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“And welcome to pin buy help mike here today. I thought i would talk about about something that you ll commonly run into you working on pinball machines and other and that is connectors specifically molex connectors. These are those plastic things that you ll unplug and unplug your and everything from computers to electronics. And they re in the newer modern pinball machines too as well as the early solid state games.

Now they come in a whole bunch of different sizes. And what happens if you need to repair one of these connectors or replace them. I m gonna go over the different common sizes. And how to work on these things so there s three main sizes that you re most likely to run into and in the pinball realm.

Thank you and the pinball realm. It s measured in inches. I think you may also find a measured in millimeters. But i m gonna use the standard traditional references.

There s point zero six two inch. That s the smaller ones. They re like this this is an example. There there s a pretty nice size there s a male and a female connector and those are the 006 two inch connectors and there s a set up there s a male and a female pin that plugs into it the the the hollow.

One here is where the male pins would go so they re protected by the outer housing and then this deeper one is where the female pins would go and the housings are keyed you can see there s like there s a marks in here. So it can only be inserted. One way and different the different connectors have different kinds of locking mechanisms and. Stuff like that there s the smaller ones a 06.

You may run into these. But it s more often that you re gonna run into the slightly larger one which is the point zero nine three and there s an example of an older box of parts..

It s basically they look the same they re just a little bit slightly larger you can also find rent the kind of no name stuff from china that are that are not molex that you can also use if you need to do a connector. I don t know i just got these i ve been playing around with a my they re nowhere near as good of quality as the american made molex stuff and then here s a more modern kit that you can get which would come with a little universal tool. Which i ve got over there this one is four point zero six two and it comes with some male and female pins. It also has the extractor tool.

You ll see here. There s um there s two different see there s like a thing and you push it in to extract the tool and i ll demonstrate that and this has got different connectors for different numbers of connections and things like that so i m gonna take the tool that for the 062. And we re going to pin point zero nine three connector over here. So that s what we ve got out and let s just take a quick look at this and i ll run through the process of how this works.

So this is a common connector. You might find say in the valley 35 or the stern mpu 100. Those early solid state games. These often had these connectors connecting the coin door switches and stuff to the rest of the cabinet you ll find them in the back boxes.

Too these connectors just plug and unplug and there s different sizes and configurations of them. And i ll show you if you need to remove a connector. There s dip. There s pins and there s a different different tool often for the male and the female just depends on the type of connector and what you re using.

But the way these things work is they click into place so. Let me yeah let s make one and then i ll show you how there s different kinds of tools. So we re gonna take a and there s also different kinds of pin. So you have your mail and your female pins.

You also have them based on the size of the gauge of the wire. This is a this is some male pins point zero nine three fourteen to twenty gauge wire..

This is four eighteen to twenty two gauge one so you want to check to see what kind of wires. What s the size of the wire. You re using because that may also come into play. When you re trying to get the right tools for the job.

So we re gonna take this this is i believe is a twenty or a twenty gauge wire right here. And we re gonna make a got a female connector here already made someone to make a male connector. So what you do here. There s our tool that came out of the kit.

You ll see there there s it s a multi tool. So it s got thanks for cutting is a pretty crappy here. But this is what we want at the end. There s two things labeled a and b.

And therefore different kinds of connectors. I believe the b is probably for the point six two and a is probably for the point nine three so we re gonna set it up and set this up so you ll notice on these things. There is two tabs. There s an outer tab and an inner tab.

And then you ve got your connector. Whether it be male or female now. We re going to have the wire trimmed with insulation off and so the insulation will be where the first tab outer tab is and then the exposed wire will be where the the inner tab is so first thing. We ll do is we ll load this into this signal make sure that the top pointy part.

Where the letter. A is and we re going to line this up so it s on the inner tab..

So there it is right there to see and we re going to feed this wire in squeeze and crimp. So you can see we ve got the inner exposed wires. Now crimped around that inner tab and now we ve got this this outer tab. So we ll crimp that around this one.

Some tools have different settings on the tool for crimping. The insulation as well as the inner wire. This one does and it just has two different sizes. But sometimes they have ones for the for the insulation and for the inner in the hour.

Okay so there it is it s on it s nice and solid. So we re gonna put it into our male connector. So we ll just push this in until. We hear it click your click was heard that click and then that s in place and that pain is there so we ll do the same thing with the female will push this in until.

We hear it click and now that s in there and so there s our rebuilt repin connectors. We can push them together and we ve got a nice good solid connection. Now if you need to remove these things. There s different tools.

There s a different size tool. Depending. Upon the type of model x. Connector.

You re using for the inner and the outer. Now i happen to have i don t know if i ve got the right tool for the female once i think i m think this is not quite the right tool..

But just both of these are further than the male into the connectors. I believe i ll show you the way it typically works is you put this connector in and you push it in and then this one you get it over the pins. And then you push and it comes out there we go so you can remove and service. The user put them back in and then it should click again and you re back in business.

So that s how you pin and repin the connector sometimes. It s not easy to get these things out too and there s different types of connectors and pins and some of them are a little bit easier to work with than others. This is a this is an one tool. That s spring loaded and this one is not spring loaded.

But you have a little plunger that you can push and so you can get these these tools you can get them off ebay or amazon and like it you know kits of different sizes every every type of connector would use off in a slightly different size tool. But with this knowledge you can build you can rebuild your own connectors. Completely. So there you go.

This is the point zero nine three of an inch connector. Which is the more common one and that will help you fix some very common problems than some of these machines. A lot of times. The connectors get all messed up and everything or you just want to rebuild everything so.

There you have it for more visit pinball help comm catch me on twitter. I m on youtube and pets slash pinball help and thanks ” ..

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