Best Boom Arm vs Table Top Microphone Stand Comparison Review (For Podcasting)

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“Kind of microphone stand should you get for podcasting or voiceover. In general should. It it be a boom arm or a flat tabletop stand like this the premise of show is to take some of the production gear that i work with all the time and explain to you whether i would recommend it or not from my past experiences. If you are into that kind of thing go and hit that subscribe button we are talking about bloom arms vs tabletop microphone stands i have a podcast of my own called passion and progress and i also was the audio engineer for the chive podcast.

Which we had up to 100 episodes on that as well we were in hotels conference rooms rooms like this studios in the back stages of stadiums. People s living rooms. Our own meeting room. It ran the gamut of traveling and different situations that i came across with that being said i feel like i have the experience to recommend one of these pieces of gear to you based on your situation.

And i will give you my nitty gritty hands on what really happens if you re using this kind of gear. When we started the tribe podcast. We had four of these boom microphones if you are traveling and doing a lot of podcasts. What really helps is that this is lightweight and it fits inside a briefcase.

Easy you have this bass with a little hole in it and then you just clamp. It to any table. And it s pretty wide this part has cushion on it to protect the table. If it s a sturdy enough table.

I ve never had a problem with this tipping anywhere or doing anything like that put that in the hole. And the microphone is back in order to use these microphones you have to have a square lip in order to put that clamp on i ve definitely run into situations and different hotels. Where say you get a nice coffee table. But that coffee table is like way down by the knees.


And you can t put these kind of microphone stands. There and have it go to the person. Where you need to any time. I m at the computer.

And i m doing voiceover. I use one of these i think this is perfect to put off to the side of your computer. When you re not using it all you got to do is go like this. And it s not in your way you can do your computing.

Things and then you have your voice over you re like okay let s start doing our voice over some of the reasons why i would suggest using a tabletop microphone versus something like this road psa one this is just my certainty relations based around this microphone in conjunction with the road psa1 here. We have a xlr cable twist. The microphone this way great problem is is these little screws right here get in the way of the microphone cable. So i ll show you right here.

I put the microphone cable in and you want to twist. It. But you can t you can t get past these two screws right here. Which is a huge problem right to get around that what i would do is you loosen and take the screws out.

I can twist it bring my xlr cable in and boom. This is really free now you might lose this screw. Which i have done and also unless you re tighten down the right specific way. The microphone will move.


And i feel like not enough. People know about that when they buy a rode psa one with a shure sm7b. I ve seen people use a little extension right here that puts the microphone just a little bit lower and then you can twist. It and keep these where they are at i would just buy that extension.

I ll put a link to it down in the description. Once i find it another way that you can circumvent having to take the screw out is one putting this right. Here. The only problem with that is the other person s sitting across from you at the table.

So what ends up happening is if you have two or more people doing a podcast. These start getting in the way of your sight line. The person. That s sitting over here has to look through one of these guys to see another guest.

So if there s like four people sitting at this table. Going this way this way this way this way it just doesn t work because i feel like it s more important than the sound to actually have eye contact with your guests. What i see a lot of people in the podcast world doing is they take this boom. Arm and they put it like this here circumvents the whole sight line thing if i were another guest and this is off to the side that for sure works.

The only thing is you re talking this way. And i feel like this microphone is meant to like be really close to you and if people aren t used to using microphones. Most of the time what they re going to do is they re going to be back here. And you re going to want to like put it like this.


And that s not gonna get the best. What does get the best sound. Though is putting the microphone right in front of them guess. What does that the table top.

What i prefer to use in all situations. Podcasting significantly cheaper than the 99 rode psa. One is it worth. It i think so.

If you are doing podcasting here s the reason why this base is so heavy. It s going to support any type of microphone that you put on the top of it and the shure sm7b is a very heavy microphone. It s weighted very well it s not gonna move if you re doing things on the table. This is a solid piece of equipment one of the things i ve run into is these adjustment things get stuck inside the sm7b.

This has a certain length of thread. You use one of these adjustment. Things that comes with the stand three points of adjustment. We have this one this one and this one it just gets stuck and i can t really adjust any of them and you just kind of move the microphone into place how it needs to go.

It s kind of weird. It s very solid where it is and people don t really touch it that s just something to be aware of i don t use the boom arm. It just adds more of a footprint to the table and the less things i can have on the table between myself and the guest. The better and i think this just looks cleaner and if you re videoing your podcast.


I think it s better you can do that same thing where say this is over here and then you you lower address. It and then you can go like this. But i don t really have a problem with people coming up to the table and having the conversation which i think is a better way of doing it this kind of has the same deal with the xlr. I can put it in you see this little lip right here.

It kind of gets caught on it. Which isn t that big of a deal. The sm7b is such a great microphone. But just the microphone placement man.

I just make it better that s my two cents. I ll put links to everything down in the description below would i recommend these microphone stands for sure. The wrote this rode one is a great microphone stand or like i said voiceover and all that other stuff just be aware that you you should probably get an extension right here and then you ll alleviate all the problems that you would get with this stupid microphone xml xlr placement and again if you re using other microphones you probably won t even have to worry about that if you re doing podcasts. And things of that nature.

I would maybe invest in just a little small tabletop microphone stand don t forget to hit that subscribe. If you like this kind of content live that life of abundance and see you guys on the next. One oh man. I just did so many pics of that i hope i got enough information there ” .


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