Apple ALAC vs FLAC, MP3, and WAV Audio Formats

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“Ala c. Vs. Flac. Mp3 and wav apple recently opened sourced the or made available available the standard for the ala c.

Format. And people were all excited that apple releasing this and i thought big whoop. The problem with ala c. Is that it s basically just zip compression for audio files.

And it doesn t give you any better compression than just enabling drive compression on your windows for files or roaring the file or seven zipping the file or whatever other format you choose to use so all out ala c. Does is lets you store a few more files on your ipod not really on your hard drive because on your hard drive you can just enable drive compression and be at the same level of compression and have better access to your files for changing it between formats..

It s much easier to work with a wav than it is to work with an al ac file in terms of when you re taking the files with you on your ipod or other portable device. A high quality mp3 is actually a better choice because the audio components of your ipod aren t such. That you can really hear the difference. Between a high quality.

Ala c. File. And a 512 or 384. K.

Encoded. Mp3..

File. And the people who will tell you oh yeah. I can hear it unless. You re using true studio grade headphones.

There s not a chance in hell. That you can hear the difference if you re using any type of gear. But no chance but really the amplifiers that are in the ipod and iphone aren t designed for amazing audio. They re good they are better than a lot of the other portable players.

But they don t have the frequency response that you re going to be able to tell the difference between a very lossless and a truly lossless audio format and that s really just be because it s a small little device that wasn t designed for expounding signal to noise ratio. I mean you ve got a phone..

You know iphone with a radio attached to it next to the amplifier for your sound. It s just not going to happen all of the things that are in the iphone are going to make it so that there is extra noise on the signal that is going to mask any advantages of the lossless quality that you ve been coded to and there s nothing you can really do about that if you are playing back your files through the sound card on your computer depending on which sound card is in your computer. There is a chance that you d be able to hear the difference depending on the rest of your room environment. What your speaker setup was and those kinds of things.

So. There s definitely a place for lossless high quality audio. But in truth the stuff that you are buying on itunes or that you re ripping from cd you re not starting with high enough quality source. You re not playing it back.

At a high enough quality device that lossless makes any sense. So typically if you re thinking about going with a format go with mp3..

It s the most widely distributed go with flack. It s a good open source. So there s a lot of interesting tools to work with it go with just plain wave and enable drive compression on your machine. Elac has basically no place in the market.

And that s probably a large portion of why it was that apple decided to make it a standard that anybody could build files for is that it had no intellectual property value so they just put it out ” ..

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