ASUS has some slick new 18-inch Laptop PCs at the CES 2009

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“Back at asus we re looking at the f90sv nnow check this. Out this is is an 184. Dual hard drives. 500 gb each up to a terabit of n it does have the nvidia gt130 mobile processor graphics processing nwith 1 gb of vram optical drive it s got 13 mega pixel camera nvista basic or premium and a bunch of core 2 duals they can either use the sentrino nline or sentrino.

2 line. This is a great notebook and if you use it as a ncomplete desktop replacement with a huge monitor. Very high resolution for nmulti tasking this might be right up your ally and right now we re gonna go to something even nbetter the gaming version that is 184. Alright you re looking at probably.

The most npowerful notebook that i have seen in all of. Ces except for the quad core..

Intel this is the asus n184. This thing is absolutely ridiculous first thing nyou re gonna notice is that this is a 16×9 184. You got a nice 2 mega pixels webcam. But the more nimportant stuff.

It s got a t9600 core. 2 dual processor nsentrino. 2. It s got the x38 chips.

The same ones that you nsee on desktops is now in a laptop in a laptop form factor up to 12 gb of ddr3 nyou can have 2 hard drives they can be solid state or you can have actual nhard drives and the best part 2 4870 s in crossfire in this laptop nit s absolutely ridiculous. And it has a bunch of new features nnow if you look over here you ll see that you do have a bunch of soft ncontrols from volume for your audio media control..

And you ll also see up here a bunch of indicator nlights to turn on your webcam. It is a 2 mega pixels webcam and you will notice nthat. If you look down here at the bottom of this thing you get nsome pretty cool design features in the grill. You got some chrome in there nexcellent cooling obviously it is a heavy.

Notebook but it s meant nto be an 184. Not a mobile computing. You ll see on the top. It nlooks sort of like the g71 gaming notebooks with that brush aluminum.

This thing is nreally blowing my mind. And i ll tell you what you haven t nseen the end of it over here on the right..

No actually nover here on the left yep over here on the left. I m gonna try to pop it nout let s see if it works this is actually a pre production model. Nbut. Yes.

That is a blue ray combo. Drive blue ray dvd cd all built into. There. Looking at the.

Side i have e sata hdmis ni got usbs 20. I got fire wires just about every type of connectivity nyou could have you got the chrome you got a little nbit of leather accent over here on the side and on this side you have spdif output nfor your headphones this is so so cool..

I m really blown away by a nlaptop that s this big and has so many features but yet so powerful. N28. Ghz crossfire x. You got 2 4870s in there and you know what s nfunny with 2 4870s.

It s actually not really that hot this is some ntight work over here at ces. ” ..

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