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“Hello friends welcome to this new tutorial today. I have here this alcatel. 7. And and the model number is 6 0.

6 2 w. And the problem on it you see it stacks on the metropcs logo. So to solve this problem we have two methods to the witch. The first method we will try to like use some combination of the buttons.

If this whole problem does good if not we will take the phone apart and we will disconnect the battery and reconnect. It and then we will put the phone back together and from there. The phone should work alright. So let s start the first solution.

The first solution is we need to push the power button for a couple seconds up to 7 seconds and once the phone the phone turns off we just we just gonna like release then we will wait for the phone to turn back on alright so this is the first thing. So i m gonna push the power button 1 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7. 8.

Ok. So and now. I will release the phone shut turn off. Now.

The phone turns back on and it should take me to the home screen as normal hopefully all right so as you see it takes me to the home screen..

But we still have doubt that the phone will work so now i will put the pattern and they will see if the phone will go to the home screen. All right so this is my pattern right through the phone. It will at the phone will what they call it we turn off and turn back on and it should open now if it doesn t if it stucks again on this screen. What i m gonna do i will be very quick and they will do the same thing.

But i will hit initia. I will hitler set quickly yeah. I think the phone with stuck here again. So let s try the second solution.

So. The first solution push the power button for seven seconds. And wait for the phone to reboot right. So the second solution is pushing this button for seven seconds.

And this will be like the same like the first solution. Just with one step extra. So now you release and we wait until shows me the pattern to login all right so. This is the pattern to login so what i m going to do i will push the power button for a couple seconds.

Until they see like a menu that is popping up here okay. As you see you see the menu here so what i m gonna do i will it will either click a pagar. I mean turn off or in easier so let me try a pagar first this is in spanish by the way power off alright. So the phone is off now.

What i m gonna do now i will turn it back on i will wait a couple seconds. Then i will turn it on so now i will push the power button to turn the phone normal okay so now i m gonna wait for the phone to reboot hopefully it reverts normal all right so now it s asking me to put pattern. This is the pattern all right so let s wait for it for a couple of minutes. I will just pause.

The video until like maybe five minute is done to see if the phone will show me the main screen..

So i will pause the video all right so after like i take five minutes. The phone still stuck on this logo. I think he s not going to go anywhere. So what i m going to do now i will you will do the same thing and we click on restart so i m going to push the button here for five six seven seconds.

Until the frontiers of release and wait for it by the way. This is a dumb phone. It s it s always like giving all the alkyl tees. They are always given these issues all right so once i see this logo like this i will just push this button for two seconds.

Then i will see this menu here and they will push restart. So now i m yeah now i m gonna wait until i see that the phone reboots and hopefully this turns the phone all right so let me try to put the pattern again again. It s gonna go back to the same cycle. So i have no other option.

I need to open the phone and perform i think we still can do the hard dresses on the phone. So to do the hard receipt. If you don t have important information on the phone. You just can t push the power button.

I mean the volume up button and power button and hold them for couple seconds. Until you see keep holdin until they see the the hard receipt option okay to be stuck like this so. I m just gonna keep holding the volume up and they will release the power button alright so once it brings me here i will just wait a couple seconds not couple seconds maybe a couple minutes until it shows. Me the menu to the hard reset all right.

So the phone doesn t take me to the hard receipt menu in just reboots. Sometimes. If you leave the phone like this for a long time just plug it in charge leave it a long time each major on just to let you know if you plug it in charge and leave it for a couple hours because there s like too many things it s like running in the background. That s why the phone stocks on this law sometimes you may just leave it for a couple hours and nothing gonna happen you would come back and you ll find that the phone steel stocks on the on this logo and it will get hot if you leave it for a long time.

But sometimes it makes your own alright..

So as you see we still stuck in the same issue. So now i m gonna move to the i think to the fourth solution. So what i m gonna do now i will show you how to take apart this phone and disconnecting the battery and then reconnect it and hopefully this solve the problem alright so the first step we need to do we need to remove the sim card and memory card from here. Then we will use this ic.

Semi. Or something sharp like this and we will come to this point. Here. Because this is where this is like it doesn t show that there is like place or point from where we can open it so you can adjust come here.

Where the sim card is and we will make small gap. Right here just carefully make sure don t don t break the sim card place. Then we will just use i m just using my name you can use something else like plastic or don t use the tools. I mean the metal things i m not going to use this one because i made them or something inside all right so it s open now so what i m gonna do now i will disconnect the battery.

So the battery cable is underneath this bracket here. Let me i will use the philips screwdriver to open. These two screws. We just connect this this is the fingerprint scanner by the way.

This is first time taking apart this man all right so now anything on this one. So. The battery connection is right here disconnect the battery wait for couple seconds. Then i will reconnect it and once they reconnected.

I will just go to the power button and we just my name and pull the power button here treatment for me. And hopefully this solves the problem alright it looks like the phone still stuck on the same problem. So. What i m gonna do now i will disconnect the battery again.

And what i will do i will heat up the motherboard and i have here a heat gun so and we re just gonna heat..

It up carefully for a couple seconds. Make sure don t don t use it up too much to not melt. The plastic. The connection here okay okay.

So i heat. It up this may refresh. The the component here and it may allow me to turn the on phone. So this is the actually this is the final solution so if it works it works.

If not we stuck on this damn phone. So now i m connecting this they will put the screws back okay then i will put all right. So. What i m gonna do now and we put the sim card inside the phone.

But then i will power it on let s wait and this is actually this is my final solution. There s nothing else i can do any clo android stuck on the same damn issue let me see hopefully it s between or now they see some weird psionic the like like turns on to like bright a little bit alright guys as you see it s still the same problem. So we tried like mini solutions. And i hope that one of the solution that i showed you in this video solved your problem.

If it doesn t please don t blame me. I was just like trying to do all possible solutions that can solve the problem. I m sure that some of you may have the problem solved in one of these steps. If it doesn t just normal with with this dam alcatraz alright.

So thanks for watching also check on the description below maybe. There is if i find the solution for it i will put a link for a video to solve this problem. Alright thanks for watching and have a ” ..


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