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“Guys it s sam from mobile tech videos comm so you guys know i ca can t see very well and because of that i can t really read books not like i used to but i love to read books. I used to read them all the time. But it s very difficult now so to get around that i listen to audiobooks and today. I m going to show off an application that does that plays audiobooks.

And it does it very very. Well so hang out be right back and we ll get into it so this application is called listen audiobook player maybe not the most creative name for an application. But does exactly what it says. So these are two of the three widgets that come with the app.

The third one is just a one by one quick shortcut kind of thing so you ll see that these widgets provide everything you need for the app. All the media buttons the play the pause. Skip button as well as they jump ahead button. This one down here.

The larger shows a picture of the cover art. And then you can also jump right into the application through these widgets. So now when you first launch this application you have to set up a folder on your device..


Here that s going to contain the audiobook files and you can name that whatever you want this is just a player this won t go out and search online for audiobooks. For you you have to find them. And then install them onto your device here. But right away you notice that you ve got a large picture of the cover art of the book.

You re reading you ve got a giant play button right in the middle. Basically just tap the screen. And it starts to play tap screen again it will pause if you slide up here you have media control buttons down at the bottom the skip ahead and the jump ahead buttons and jump back and skip back you can set those to whatever amount you want how far ahead you want to the skip to go ten seconds a minute an hour and the same for the jump ahead to jump back now of course you don t have to use those on screen buttons. This does have gestures.

Enabled so you can just swipe left or right to skip ahead or back. We ll go ahead and play a real quick chapter three thomas sat there for several moments. Too overwhelmed to move. He finally forced himself to look over at the haggard building.

I need his voice clicking sound from the branches above this he scrambled to his feet. Where i can go back and look up as if expecting a hideous and just tap. It again..


The pause now we have some menu options here you have a sleep. Which enables the sleep function. Which we ll talk about in a second you can adjust the speed and the volume. It has an equalizer you can adjust you can set it to full screen.

Background options orientation. Help and exit. Now the background options you can choose what picture you want for the cover there and if you don t have a picture provided with your audio files the application will search google for matching images and you can pick and choose which one you want to display. It s really pretty cool here.

It shows you a counter of the time. That s elapsed in the file that you re listening to this one shows you how much more time. You have left in this file up at the top you have a history here it shows all the previous times. That you ve listened to the book and the duration of those sessions.

You have a bookmarks button. You have a library button that will display all the books that you have available in your folder. You can pick and choose..


Which one to listen to then we have a settings will go in here. Real quick you have appearance interactive controls that s where you can customize the length of the skip times or the jump times automatic behaviors. Sleep settings sync library folders and language check out appearance real quick and lots of stuff to customize in here. The look of the application you can adjust the background image.

You can play around with the progress bars that show your current position change the colors of those if you d like so lots to play around in their interactive controls skip times gestures you can you can customize those you can adjust the lock screen controls and automatic behaviors you can customize certain things like if the when the app is launched the book automatically starts to play or if whenever you put plug your headset in the book. Automatically starts to play that sort of thing. Sleep settings is really cool after a certain time of day. And that can be adjusted as well the device will every 10 minutes of inactive use an alarm will start to sound.

And if the device is shaken within that while the alarm is sounding. The book will continue to read if for say you for example you fall asleep and after 10 minutes. Nothing happens. The alarm starts to to sound.

And the device isn t shaken. Then the book will automatically shut off the application will automatically shut off that way you don t fall asleep. And you wake up and two hours later you ve got to go back and try and find where you work that s a great feature..


I love that and then you in here you can customize exactly how long before the alarm goes off things like that how sensitive to make the shaking certain things like that so definitely a great feature. Now this does sync with other devices that are running this application. So that s awesome so now we ve got this running. I ll show the lock screen controls just shows the cover art nice and big and then you ve got the controls up here nothing else will activate.

But if you touch those it will pause and play as well you can also as i said control the audio book from the widgets so all of our guys. This is a great. Application if you enjoy listening to. Audiobooks this is a must have only 099.

In the play store. I ll put a link down below. Where you can find it i recommend picking it up. Thank you very much for watching guys.

This is sam with mobile tech videos com. ” ..

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