taking advantage of the in store cleaning now. I know i did a video on this already so i don t want to go into depth. But pandora does offer here in the states free cleaning for as many times as you want i m not sure about the how that works in other. Countries but i know in the us.

You can go as many times as you want as long as as long as it s authentic pandora. I went again this weekend to take my 2 tone bracelet and they at this time they did inspect the charms. So just make sure you re going ahead and taking authentic pandora charms. Because that way you know if you re wanting to buy like a cleaner or something you know don t do that just take it to pandora every couple of weeks and they ll do it for free and i ll come out looking amazing.

But if you do want to clean it at home that of course you always have that option number three is something that i definitely would recommend to save some money would be we re using your bracelets. I know i ve talked about this a lot already..

But it s just a tip that i think everybody should know if you want to start a new collection or a new bracelet. But you don t want you know just don t buy the new bracelet. If you want to say somebody just don t buy the bracelet. Just buy the charms and just interchange.

Them you know every weekend go ahead and change. The charms that are on the bracelet to another one so that you know it s you re not gonna be saving the time. But you re arguing to be saving some money on that so definitely recommend switching up the bracelets. I mean switching up the charms on the bracelet that d be my tip number three my tip number four.

I actually think it s so much fun. And it s looking through the catalogs now pandora does right now they have these two catalogs available in store. They re free. I went to pandora on saturday.

So they re still available this little one just has bracelets and charms. I clips this larger one does have rings necklaces earrings aside from the trends. So pick one up and go ahead and look through it not only is it fun. But the way that pandora in the store stores.

Their charms is they stack them up and little trays so sometimes when you go in and you re looking you know to the class you may not be able to see every single charm that they have so definitely go ahead and look through these circle. The ones that you want to check out or the ones..

That you know you want to buy or just the ones that you simply want to see in person because it s really useful to to how that also they have the price so it s really nice to kind of get an estimate of what you re gonna be spending in the store. It s fun to look through its. I would say it s really useful just get an idea if you want to start a new bracelet and you kind of want to get inspired definitely look through these and of course. They have like the new releases coming out for this summer.

And for mother s day so definitely recommend that number five would be choosing your store i live in seattle there s three pandora stores near me i haven t gotten to one of them because it s downtown and it s always hard to find parking drive into the other two and both of them the sales team they re very nice. But there s one that s always emptier than the other one customer wise. So there s one that every time. I ve gone.

I ve just felt not rushed at all you know i felt like the still assistant was really trying to work with me and show me how i my experience was just really pleasant there so that s definitely a store. I frequent mostly because i just really enjoy that experience at that particular store my tip number 6. Would be storing your jewelry correctly it can really make a difference. I actually really sadly i did something that i would not recommend i put five bracelets in one pouch for it wasn t even for that long but and i scratched one of them pretty pretty badly.

So definitely don t do that i will show you guys in the future video. I don t have my bracelet. But that one charm. I don t have it here with me.

But i did scratch it pretty badly and silver sketches. Silver really easily so definitely keep them stored separately..

If you re gonna have them in the pouch now my sixth tip or my seventh tip is more it s more of a mindset than anything else. And that is i used to when i first started pandora like collecting pandora. I kind of had this mindset of like getting more and buying more and more and more and and you know it s natural because you re starting a collection of course you want to have as many as possible but waiting for their promotions. Really helped me with that mindset and really helped me kind of enjoy the charms you but you know every time.

I buy a charm. This is one of my newer ones. I always i wear as a pendant. I ll wear it alone on a bracelet and i ll wear it then i look like on the on the other with the other charms and you know just kind of having this mindset of like pandora s gonna keep on coming out with more collections regardless of let s say i have all the charms.

I want on my 2 tone with all that next they ll come out with more two tones and i m always going to want to buy more and more so you know really try to stick to when you buy one wear it as a pendant wear. It alone you know and really take advantage of that and enjoy it instead of having that at wanting more and more feeling so it s definitely a mindset. It s something that is helped me waiting for the promotions will definitely help with that because you re gonna have to wait. But yes thank you so much for watching as i said i did go to pandora this weekend.

I purchased two things but i don t want to do a haul yet because there s at least one more that i want to buy that i went to to pandora s and they both didn t have and there s one bracelet that i m just debating it s this shine bracelet the pandora gold plated shine briefly i m still debating on that am i getting i might not so i ll keep you guys posted on how that goes and thank you guys so much for watching i hope to see you guys in my ” ..

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