Astro A50 Gen 3 headset game chat not working on xbox one

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“Making this video and twofold really one to give you a very very quick review review of three headsets that i ve happen to have the opportunity to try out ll show you i ve got the planet. Onix rig. 800. Alex for the xbox one the astro.

A 50 wireless which is the ones i hopefully gonna keep and the turtle beach elite 800 x dreadful. I ll come back to that but the main reason for the video is because having settled on the the a 50s. The astra 850 is being the best all round not only sound quality. Which is very good and comparable to the the rigs.

Which are just fantastic the quality or should we say the the noise interference is minimal virus with the the elites. You just got a constant. The hiss from the bluetooth connection. But the a 50 is a good compromise between comfort and sound quality.

Very very good monitoring. Which is what i desperately wanted and was struggling to get the rig. Eight hundreds and the most amazing sandin earphones. I ve tried with dolby atmos installed and they just are phenomenal so light and comfortable.

However there is no despite saying. There is my feedback. There is no my monitoring with these and they are light. They re not particularly isolating you can hear yourself a little bit.

But if you lie to yourself properly forget it it s a damn shame the total beach elite 800 is a lovely box. They look fantastic are they well. I don t really have a good word to say about them the charging base is okay they re heavy. They re cumbersome.


They remind me of something from the 70s they sound flat they claim to be dts surround. It s badly much better than just stereo. The microphones which are built in one for voice one for sound canceling. I believe they sound okay from what people have told me.

But the monitoring them the mic monitoring. Even will it turn fully up using the software. It s still very very inadequate and nowhere near probably only 50. The volume now.

I would need to be happy so those for my money 175 pounds dreadful. The rig s brilliant sounding earphones. Absolutely knock spots off that circle beach same price. But sadly no mic monitoring.

But that said i wouldn t have picked the turtle beach. Even if they sounded good i wouldn t have said the mic monofin was adequate anyway so i d probably knock that on the head. The australia fifties as i say good compromise they look quite similar to the total beach. But they are lighter.

They re more comfortable they re not as comfortable as the rig. But they do have a charging base rig. Doesn t they sound very very good i have dolby atmos installed on the xbox one x. I also have a dolby atmos amp with full monitor audio speakers installed in and a little cinema room which out which i ve made for myself.

And i can tell you it sounds fantastic on both the rig and the stroke. I would say that the rig slightly better spatially creates a bigger sound stage. But the ostrow slightly more balanced sound is got deeper bass response. The elites yes they re very loud yes.


They have bigger drivers they re. 50 mill drivers. These two a 40mm drivers. However that just it s loud loudness doesn t isn t a substitute for quality.

And i found that they ve got very little quality so nice box. But they give it back lovely sound. But they re going back. So.

The 850 is fantastic connected them up. So let s go back up here. So we ve got them on the stand. Instantly.

The xbox is completely up to date standard edition. Xbox. One ex works personally fine and it works we just say this now both both the reach and the rig work perfectly with it the tool beach is bluetooth connected via optical. Cable the rig is wireless 24.

And that is connected via hdmi. The astro is also connected via optical. But that is wireless 5 gigahertz. So it s a short wavelength.

But it is a cleaner clean. The signal. So it s very very quiet there s no no interference at all so so the mop. Did the updates make sure the firmware was up to date on everything plugged in ok put the headset on did hear myself in it recorded some audio to say yes can i hear myself yes.


I can a problem party chap and the friends brilliant no issues. However going to start going to games. See if these for instance. Other games have tried card etc.

Nobody can hear me why can t they hear me go online. Look at the forums check all the settings. Do this do that the other i ve registered on astro forums and i ve obviously read all the background. There would appear to be a lot of people suffering.

The same issues so i thought do some more investigation yourself. And as you ll see that is studies all plugged in and the first thing you ll notice is the top right the microphone is crossed out you see that so i then i click into my profile. You ll see immediately bottom right it shows a headphone never come back out it s gone. So actually what what is suggesting is that the headphone the headphones are connected.

But the microphone isn t and that s kind of partially true isn t it because the mic does work. But it doesn t work in games. Now i found this fix. It s a bit of a pain.

But it works so if i go to and you need your separate profile on you need somebody else s profiles or a friend or family member. So you need to go to settings and burwood mix them holding the phone is trying to do this as well and go to connect devices accessories. And you need to sign in as a second person. I don t sign that person in and the old sign the headset to them again i m signing to bouncing browns come back out in a bit of look the headset is connected our bazaar.

Now with that icon you go into again. It all works now i ve done this exercise for a few hours this morning. Now i ve turn the xbox off earlier and when i turned it back on the headphone icon was still there and it worked binda games tried it no issues. I when i went to work this evening.


I couldn t remember if i d was messing about with it and when i came back tonight. We re gone again. However as soon as i tried this exercise did exactly what i did there it works. But obviously what i can do now you don t need to leave leave that second person signed in you can go back switch profile.

Sorry sign out profile sign out bouncing browns leaving my just my profile and you ll see it s reassigned to the headset to myself. But it s still left it connected and just a proof point if i now pull the usb else off the back. It s gone again okay because he s out piggyback in it doesn t come back so. What you need to do now is go back to the profile go to settings device is click on the headset.

Forget what that shows at the top just click on the headset assigned it to me assign it to somebody else let s try my other friend. I m tried this one so this might go wrong. There s my backfire on me so sign him in so just to see if that works with a separate different. So it s now signed to my friend.

I ll go back please work. And it does it does so then back up to the profiles sign out sign my friend out leaving myself connected and it working. So. The issue is now how do we get around that i tried this with a guest profile.

So i created a guest profile in my name didn t work it would seem that it has to be a genuine second profile. Whether you can just set one up you using a using a separate email address for yourself. It s a workaround that that s a sin to work every time until microsoft or australia get their stuff. Together.

Should we say and actually sort this problem now because it s a known problem. ” ..

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