8 Free VST Instruments You Must Have in 2020

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“What s up everyone welcome back to a new video and actually the first video video of 2020. I m pretty excited to do this video. Because i m gonna you my favorite 8 free vst instruments. I ve already showed you guys effects and my favorite d8w.

But in this video. I am going to show you my favorite instruments. I will show you a little sneak peek of owl each instrument can sound and basically just be as clear and asked and as quick as i can so you can go ahead and test them for yourself. Remember that i am currently focusing on helping you guys build your foundation.

I m talking about that i m gonna be making more videos about how to organize your social media. How what the best music distributor is music business tips etc. Etc. I m gonna talk about a lot of things.

I have a lot of things planned for this 2020. And i hope you guys are excited without further ado. Let s just get right into the video. So first on my list.

We actually have a free analogue vst plug in that i tend to use on a lot of things this one s called gtg. 44. It s an old school sounding plugging sounds amazing and i m gonna show you an example. This is how you can make your sound in general this is a very good instrument it has six voices yes filter envelope filter pitch and below vamp envelope.

It has the sub it has chorus and it has basically all you need anyways let s hop on the next instrument on the list next one on the list. We got next and next is actually a synth modeled after the jam aha dx7. Which was a synth that came out around 1986 at the end of 1986 and a lot of famous musicians you stood on their music. So i m pretty sure you ve heard a song that was made using the jam.

Aha dx7 like i ve said. I ve made a pretty cool melody. So you can check how it sounds..


Let s just play it pretty cool um. It doesn t have any extra effects any extra things. But i would imagine that if you add reverb or something like that it would make it sounded way better. And it was if you want to get this one remember all the links are gonna be in the description.

Let s now hop into the next one next one on the list. We actually have a pretty cool piano and it doesn t have any settings. You can t do anything. It s called frome piano for front piano and you can t do anything.

It s just there it s just a piano and it sounds good this is how it sounds please remember that this does not have any compression. It doesn t have any reverb and it already sounds great so. If you re trying to get a free vst piano. That doesn t sound like the stock piano on fl studio or whatever it did all were you using check this one out because it s really good and honestly i can t really say much about it besides.

It s amazing like i ve said links are gonna be in the description. Let s hop to the next one next one on the list. It s actually t force alpha. Plus.

It s one of the first first vsts. I ever used that was not part of that ville studio. It s really intuitive it has an accelerator. It has an accelerator.

Stab modulations and effects. So you can actually add sidechain and reverb within the vst. You have the three accelerators and you can also use fm. It has a really cool saturation.

It has an equaliser inside. It has portamento as noise aux later it honestly has everything you need and you can download a lot of presets for this i only have a couple at the moment. And i ve made a melody..


So you can check out how it sounds. I honestly loves how it sounds i love how the filter sounds. I love how everything around this plugin sounds. And it s like i ve said i like the gui.

It s not hard to understand so yeah. So that s pretty cool let s move on to the next one next one in the list. We got paul noise maker. I remember i made another video talking about free vst effects and i added a pause reverb this guy s from tall are really great really good as you can see cuz.

I even added. A synth that they have this one is also very intuitive it sounds great. And it has a bunch of presets as you can see this was also one of the first vsts that i ever used it s very intuitive very easy to use it only has two oxalate errs oxidative. One oscillator two and just basic saw pulls a noise waves.

It also has an envelope editor. And it has two control editor here. A control tab. Where you can add chorus or reverb or delay or crush.

Or whatever you want to do with it. It s pretty pretty easy to understand like i ve said and it s one of my favorites again because it doesn t need your pc. I mean most of the most of the vst is that i m showing you guys don t eat your pc so your cpu. If you re having trouble with that having free vsts will help you a lot this how this one sounds.

It s up to you it s up to you whether you want to get this one or not links are in the description. Let s hop on to the next one next one on the list. We got helm and i love how this one sounds and i think you can actually download the code and make your own version out of it it s completely free or you can pay whatever you want like it they even have a donation. It s really good synth.

I love how it sounds and it like i ve said it s intuitive as well and it looks great it s honestly. It s the one that looks the best out of all the ones that i ve showed you this is how this one sounds in this case. I made an ark with this vst and i think it sounds great i added a bunch of filters a bunch of effects such as reverb and distortion and it sounds great i would really think twice about getting this one so if you re if you re watching the video go click the link in the description and get it because it s free..


I m not getting paid for this so i m honestly making this kind of videos. Because i feel like this kind of vsts are actually worth sharing and i feel like they can even help your music sound better as they did with mine years ago. So yeah. This was helm and it s a very very cool vst that s hoping the next one next on the list.

We got tyrell and six bayou. He it s a very famous one. I think because the company is one of the biggest ones called you he and i love how this one looks as well and it sounds amazing. Which is the best part of it really cool one honestly one of my favorites.

It sounds great it has everything you need like i ve said all the vsts that i have all the vsts. I m sure you guys have everything that you need i m not showing them just because they re free. I m showing them because i feel like they re good enough all right like i ve said links in description. Let s hop on the next one for my last mention.

I have the sk overture and let me get this clear. I love anything from dsk. It doesn t have to be the sk overture overture is really good for strings or for orchestral kind of sounds. So this is an example of what you can do this is some sort of staccato staccato horns.

And it sounds like this this honestly has a lot of presets where whether you want pc kato violence. It has everything. And it sounds amazing and not only that but like i ve said. The sk has a lot of different vsts.

This other vst by dsk is called ethereal pad. And it s basically a pad. And it sounds like this i ve actually used this one on my song path as you can see the time. The name of this priest.

It s called path so that s how i got the name for the song right and again. The sk has thousands of vsts. I love them and i use them on all my productions..


If you ve seen my explaining videos. I always have one of these there whether it s making an arabica sound or they re just a string or something i always use them i am sharing this so hopefully when you download vst and start playing with it you get inspired and make really good music because i know a lot of you will do and that s pretty much it for today um. Let me know what you think about this. Via stis.

Whether you like them or not whether you ve used them before and whether il2 out of your favorite. One. Maybe you have your own favorite freebsd. Which i did an ad on this list let me know why i should have added it like i ve said.

I m gonna be making a lot of a lot of new videos. I actually just opened up a patreon page. Where you can support me on my journey. Making videos you will get a lot of perks.

Everything is explained within patreon. I will make a video talking about my new patreon thing in the future. But just to put it out there my patreon. It s actually active now if you want to connect with me.

All my social media. Tags are jas car. So instagram is jas car facebook jas car twitter. Jas car.

Blah blah blah. I ll see you guys on another video bye bye. ” ..


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