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“Guys welcome back to auto repair guys in today s video guys what we will will be doing guys we applied to any car with climate control. Let s say you turn the climate control. All the way on code all driver and passenger side. But you actually get hop or air on the driver side over the passenger side guys will explain what causes that now guys.

Climate control systems are complicated and we ll demonstrate how that works on this lincoln guys right here. But he won t work almost on any car like that we have two independent actuators. Two independent flaps that controls the temperature on the left the driver side and the right passenger side so we ll explain guys how it works. If it doesn t work correctly.

Let s say you get hot air on the driver s side or passenger side. What do you need to replace to make it work again and you can calibrate them so make sure you stay until the end you guys have more than 200 videos on every car. We get at the shop because our mission is to save you guys as much money as we can so please guys subscribe to the channel like the video and leave a comment below let us know if the video is helpful. So let s talk about it now so we have this link in here guys.

But doesn t matter which vehicle. It is the system is about the same i do quite a few things apart so i can show you how it functions. And what to expect now the problem here is ok. I m going to start the car.


Ok we have the temperature. All the way on coat on both sides and now guys ok you can see 60 60. We have the fan blowing or living on 3. So we get some air and what we re going to do ok.

We re going to measure the temperature that comes out of the driver s side vent and the passenger side ok. What we re using here we re using an infrared gun. If you want to find it not get one. We will have the link in the description of the video below in addition if you need to buy any parts for your climate control check out the link you can find them there for the really good price.

Let me show you now this gun ok right here it s showing about 77 degrees 78 fahrenheit celsius that s 25 on the right side okay we re dropping incense as you can see about them right now and it keeps dropping because this is getting colder. And when we have 51. So 51. 48.

70. 74. 75. So quite a bit of difference about 27 degrees.


And what causes that now okay you have two independent actuators. Two motors guys okay that control the temperature on the driver side and the passenger side and one of them usually good for the passenger side could be reached through the glovebox and for the driver side somewhere on the side. And we explain how to do that sometimes they are not easy to replace and we ve explained works plane. Why but usually it will take you less than 30 minutes to do it you just you might end up being all scratched up okay you can see because if you have smaller angles.

It s better small hands. So let me show you what i m talking about now. I ll go ahead taking the cut off and i m going to go now okay to the passenger s side. I already remove the glove box.

Okay right then okay. Let me turn the ignition on quick. Okay. I ll turn the ignition on and right here guys once i remove the glove box.

Okay right here. This is your blower motor cabin air filter on most vehicles and that flap right here on the right side. This is the one for the temperature. This is the actuator there for the passenger side okay in this motor.


This is the actuator model right here. It usually touches with two screws two or three screws. Only you remove it and replace it guys super simple and you just disconnect the wiring harness and installed a new one they have plastic gears inside that break and when they break they stop function or sometimes they burn and now guys okay you can see the right side passenger side for our vehicle works. I m going to pump the temperature on hot and check out okay.

What s going to happen to this flap now okay when i reach warmer temperature okay it s going to start flipping okay now we will get hot air out of the vent. If i click to decrease the temperature it works okay so this one s definitely working now if it s not working or just a stationary so give it a few seconds. If you don t see any responsiveness check the wiring harness if not replace the model now go to the driver side now okay we re going to go to the driver side. And i had to do quite a bit of disassembly of it to get to it quite a bit of disassembly guys okay you can see we had to remove that cover we had to unhook a few sensors and all the way up there okay i can get my hand through here.

This is the flap and you have two screws usually two to disclose to replace it okay. And this one has been replaced in the past from what i can see because it s missing one of the screws okay. I m trying to adjust the angle. And i m going to try to bring the temperature up again pump it and see what happens nothing guys nothing will go ahead replace ours and i ll show you how it will function after that so we ll replace ours guys ok.

It s already replaced now let me show you how actually the team functions ok. I m trying to adjust the angle here so i can see that little thing ok now you can see in some code. It flipped to the other side actually and i ll bring it now on whoa ok check it out how it moves before we didn t move at all nothing. And now it moves perfectly fine guys.


So what i m going to do now. I m going to go ahead start up a car ok with the thing already set on low holloway on low and we re going to measure the temperature that we will get from the left side and from the right side. Now. The right side might still be just a little bit colder.

Because previously it got cool. But the temperature should be almost equivalent ok and this one else shows 63. It keeps dropping this one shows 57. And this one keeps keep dropping as well check it out so.

There are my guys about at the same level 3 4 degrees different. But ok you can see they re almost equaling each other out now ok. This one. I m waiting until it drops under 50 perfect this one the same so that definitely fixes that problem guys.

Hopefully. The video will be helpful. 20 be having that problem thank you for watching see you ” ..


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