Android 10 Built in Screen Recorder New Feature Galaxy S10

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“Guys forgot here welcome to another blog tech tips and of course big. As i i ma show. You to use. The new trainer cards built into android.

10 or screener card of course is a safe. Feature. That s built into android cue or android 10. Tells you to record the screen.

So there s no more need for downloaded third party applications alright order to get to this new feature. Once you re on android 10 go..

Ahead and swipe down from the top of the screen. Once you do that so i ve gone again to see the full arrow here. Which is the quick toggles and of course. You can swipe over and you ll find the feature that s called screen recorder right here under squared on top and of course.

It tells you what this does is a star record industry in your cartr spinner putter will have access to all of the information. That s visible. The screen or play tree or formula or card. And this includes infamous israel s password give me details on song so no results on you to make sure that whatever you are entering your safe.

That is shown as it will be recorded the invisible visible to anybody who watches the video. If you want you can dissolve on sound..

Only media and song are of course media sewn on mic in other words. I choose this one here as i can speak and it will be recorded and whatever sun is coming from the device as well would be recorded as well so if you want sown. Only you could have that our media. Unsewn media is what s playing on the device.

Mike is. What is being said outside of the device. And i think sown is any other audio producing sound from device. So i choose the last one here because i want to for example do a youtube video.

I would want to speak over what s being said and then of course. I can do a start recording alright..

So i m just for kicks. I m just going to show you what it s like alright. So this is all to use a screen recorder you can go on here you can show what s taking place on screen. If i wanted to i could go into settings and so on yadda yadda yadda and of course.

I m gonna go back and when i m satisfied. I can stop the video here i can miss it the different features. I made stop just stop right there let s record is record save. I can go to gallery on simon geller.

Keller you see it right here alright. So that s how to use the screen recorder..

So once you re finish. The recording should be stored on in your gallery. And of course. You can go up here.

It says video saved this is top year to see your car. But of course again is close to the gallery shows a. I can delete you can edit a and sheer so me i ll just clear alright. So that s all to do the screen recording new feature built into android ten on your device are guys ricardo garden scene bye until ” .


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