Best Starter Video Camera For YouTube in 2020 Under $300

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“This video. I m gonna sneeze in this video. Let s talk about five cameras cameras that i have personally used and now there are new 300 budget. Well you i have to get them.

Use hey everyone its derek welcome back to content creators experiments in this channel. I like to put youtube gear and youtube gurus to the test. So the first camera that we re talking about is the canon sx7 4ths. And it has a 40 x.

Power or zoom. Which is just basically. The reason that i bought it now this camera shoots in 1080p. At 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second.

So that s the main reason. Why this entire video including all the footage for this video is shot in 30 frames per second cuz. I just wanted to edit on a 30 frames per second timeline that way. There s no light discrepancies here and there because again i m not a pro.

I don t know how these things work. But i just know that if i keep it the same consistent for everything that i hope that you get the best test results that you wanting to see now let s go ahead. And take a look at the footage for the 7 4. Ths.

Did. I miss something s. X. 7.

4. Ths. Here on this screen. Right.

Now. Is his social media. Info..


It might be lagging or it just might be i don t want to do it alright guys. So what did you think about that i think that you know after watching through the footage. I do think that it kind of softens up your skin. A lot some people might prefer that so this next camera that we re talking about is the canon eos m.

This is the original and it does not have a flip screen. But it does have an audio jack which i really really liked. But not having a flip screen sometimes kind of throws beginners off. I ve been making videos for like a whole two weeks.

And it s it throws me off i m a beginner. I think i m a beginner. I m okay so this camera right here. It has these kit lens that is 15 to 45 millimeters and of course.

This is a super popular youtuber camera. Because they always say that this is like 2 250. Dollars cinematic camera. And you can install something called magic lantern.

So my issue is i don t know what magic lantern is i don t know camera jargon. I want to be able to just pick up a camera turn on pop in well pop in an sd card and then turn it on and just press record so all of the footage that you re seeing are actually in auto because again. I m coming from a beginner s perspective of if i want to make some adjustments to the camera can i yes. But if i just leave it in auto can i still make good videos and well let s go ahead and look at the footage you can get this kit for as low all right.

That s it i mean the condition might be like pretty used ok. So what did you think about that now this for this particular camera. If you want to use it for b roll. You re looking at 60 frames per second in 720p.

I know a lot of people are not okay with that but if you consider the price tag i was able to find this camera with a 22 millimeter pancake lens on macari for a hundred and fifty dollars i mean i was blown away so if you re interested in finding out what macario is which is an app. You can actually use my link in the description below. And it ll save for you 10 on your first purchase. But let s go ahead and move on to the next camera.

So this next camera is the canon eos m. 100. Now if you haven t noticed i m a big fan of the canon eos am..


Series of camera simply because i think that they just they re so easy to use and they re priced really well one of the most popular cameras that youtubers like that dey s is the canon m. 50. But that one is definitely not within the 300 price range so that yes am. 100.

The everyday dad has covered about it. Which is kind of the reason. I bought this camera. It does not have an audio jack.

But it does have this really awesome flip screen. And it has a touch game. So like let s say that when you re vlogging you can literally just click on the screen and make your adjustment. Which i love it so.

The footage that you re seeing out of the canon eos m100. It s actually used the kit lens. That s 15 to 45 millimeters. And this is the audio coming straight out of the camera you can shoot jeff with like a 75 camera and this dude just looks golden.

I hate him for that by the way guys if you like what you see so far hit that like button. Because you ll be really helping out a brand new channel grow. Thank you so much for you guys to support. Now.

Let s go ahead and move on to the next camera and in fact. I m gonna hold on to my m100 because i don t have the next camera in my hand. Anymore. So the next camera is the canon eos m3.

Now for me that was my first youtube camera. And i absolutely loved it one. It has a flip up screen. Too it has the audio jack now.

The reason that i sold. It was because i knew that i was going to be moving towards the 4k cameras. And it just didn t have 4k..


It has 1080p. I believe up to 60 frames per second check the specs on the screen right now if you re just starting out dude. I would go with the m3 if you need external audio. If you need flip screen and you just want good at 1080p video.

And you want to stay under 300. I d go with the m3 and here s the test footage for you to see we were setting up this camera this dude is like alright. I m gonna i m gonna position myself like this or like this so this next camera. It s definitely not under the 300 range.

But it s little brothers or like previous versions are available for under 300 and we re talking about the sony rx100 so this is the mark. 5. It does have a flip screen. And the reason.

Why i said that you can find the previous versions. Under 300 is because i found the mark. 5 for 400 and i did look on ebay and macari and read it there s like subreddit photo market or something like that you can definitely find cameras. The sony rx100.

Some version of it under 300 right and it s just a super. Awesome camera let s go ahead and take a look at the test footage if you can get quality like this it s pretty awesome for you to camera. So the last camera that i m gonna be talking about today is one that has been so convenient to me especially because i walk with a limp and the stabilization is just amazing of this thing. I got the 5 and then i got the 7 and pretty soon.

I m gonna get the 8. So yes this is the gopro and what s called it the saudi hero. 7. Sorry this is the gopro hero 7.

Black. It is in a yalanji cage right now with a uv filter on it because i like to keep it protected and i think that it s a lot better than the actual house. The mode housing. That originally came with but can you use this as a youtube camera.

Oh. My gosh. Absolutely you can use this as a travel camera..


And you can use it as a talking head camera you can use it for everything. And if you buy an adapter for it it s an extra fifty dollars you can connect it headphone you can connect it microphone jack to it however there is no flip stream. But because it has such a wide angle you just look at the lens and you re in frame. I think i tried it a few times and like i said there are going to be playlist of videos coming up in this channel that are covering several of the cameras that you see here today so definitely subscribe to this channel.

So you can be on the lookout for those. But for now go ahead and take a look at the footage that i got from one of the restaurants that it was in today. So that wraps it up for this video. Let me know in the comments below.

Which one of these cameras was your favorite and if you think you re gonna pick up one or do you think that you re just gonna add a little money to get something different now of course. If the three hundred dollar budget. Is still just a bit out of reach for you i am working really hard right now to come up with a list of cameras are available under the hundred dollar range and yes. I can easily say hey if you have an iphone just start your youtube channel or make your youtube videos with an iphone and a lot of people are gonna come back at me as a you stupid apple fanboy.

I foes cost a lot of money. I went out and i bought a phone for under 100 just to test for you guys. So. That s something that you re interested in subscribe to this channel and come back and watch the videos because this channel was made for creators now i don t talk a lot about the specs.

I don t talk a lot about the picture quality. Because i don t think i m qualified to do that but as a content creator who sits in front of the camera all the time making videos for three different youtube channels. I think that it s ok for me to share my experience with you and i think that i know exactly what you re going through you know what kind of lighting. Do i use what kind of microphone.

Do i use and how much money am. I gonna go into like the negatives in my bank account to make this youtube video or this youtube channel. Happen right so guys thank you again for watching this video. And i really really want to thank you guys for the audience retention time for the views izes i was blown away that two weeks into this brand new channel and 3000.

Views. So thank you so much again. ” ..


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