#BB40 Day 13 Is Shipt Worth It?

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“Is a service that s sort of like nthe uber of grocery shopping. It s s 99 a year for a membership and you fill out nyour grocery list online. The app or through the website. And then someone nfrom your community will be a shipt shopper.

Who will take your order and go nto this go to the store and get everything you need buy it and bring it nto your house. If there s any discrepancies in what you ordered and nthe availability of the store. They ll text you through the app and ask you if nyou want a replacement or if you want to just omit that completely it s a really ngreat service and there s a lot about it that i like a night like this when i ve ngot a lot going on and i don t want to run out to the store and fight the ncrowds and get groceries for the week. That s cool there s a couple of things nthat.

I don t like about it number one being it s a lot more expensive than if nyou were to go the store in your own. Obviously..

They ve got a markup. The nprices a little bit to sustain their business. That s great. But for example.

A nbunch of grapes eight dollars and 69 cents. They re on sale today. But that s nthe normal price. And that s that s a little steep you also can t use coupons nbecause you re not actually buying stuff from the store.

You re buying it from nshipt itself and then they charge you for it nso. They have their own specials that they run..

But they re not the same nspecials that you re used to in the store. Today. I had the problem of adding nsomething that i thought was on sale to my cart and yet when it appeared in the ncart. It was no longer on sale as you see here chex are on sale for 289.

But when ni add it to my cart and i look in my cart they re at full price 429. So nthat was a little bit of a snafu and to be fair. I contacted their help desk and nasked them about it they said that they would credit us for the for the ndifference. There s also tipping involved.

I ve heard from a number of people who nuse this service. Some people tip as much as 10 on an order some people don t tip nat..

All or some tip based on how good the service was that particular day. It s nreally up to you. But something to factor in when you re deciding whether or not nyou want to do this overall. It s a really good service.

It s just you nhave to be comfortable paying extra for this service. I mean if you want to be nlazy you re gonna pay extra for that convenience times when you just need nsomeone to take care of this for you you don t have to worry about it you ndon t have to leave your house totally worth it. But to pay the 99 dollars. A nyear plus pay the tip and the extra cost for all of the items.

Because the prices nare jacked up a little bit. I don t know if that s worth that to a lot of people nif..

You really hate grocery shopping like i do then you maybe you are willing to npay a little bit extra for that otherwise. It s probably easier just to nrun out and go cuz. It takes about the same amount of time to do all the orders nand everything and then wait for it to get your house. So.

If you re comfortable njust running out and doing that and ” ..

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