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“I was gonna do and i m gonna be honest with you guys. I was was gonna buy this speaker use it and return it i m just gonna be i was gonna return it be to get my money back. We only need it for the birthday party. But we ended up keeping it because it s pat s isn t that good power on bluetooth connected alright alright everybody so this is hands down the best bluetooth speaker.

I ve ever seen ever had in my life the many reasons so let s jump into the reason right now okay guys so for starters. This is called the black web. This is the actual box that it comes in pretty official. Yeah.

There you go nice has all the specifications on the box. Um. Yeah. I really don t even know where to begin with this this this thing is this is a powerhouse.

I m not sure if you guys can pick up the frequencies. I m actually going to play background music directly from the speaker into the camera. And i don t have a microphone for this camera legit and i m not just saying this i actually have a video where i am in my car and i stopped using my car speakers. I just put this in the back seat now i bring this with me in the back seat as you can see it s it s powered by battery and a cord connection.


You can connect it directly to the to a power source and not have to use the battery. But that s how you charge it as well so yeah. It s the battery lasts long guys i a legit will have this on i legit don t have to charge this for two days at a time and that s me using it all day so i can use it for two four days. Without it having to be charged and it s pretty it s pretty good on battery life.

Another great feature to this up to the speaker is the the the colors. The color changing message here for a nice party atmosphere. Which is why i bought it in the first place so let me let me guys. I accidentally bought this my daughter turned one years old last minute dj complications.

So i ordered this amazon today shipping got here right on time. And i used it it was amazing so and and honestly when you know and i didn t want to be the dj with my phone. I had a friend of the family use their phone and become a dj as well so it just easily easily accessible easily connected to any bluetooth device guys it s that s that s a big plus you can bring it anywhere like i said um yeah karaoke karaoke it has a microphone port a microphone port right here where you can pull plug a mic in it has an aux cable. Too so you can go directly from any device into it.

If it doesn t if the device does not have youtube you can use an aux cable guys so that s the aux campbell port right here mic for karaoke it has fm radio. Which is cool i haven t actually used that feature. But that s cool you can press play skip songs directly from this it has a usb port. I actually charged my beat headphones from this device literally i charged it so all my way to the gym guys.


What i like to do is i plugged my beat headphones into this while i m listening to music from it bluetooth and charging my beat headphones at the same time all in all to be honest this i really is really nothing left to say about this because it s just the best bluetooth speaker hands down. It s so loud and if we re gonna talk specifications let me let me read some stuff for you guys really fast 100 watts of peak power. 100 watts. Those really loud.

Five multicolored led lighting effects powered by a via ac cable or built in rechargeable battery. That s the battery. I was talking to you guys about the green is directly off the box right now that 35. And then us in microphone guitar input of guitar as well oh wow usb charging out port which is what i told you guys that i charged my blue ha.

My beat headphones fm radio. Yes. So it pretty much has everything and then it shows you it isn t obviously a manual you can actually uh you can actually put your tablet up to it yeah you can actually put your tablet on top. It has a little a little section up here.

Where you can set your phone or your tablet. And it ll just stay nice and comfy yeah. But it s really nothing else to be said about this guy s if you guys want this speaker. I will post a link in the description to where i got it on amazon.


I got it on amazon for two hundred bucks guys so that s all it is but two hundred bucks on amazon guys. And yeah. So i will post a link in the description to where you can get this. It s perfect for parties perfect for parties perfect for almost anything cookouts.

I mean. It is it s perfect for anything like any like anywhere you need loud music and even even show music like you don t have to you don t have to always crank it you can keep it low. But um i have to switch the lights to solid solid colors. Yeah you don t have to crank it you can keep it low.

It s perfect for anything karaoke night you know you know those those nights. You know you know those nights. So if it anyways guys. It s not really much left to say about this speakest.

It s the best speaker. I m gonna tell you guys the truth. I would tell you guys the truth. So i bought this speaker and i was gonna return it right after the birthday party.


But i ended up keeping it and keeping it and i m going to keep it not i use it in my mustang it s my mustang speakers i like it better than my mustang video guys uh so yeah hands down no fluff this is the best bluetooth speaker hands down the marquee. If you re looking for bang for your buck then it can do it all it can go anywhere in a super. Loud you can feel a party. You re going you can fuel a whole park with this yeah.

This is where you want to go i m posting link in the description. Where you guys can go grab. It in a listen. That s always thank you for watching.

It is peace in love barbar reviews. And yeah. I love you guys go get yourself this boots is bigger. It s worth it as always guys for all the products.

I talked about they will be in the link in the description. It is peace of love yeah. ” ..


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