Apple iPod Shuffle 2010 (4th Generation): Unboxing and Demo

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“Youtube. This is detroit borg and today. We re going to take a look at at the all new fourth generation ipod shuffle from apple. It s september 7th and are just arriving in customers hands.

Today. So as you can see i chose ups next day air to get this to me as quickly as possible so you came in a fairly large box. Although the ipod itself is very small so let s take a look to see what s in here. There is the shuffle itself with some of my personal information.

So i m just going to cut this out of here there you go so here s the ipod shuffle 4th gens packaging as we can see it s very small let s just peel off this wrapper ipod shuffle. 2. Gigabyte. It s now available.

Only as a 2 gigabyte model is no longer available in a four gig version. So we have some of the model information down. Here. And of course just the apple logo on top and i can see right here.

A little arrow indicating to me that there s a little wrapper here to pull off. I should just pop off so we can see that the shuffle sitting on the top and we can just pull that out and it s on this little plate. I m going to set that aside we re going to see what else is in the box first designed by apple in california. So we got a little instruction booklet here with a little tab to pull out let s see what s in here start.

Here. So we got the voiceover button. And we got some other tips in here looks like we have some other regulatory information..


And we have really tiny apple sticker it looks like we have set of apple earphones and noticeably absent this time is the remote control. The third generation ipod shuffle had a remote control because that was the only way to control it there were no buttons on the shuffle itself so with no need for that i guess apple saw no need to include the earbuds with the remote control. And we do have the sync cable. As many of you may be aware the ipod shuffle syncs through the headphone jack.

So you just connect this to the headphone port on the shuffle and connect this to a usb port on your computer now to get the shuffle off this plate. There s a little tab back here that we have to pull. And i should just slide out now we can see that the new shuffle is actually a unibody design. That s one piece of aluminum.

That has been carved out to accept the internal electronics now on the front. We have the familiar directional key piece is very similar to the second generation shuffle. So it s not a clique wheel. You don t scroll your finger around to change tracks.

You just press forward or back volume up volume down play and pause on top. We can see the headphone jack with a little indicator light. We also have the voice over button right here that the instructions talked about we also have the switch here now if we look very closely at the three position switch on the ipod shuffle. There s actually some text and symbols.

We can see that in the far left. Position the ipod shuffle is off in the middle position. The ipod is in continuous play. And in the far right position.

The ipod is in shuffle mode. And of course. We can see the symbol for the voice command feature..


And we can see little indicator light next to the headphone. Jack. So if we turn this on should see it light on the back is the clip. We can see the clip here tell them with a pin on the inside you can actually see some of the fcc regulatory information.

This is available in a multitude of colors. But only the silver model here actually has this black click wheel all the other colors. Feature a white click wheel. Now.

This is also the first ipod shuffle to have this polished aluminum finish just like the fifth generation and sixth generation ipod nano now if we compare the shuffles from generation to generation of course. We see that the oldest one is also the largest one the first generation shuffle came out in 2005 and a year later the second generation shovel. Here came out in 2006 and lasted for about three years until 2009. When the third generation shuffle came long third generation ipod shuffle also had a stainless steel edition.

The first generation ipod shuffle was unique because it charged via a usb port on the device itself so all you had to do is plug this into a usb you can also swap this out for a lanyard. So if you want to hang this around your neck. You could now the second generation ipod shuffle is actually very similar in design to the fourth generation ipod shuffle. So many consider this to be a very successful design.

So here we have an extruded aluminum design with many of the controls were familiar with shuffle. Continuous play on and off and of course this clip of course. We have this controller on the front and the headphone jack on the top now. The second generation ipod shuffle also came with a dock.

So this docked like this to sync by the time. The third generation ipod shuffle came it had lost its physical controls on the device itself so there was only a switch. But just like the current generation ipod shuffle..


It was an all aluminum unibody design with the stainless steel clip. Which was very susceptible to scratching and in order to control this apple included a set of earbuds with a remote control of course. The fourth generation obviously resembles the second generation. Although it has shrunken size we can see that they are thinner.

It s not as wide. But this is square and has a larger button surface so we can actually see that the scroll wheel is a little bit bigger. We can also see that this is a polished aluminum versus this anodized matte aluminum and the new shuffle has also lost that stainless steel clip from the third generation shuffle. So hopefully won t scratch as easily if we look at the third generation ipod shuffle next to the fourth generation.

We can actually see that they are the same thickness now with the fourth generation apple has introduced a new button the voiceover button. Which was previously available only on the remote control. So here we are behind my imac and i ve connected the ipod shuffle using the usb cable. You can see it just dangles back here.

And i m going to go ahead and set this up for the first time. I ll go ahead and connected the ipod shuffle to an external speaker. So we can hear what s going on and i just want to play with some of the features here so i m just gonna click play and click skip so as you can see it s coldplay on here in increase volume decrease volume. If you press pause and increase the volume.

You ll hear a tone. So you can hear what the volume is you press. The voiceover key once twisted logic coldplay you ll hear the song and the artist. I don t have playlist put together.

But if you press and hold the voiceover key. You ll hear the name of the playlist songs in this case. It s just all songs press..


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