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“Everyone so i hope this video can help at least one person. This is specifically specifically about the amazon fire stick. I don t know if this issue is happening. If it we even work with the amazon fire tv.

But again this is specifically for the fire stick. I was literally on the phone with amazon customer service for over one hour with a regular rep and then even a supervisor and they couldn t even help me so i figured it out on my own and i hope that this can help somebody okay so if you have a fire stick especially for a child. A teenage or whatever and they have downloaded free apps. And then you don t want them to download those apps like you don t want to give them the ability to download apps.

But you don t want to put a password so the apps that are allowed to be watched. Where you have to come up and put a password in every time they want to change apps. That s crazy because obviously that s what the fire stick is right i mean it s all apps. So again this is for you to be able to prevent your child from downloading apps.

Even once they ve downloaded before. But they can open the apps that you allowed them to download or the apps that you ve downloaded yourself okay so this is how you do it and this literally took me forever you go to your amazoncom. Account on the computer. I have my little helper here with me and then you click the drop down for your name.


And then you go over here. Where it says apps and more and you click on this okay and then it will come up your apps. And you have a list of everything that has been downloaded right now you would think if you delete it off here. Then it s gonna be deleted off of the fire stick and they can t download it again that s wrong if it is not deleted off of here.

Even if you put parental controls on they can still redownload. It on the fire stick. So let me just tell you what i figured out um. I went here to the online account and i literally went one by one and i every single app you click actions then you go down to click delete app i m not going to do that because these apps are fine but i literally deleted every single app.

Ok and then i mean that s all i did on the computer. Now. Let me show you what i did on the fire stick okay here we go so at the very top. There we go ok.

So okay you click come then you go all the way over here to settings ok and then you go down to applications click on applications and put. And you oh and by the way to create a password or if you forget what password you did you go to this website here at the bottom amazoncom. Slash pin and then you will have a password for the fire stick so i m gonna go ahead and put in the password ok so applications right now after you set your password and like i said delete everything off the computer. You go down to manage installed applications and there are some that you can t delete like these ones are just automatically installed.


But everything everything that can be deleted on here. I deleted right and then i just started fresh. It was much easier that way like this is one you could delete you just click it you go down to uninstall again. I m not going to uninstall it because i already did this.

But i you know cleared everything out of there now here is the thing amazon does not realize to tell you ok once you do that because the way. It is right now before you do this special thing that i m about to tell you about your kid could literally go and search. Let s just say the silk brow are one of the things i do not want to be able to be downloaded and then they could go to silk browser again if they had already downloaded it they could click it it s not gonna work right now because i already did this thing but then they could click it again and then it will automatically download okay which is crazy um but hold on let me show you this special thing that you do so they can t download ass cuz. I was realizing it kept saying oh you own this item even though.

It s free you own this go ahead and download it even though i put the parental controls on it s like no i don t i don t want them to download it and then even the customer service rep was like what was free well it doesn t matter if it was free like i don t want my kid to download it okay so i m gonna show you i m gonna go back to preferences here sorry. I m all over the place. I have a little one here on my lap and my brain is all over the place okay parental controls okay so preferences then you click on parental controls you make sure those are off you make sure those are on and as you can see my parental controls are on right here. You make sure pin protect purchases is on okay.

But then right here. You want to make sure pin protect app. Launches is off otherwise every single time. They switch apps.


You will literally have to come up to their bedroom and put the pin in and then two seconds later do it again. Which is of course crazy annoying so this is the thing that you have to do again once you delete everything off of your amazon and everything off of the computer. You go over here to my account you go down to sync amazon content. And you see on the right side.

Says synchronizing. Now it will work because again before you do this they can download all the things that you didn t want them to download even though you have parental controls on like it s just crazy. I don t how amazon like doesn t know to tell customers that like i had this whole thing she put in a ticket. And said.

Oh well we have to send an update and like all this crazy stuff so again once you do that then whenever your kid wants to be sneaky and go to download things because kids are smart. They ll figure it out sorry. The thing keeps moving my little one keeps kicking the tripod. There um.

Yeah cuz they are sneaky. They will figure it out um here. I m gonna show you another one facebook is another one i did not want on there and i m facebook video never even heard of facebook video. But now look because this was downloaded before and then i clicked it and it just automatically did it cuz right there were says free to download.


It says you own this even though i deleted it i hadn t synced it. But now look you have to enter the amazon pin. So hopefully this video helps somebody and i love you amazon i buy everything on amazon i love them. But this is one thing they really need to fix because their customer service should at least know how to tell you that because i kept telling them.

If a kid is having a fire stick. Obviously the whole thing is apps. So if you have parental controls for a reason. I mean you have parental controls.

So they don t download things well if you don t want them to download things. But then they can still download things that you already deleted and you don t want to have to keep putting in the pin. Like i don t even know if they understood what i was saying like hopefully i mean you guys understand what i m saying right okay so hopefully that helps somebody share this video if you think it can help somebody um please like comment share and subscribe thanks ” ..


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