Apple TV 4K Infuse Dolby Atmos Playback Using Plex on tvOS 12

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“One of my viewers will ask me to do the video about infuse pro player player on apple tv 4k. This is the actually replacement for plex media server. If want to play your local files and flex media server files on apple tv. So infuses the player so you go into infuse you have to do a setting.

If you want to play the dolby atmos. So you have to go to the setting and go down to the audio and the playback audio output is passed through that s what i changed it usually it s on auto. So what you have to do is go back and switch it to pass through so it s gonna pass your audio without doing any decoding in the apple tv 4k and the receiver will do the decoding for you and it will play the dolby atmos file..


So i have the blacks media server where i have couple of movies which are in dolby atmos and thor ragnarok is one of them. So it s a hdr and it s a true hd 71 format. So i m gonna hit resume playing and right now you can see it shows the stereo on my receiver. So it s it s it s not playing dolby atmos right now but i m gonna hit resume playing which will play the tour ragnerok which is in dolby atmos and hdr format.

So right now you can see it s playing in hdr and if i turn it over to my receiver. It s playing in dolby atmos. So displaying all the atmos and this video is in hdr and i can show you the source..


File so the source file is also atmos which is 71. So i m gonna stop this video here before i get any copyright hit from disney studios. But you can see over here on the see where it gets a signal. The only way you can get it i can show you guys again.

How to do it you have to go to infuse player and go to settings go all the way down to audio settings playback settings and switch your audio output to pass to that s all what you have to do i hope that plex media server also introduces plex app. It also introduces this particular you know audio output the pass through see what candy got the atmos file and i hope they will be doing something in sender development. Because ios to our tv os..


12. Is not even out yet as like you know officially. It s just public beta. And the developer.

Beta is out so stay tuned. Guys. I ll be uploading..


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