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“You were brandon to welcome you to our top picks for the best motorcycle bluetooth bluetooth units of 2020 now we took a look at features technology and usability of unit within a given price for each category to determine the winners and the biggest surprises here is that cena simply doesn t make an appearance. He s pretty surprising on us. It s really the first time that i can remember that cena wasn t leading the charge. But i do think it s a testament to how much work cardo has been putting in and you ll notice that as we announce this year s winners.

Now we have three categories for you to consider today. And without further ado. Let s bring on the cardo free com. Series.

Which wins. Our every rider category. Now with the free com. Series cardo introduced three units focusing on individual riders needs and therefore simplifying the process of determining.

Which unit is right for you now all of the units come with the following. Features i m about to detail for you now bluetooth 41. Which allows for two bluetooth connections. One for your phone.

And one for your gps. It s going to have built in fm radio. Which is nice it has the ability to stream music make phone calls and pair with at least one additional unit and of course. The technology is definitely gonna build from there yes so if you re looking at the free com1 plus.

This is for solo riders that really want the basic features mentioned above they wouldn t be to listen to music. They want to make a phone call or possibly speak with a passenger. If that sounds like yourself the free com1. Plus is the unit for you yeah.


Now the bump to the free con 2 plus is for riders who have one solid riding buddy hopefully you have more friends already doesn t so he s going with one clause now this unit has the ability to communicate between two riders on two different bikes at a distance of 500 meters. It also adds a wired mic in addition to the boom. Mic option with both a free com1. Plus.

And the two plus riders have the option to purchase the upgraded jbl speakers. So now if you already want those speakers. Included the final unit in this series is the free comm 4 plus. Which is for riders who travel with up to three other riders in their group and the distance allowable between these folks increase to about three quarters of a mile in addition to everything that brandon s outlined for you what you re gonna now get with the four plus.

It s gonna add in natural voice technology for siri and google. Voice commands a jog dial. As well as those speakers that i mentioned earlier those jbl s they re included as standard now all of these units are easy and simple to use especially if you opt for the free comm for plus. That utilizes the voice command personally that s my favorite feature yep.

So easy to use so simple. Now the single units are going to range from a hundred and twenty five dollars up to two hundred and twenty five you can always save a few bucks by picking up a dual pack. And you know splitting it with your buddy yeah. I love a carto is done in the pure.

Fact that it simplifies the process for riders that are just getting into trying to figure out which comm system is right for them. And that s why the cardo free comm plus series gets our pick for the every rider category. But now let s move on to the next category. Which is the innovator category and the winner for 2020 is going to be the nuclear motion infinity coming in around two hundred and seventy five.

Bucks now you clear is the first to market with bluetooth 50. Which is designed for faster and more stable connections in addition the infinity version also introduces you safe. Which can detect a crash. And then sends an sos to emergency contacts as well as inner calming.


Other riders that are with you on a trip. Now the message has information about the crash location medical history. As well as all the nearest hospitals. That s pretty impressive now one thing.

I did want to know and clarify for you is that the sos is dependent on your cell. Phone signal. So it s not going to replace a spot unit. Or a similar.

Gps derived emergency device for people venturing you know far beyond the grid. Just something to keep in mind. There. I think it s a great point.

I think what really excited me was the fact that nuclear is bringing this technology into a colony now in addition to all the benefits of you safe you re also gonna get things like motion detection. Technology. Which allows you to control the device via gesture technology. And it s going to utilize dynamesh.

Which allows for an unlimited amount of riders to connect if they re using motion infinity. Units. You also have things like voice command controls. At up to 18 hours of battery life unlimited amount of writers.

Answer. Let s go be a bit too many right depending on how many riders you re talking about right. Now one thing to note. Here is that while the speakers are some of the loudest.


We have on the market or that we ve heard on the market. I should say the quality isn t quite as sophisticated as the jbl speakers that you re gonna find in this car dome unit so for you audio files out there it s just something to keep in mind yeah i think the real praise for the motion. Infinity is that you have all these tech upgrades that you clear is introducing into the market for around the two hundred and seventy five dollar price point in one single unit but enough of our innovator category brandon. What is the final category of the day all right now we re diving into our final pick.

Which is the best communication unit of 2020 and the winner is right here this is the cardo pack talk bold and we re gonna cover the pack talk slim as well now the cardo pack talk bold in slim with the jbl speaker. Upgrade have become our go to units around the revzilla office. Personally i ve owned this thing for over a year now it s in its third edition. This cargo unit has replaced cena as the gold standard.

When it comes to bluetooth community. Yeah. I think a lot of this really comes down to their use of mesh technology. Which allows riders to pair with a total of up to 15.

Other folks in one group. All within up to one mile on a site connection between them and of course. If you re on a unit that doesn t have mesh technology. You can still connect with these units.

Via a bluetooth connection. Now for me. The ease of usability has become the real winner here. If someone does travel outside of range.

They become disconnected. All the rider has to do is get back into the riding group and they re automatically repaired with everyone now the downside here if you re riding with spurge over here he s chatty and he always sings am ia that s matty. I just like to sing a song i very fall out a lot kind of these things a lot. However.


It s definitely a beneficial feature you know when you don t have to pull over anymore they just show up they re gonna reconnect you know that was always a pain. So i definitely it saved a lot of time definitely and the list of features just simply continues. I mean you have best in class noise. Cancellation.

Upgraded jbl speakers. Voice command technology. Which actually has multilingual options. And then up to 13 hours of talk time.

There s a lot going on here definitely now keep in mind that the bolt in the slim units. Feature. The same technology cardo is simply offering riders the option to choose between the full size boldwood. You see here as well as the slim version which actually separates the battery and cuts down on some of the wind drag.

Because it s a little bit more low profile. Now there s no difference in cost between the two units and they re coming in under 300 bucks and of course you can get a dual pack and save a few dollars there and this is why cardo wins for the best communication device of 2020 with the pack talk bold and the pack talk. Slim and that s going to wrap up our top picks for the best bluetooth motorcycle communication units of 2020 now the analysis doesn t stop here this year. We are putting together.

12 articles on common tread that dive deeper into the details on every category across motorcycle gear. Yeah you re going to get to read about our testing. You can have to see the gear on riders and most importantly you re gonna get our honest opinions on what gear deserves your consideration for 2020. Now for spur g.

Over here for myself. I want to thank you guys for watching this video keep it pit. ” ..


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