Add Bluetooth to your Car – For cars with aux input

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“I m out here in my car. Today so that i can show you how how to put bluetooth in your car. If your car. Only has an nauxiliary jack is great if you have one of the new iphones that doesn t have the headphone jack anymore.

But even if you have an android phone like i do i prefer it so you might like it too and i ll tell you why it s preferable later essentially you need a bluetooth auxiliary adapter. Now there are many ndifferent kinds. So i ll show you what i bought and then i ll talk about the ndifferent options of what s available and why you might want to buy something ndifferent and not what i bought. But the setup is basically the same this is the one that i bought.

It is usb for power and then the auxiliary port in the back nthere. So you just basically plug it all in nso. It comes with a cable plug it in the other end of course goes into a usb adapter. This is one that i already had nin my car and then you just plug it in now in my car.

The auxiliary port is right next to the power port so it makes it pretty nconvenient so once all that s plugged in you turn on the car. We ll turn on the nradio on the auxiliary and then we can connect our device so on our device. This is an android device. We ll swipe down from the top find hit and it should eventually find the device there it is so we tap on it nit ll pair.

And there is the sound showing that it is nconnected now one word of warning is nyou can go into the settings. Here this is on a tablet. So it doesn t show it..


But you have the option to turn on or off. I turn that off on my phone and you can rename it here. So. If you want to name it whatever the name of your car.

Go nahead. Now. I already have a song queued up here. So i m going to play it just to nshow you that it works you may have to turn up i like to turn the volume all the way up on my device nand then i can control the volume on the radio itself nand.

I have the full range of volume on the radio. Now like i said it s great for niphones. If you don t have the option of using a headphone jack. But one thing i nlike about it even using an android device is that if you turn off the car.

The audio automatically stops so you ll see if i shut off the car. It stops. But also my audio will eventually there it is it ll clue in that it disconnected nand it automatically stops now if you re if you re listening to music. That s perfect and you start up the your car and nit will start from where it left off now if you re listening to a podcast nyou might still want to pause it before you shut off the car nbecause.

There is a few seconds delay there. So you might miss a few seconds of the audio now of course. The automatic connect and disconnect will only happen if the adapter that you buy draws its power directly from the ncar..


There are some that you can buy that nhave a battery inside of it with a micro usb port to charge it i specifically made sure that i did not buy one of nthose because i didn t like it. And i wanted that feature of automatically nstarting or automatically stopping the audio and nit shutting off by itself. And you don t have to worry about you know keeping track of when nthe battery gets low and charging it. But you may want to nconsider one of those if you have a car where the power jack and the nauxiliary jack are not close to each.

Other. And you don t want to have a big nlong wire running between the two now the main reason. I chose this one is nbecause. It is tiny like it is literally as small as it can possibly be i mean.

It s big enough just to fit the auxiliary jack in there and for the usb. Jack nso. It is it s tiny and it was cheap it only cost me about 2 from china. Now it does have a downside.

And this is a problem with many of the cheapest ones nthat you re going to find on the internet. Almost all of these will tell nyou that it is stereo audio. But what they really mean is that it outputs. But it outputs the exact same nthing on the left and right channel.

It s mono output essentially now this may or may not matter to you nif you only listen to podcasts in your car. Then it s not going to matter nbecause just speech. Only is going to be mono anyway..


But a lot of music does make use of both channels nmaybe more than you think now you may have heard of songs where it s really clear like you can hear the sound shifting nfrom the left to the right and then back. But even in other songs what they ll often do is the singer nwill record the same song twice or even just part of the song like the chorus and they will put one track or none recording on the left channel and another recording on the right channel neven. Though it s singing the same thing. It makes the sound a little more full or nrich.

So you lose you lose some of that nbut. Honestly i use this for music. Too nand. It s not that bad so you may not even care about that nit s a totally a matter of preference.

But if you do care. I ll show you how to check for this so one easy way is lookup a stereo test on youtube. You play it and you hear the nsound you check. Which channels.

The sound is coming out of it ll tell you you know it should be left channel and you check if it s coming on the left nor if it s coming out of both. But another way is to use a multimeter so you set the multimeter to test continuity. Then you plug in the cable to the adapter and nlook for continuity between the tip. Which is for the left channel and the nsecond ring.

Which is for the right channel. If there is continuity like you nsee here then that means that both channels nare electrically connected and can t possibly play anything different. So if this is something that s important nto..


You then you ll have to spend a little more probably more in the 20 30 range. Now i haven t tried any others nthat are actually true stereo. So i can t recommend any specific one. So i recommend that you buy it from nsomewhere that has a good return policy.

So that you can test it out and nreturn it if it isn t truly stereo. I ll include links to amazon where there are nthere is a lot there so you can check those out at least. I mean the more nexpensive ones should give you good audio you get what you pay for right now. I did try this one this one came from china as well and i was hoping that it nwould be true stereo.

But it s not it has the same problem here. The only benefit to nthis. One is that it can remember pairing between two phones at the same time. But i don t really care about that maybe you would so head over my blog to see the nlinks there i put the links for these two that i had tried out as well as to namazon and a video on youtube for testing stereo output so check those out now if you have any questions please let me know in the comments below.

I ll try to help you out and if you do find a device nthat you absolutely know does output true stereo audio put that in the comments to help everybody else out. And i d thank you for that ” ..

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