9 Epic Friends Holiday Moments Paramount Network

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“Music okay phoebs you look in the kitchen. I will look in the back closet. Closet. I can save you time ladies.

I m right here audience laughing. Yeah chandler ndon t you take a walk this doesn t concern you audience laughing. We are looking for our nchristmas presents from monica. What that s terrible no no we do it every year.

Oh well that makes it not terrible audience laughing. No yeah we never find them. She s always bested us that wily minx audience laughing yeah don t worry we re njust gonna search here for an hour and then we re gonna go over to joey s and search. Okay.

No not okay you can t look for monica s presents oh no we have to no you don t have to and you can t because i live here too audience. Laughing well then you should look with us audience. Laughing. Why chandler aren t you worried about what to get monica for christmas.

No i have a great idea nfor a present for her oh. That s it a great idea okay audience laughing chandler that s not enough what if she gets you a great present two medium presents and a nbunch of little presents and you ve just got her one great present. I mean that s just ngonna make her feel bad. Why would you do that nto.

Her chandler. Why why audience laughing if i help we could find them faster. That s right audience. Laughing oh oh we have a live one ah it s a macy s bag n yeah.

Rachel groaning n oh who s it for audience laughing dear losers do you really nthink i d hide presents under the couch audience laughing ps. Chandler. I knew they d break you audience laughing uh oh. She may be onto us audience laughing.

We are so gonna find them this year. You know when you nguys said you were gonna go across the hall and look you don t do that every year. Do ya. Yeah.

You don t like go ninto. The back of my closet. And look under my gym bag or anything audience. Laughing.

No we never do that n. No audience laughing because joey gave. Me some stuff to store that i ve never nseen before in my life audience laughing okay that did not just happen. Snapping upbeat music and these come in the shapes of your favorite christmas characters.


Santa rudolph. And baby jesus audience laughing all right i ll take a box nof. The creme filled jesus s audience laughing wait a minute one box come on i m trying to send a poor little girl to space camp. I m putting you down for five boxes chandler what about you uh all right do you have nany coconut flavored deities.

No. But there s coconut nin. The hanukkah men oreos audience laughing. I ll tell you what i ll put nyou down for eight boxes.

One for each night audience laughing mon all right i ll take one nbox of the mint treasures. One and that s it i started gaining weight after ni. Joined the brown birds. Remember dad bought every one of my nboxes.

And i ate them all no mon dad had to buy nevery one of your boxes. Because you ate them all audience laughing. But uh you know i m sure that s not gonna happen this time. Why don t i just put you down for three of the mint treasures and njust.

A couple of the rudolphs. No audience laughing ah come on now you know you want em audience. Laughing. Don t don t don t do this i ll tell you what mon.

I ll give you the first box for free audience. Laughing. Oh. God i gotta go come on all the cool.

Nkids are eating them audience. Laughing upbeat music. Hey ben what if the holiday armadillo told. You all about the festival of lights cool monica come on ben years and years ago.

There were these people ncalled the maccabees ho ho ho. Merry christmas audience laughing ben santa hey audience laughing what are you doing here. Santa audience laughing well i m here to see my old buddy ben. What are you doing here weird turtle man audience laughing.

I m the holiday armadillo your part jewish friend audience laughing you sent me here to give nben. Some presents remember what audience. Laughing upbeat music thank you happy holiday bell ringing that s trash young lady no you can t hey stop that young lady. She donated trash audience laughing hey audience laughing the charity s on fire.

N. Bell ringing help oh good thank you i need that woo audience laughing what is this it s 9 o clock. In the morning audience. Laughing upbeat music.


You know i remember my father all dressed up in the red suit. The big black boots and nthe patent leather belt sneaking around downstairs. He didn t want anybody to see him. But he d be drunk so he d stumble crash into something nand wake.

Everybody up oh that doesn t sound nlike. A very merry christmas. Who said anything about christmas audience laughing hi hey. Anyone hear from phoebe yet no nothing i hope.

She s okay yeah i know exactly nwhat. She s going through how do you know exactly nwhat. She s going through. She told us audience laughing so what do ya got there monica just some stuff for the party.

Hey. What are you guys doing here aren t you supposed to nbe christmas shopping. You guys haven t ngotten your presents yet tomorrow is christmas eve. What are you gonna do don t you have to be claymation nto.

Say stuff like that audience laughing oh by the way mon. I don t think. The mailman nliked your cookies. Here are the ornaments your mom sent audience laughing well maybe.

The mailman nliked. The cookies. We just didn t give him enough monica pigeons learn faster than you audience. Laughing upbeat music hey.

Um. Can i ask you guys something ross and monica sure um. I don t have any nbrothers. So.

I don t know. But uh did you guys wrestle. Oh yeah. Oh ho.

All the time in fact. I was undefeated audience. Laughing. Well.

You weighed 200 pounds audience. Laughing. Still. I was quick as a cat audience laughing well.


I met danny s sister. Yesterday. That was actually the girl on the subway monica. Oh.

You re kidding. And uh. Yeah. They were very you know wrestle y.

But i guess. That s normal. We don t we don t wrestle now audience laughing not since i got too strong for you audience laughing too strong for me. Yeah you wanna go right.

Now. Because i ll take you right. Now. Buddy.

You wanna go. Oh fine ready wrestle audience. Laughing groaning. You know what actually that s great that helps a lot thanks audience.

Laughing upbeat music hi welcome to our ntropical christmas party. You put your coats and sweaters and pants and shirts in the bedroom audience laughing. It s hard to tell because i m sweating. But i use exactly what nthe gel bottle says audience laughing an amount about the size of a pea.

How can that be too much audience laughing ice ice ice squares. Anyone take a napkin all right monica monica. Monica. Your guests are nturning into jerky okay really i m perfectly comfortable.

Hey hey hey get in line buddy. I was next audience. Laughing upbeat music hey hey what are you doing here well. I thought a nlot about what you said.

And i realized maybe. I nwas. A little judgmental. Yeah.

Oh. But oh now phoebe. Remember hey. They re just fulfilling their christmas destiny.


N. Sure. Yes. Okay yikes that one doesn t nlook.

Very fulfilled. Oh. That s one of the old ones. He s just taking it to the back you keep the old ones in the back that is so ageist audience laughing we have to make room for the fresh ones.

So what happens to the old guys well they go into the chipper. Why do i have a feeling that s nnot as happy as it sounds machine revving dramatic music no no gasping hey hey hey. Upbeat music hey oh my god n. Hey look at that it s a christmas.

Miracle audience laughing what are you doing here i wanted to be with you i missed you so much hey hey. Who d you miss the most monica gotcha audience laughing. I never wanna leave you again. I thought if you left you d get fired turns out they can t fire me because i quit what what you really quit your job.

Yeah. It was a stupid job and i could not stand leaving you and why should i be the only one who doesn t get to do what nhe really wants to do what do you really want to do i have not thought this through audience laughing. Oh. My god i know i should have ntalked to you first about it.

No i think that this nis. What you wanna do i think. It s great thanks. Chandler.

Your being here is the best christmas. Present. Ni could have ever imagined aw. Now give me my real gift audience.

Laughing here pass. Those around a donation has been made in your name to the new york city ballet audience. Laughing. How did you know audience laughing are you kidding.

I can t return. This audience. Laughing. I thought it was time nwe started thinking about other people and besides this gift nstill says i love you guys mine says to lilian meyers.

” ..

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