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“Everyone so my question for you today is are you a hater or a helper helper do you even know the difference. If you re a hater you enjoyed it it a choice. You made or is it a victim of your circumstance. Whatever the answer is no judgement here.

I have the secret sauce that can help you move on with your life into a better more passionate fueled life that you deserve i m ricky kalibak welcome to my leave a legacy channel. Thank you very much for being here my intentions are to provide you valuable information that can alter the trajectory of your life with new opportunities for you in your future. Okay so haters. We all know some and some of them some of us are one right.

I m guilty. I was a hater 20 years ago in my 20s you don t really understand how you re feeling you want what other people have and you become jealous you become angry and then that turns into hate that s not the only solution right so we re gonna change our thinking towards this whole philosophy okay so what i want to share with you today is we have haters and we have helpers okay the haters are the having anger towards everyone reaching success right. That s what the acronym stands for and it sounds pretty accurate right it really does so i think we already know that one right helpers helper is having envy love praise. Everyone reaching success stick with me.

Here. What do i mean okay envy that s where you get to decide envy envy means somebody has something you want great it s not their fault right that they had what you want it s actually a good thing because you see it s possible right so it s nothing. It s not bad to envy someone for possession. Something that they have right it could be a possession.


It could be a family it could be a person right so. But the feeling that you get it could be jealousy. If you become jealous over what they have jealousy could lead into anger. Which then you re on the road to haterville.

Okay not a fun place okay come back to envy envy can also lead you to admiration you admire somebody wow they have that i wonder how they got that i admired them because they have something that i would like to have some day or tomorrow. Right admiration can lead to love and praise and now you re on your way to helper ville. Okay so let s talk about that again so this is a very very important thing right trust me. It s very tough to be in the situation.

When you re surrounding yourself with other people right because haters hate. And then they come is irate. So you have your little group that you get around and you talk about other people and all of those things right so being haterville is just a life of misery right fueled by the failures of other people okay enough of that enough of that helpers helpers. This is a life worth living.

This is when you envy someone to a point. Where you re like wow you go girl you go boy. I that s phenomenal congratulations on your success. Oh by the way do you mind if i take you to lunch.


Maybe we can talk about what you did the steps you took to get where you are or to achieve. What you achieve or to you know receive the accolades that you receive the success that you re having whatever. It is that you have an envy or admiration for you should praise them congratulations bravo well done. I m so excited for you that was awesome by the way.

How did you do it is it something that i can do so at least you know right at least you know that s what makes the world go round is if we don t see other people achieving success and whatever that looks like we sometimes think. It s not possible so we have to give them kudos right we have to praise them we have to love them. It s okay to envy them if it turns into admiration and then you feel that and now you can surround yourself around those people that are doing those things. And that is the fastest way to get out of haterville into a helper ville.

Okay so here s the secret sauce and i m going to tell you this from the bottom of my heart. The secret sauce. Whether you choose to be a hater or whether you enjoy it and you want to remain there or you think you have to because of your situation. If you want to unlock that and get out of that prison.

Because there s really prison and get into the helper ville. The beautiful world that s out there here is the secret first first first first you must love yourself. And it sounds so simple it sounds so easy and yet some people have the biggest problem challenge doing that we re so picky about everything right so we can be serious self conscious right. I don t like the way i look.


I don t like the way i sound. I m uncomfortable in front of the camera. Yeah all of that stuff. But you have to have some courage to go out and i think i can do it right like the train whatever whatever you use to fuel your courage right because when you love yourself give yourself permission to love yourself i guarantee you the world becomes a brighter place.

I promise you start there i ll do more videos about what that is all about how to really get in tune in touch with your inner feelings and with yourself and to just love yourself okay. I promise you it s the easiest way to start the path from haterville to helper ville. Because then your world will change. I promise you and sometimes you might need to change your friends you might need to change your city your state your country you know i have to move away from michigan actually so i m from michigan and 2008.

I moved from michigan to dubai. Yeah just a skip and a jump right so that s what i needed to escape my own personal haterville that you know i was felt trapped in and that s when i really say my life changed for the best ever and is in 2008 and here we are 12 years later i m living in miami. I married i have two boys and i have an awesome life. But i learned to love myself.

Because a part of me did it a part of me didn t ya. I liked a lot of things. But i just really did it i didn t connect with myself as much as i you know could have sooner so hopefully this some of these future videos will help you down your journey and your path. And just know.


It s never too late to get started okay i promise so if you know somebody that is struggling that is you know depressed or has anger towards other people please share this video with them. There s possibilities. There s hope out there you know it s not something that it s not a disease right it s not something that once you have it you re gonna die and you have to have it for the rest of your life or whatever. It s not cancer right.

It s a mindset. It s shifting and mostly that envy envy jealousy anger haterville envy. Admiration love. Praise.

Help ervil. Okay be a helper. Not a hater. Okay.

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