Best Video How To Hard Reset Nintendo 3Ds Forgot Password

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“So you got a nintendo 3ds you got it on ebay it s locked your your parents locker nintendo 3ds you can t get in anyways no matter what youn t figure it out i m gonna help you guys unlock. This and this is a great video for people who don t know how to work online and stuff cuz. I m gonna give you a phone number to talk to a live person and have him guide you through it. And it s really easy let s get started.

This is a 3ds go to your settings. And this this works on most of them. So you re gonna be able to figure this out so. What you re doing is going to settings wait for that to load.

We are loading and then you re gonna go to first thing you re gonna do is your time..

If your time is wrong. That s why it s not working nobody on youtube explains that you need to set your time up correctly. And i believe it was in other settings make sure your time and date is correct. If it s not it s just not gonna work this is the first thing you got to do everybody on ebay tells you to do do the other stuff.

And then a lot of people complain at the bottom thread. That it s not working. And why is it not working 9 11. 2017 that is correct push okay make sure your time is right that s the date.

We re gonna go to this current time mine was actually wrong before i did this right now..

It s 739 where i m at military time add two for the twelve so add two to it and that s 19 and 39. And you re gonna push okay. Once you do that now you re gonna go back to your code area. Where you want to put your code in so you re gonna go back okay.

We re at profile. I think and go back again and now we re gonna go to parental controls forgot pin if they ask you something like this typing whatever and typing i forgot and it throws you a code. My code is gonna be different than yours. Though 1 3.

3 0..

0. Or whatever. It is push ok. Ok.

Next. We re gonna do is save that code down push. Ok. You re gonna be on this screen.

And now you re going to call this phone..

Number. It s a nintendo support one eight five five eight seven seven nine zero nine nine call that number and listen to the prompts. It s really easy to get to somebody it took me about 60 seconds. You re gonna go to parental controls.

That s one of the menus that they re gonna ask you and when you get to that tell the guy that you locked it they re not difficult to deal with they will give it to you right away. They don t give you any hassle and he gave me a code of three six seven four zero when he first gave it to me my time was off so it didn t work and he had me go back and fix that so i m gonna type this in three six seven four zero seven four zero push okay master key confirmed i am in push okay go through the prompts you re gonna enter your own four digit code and there you go it s all reset you can use your game system. If this video helped you out all i ask is you the thumbs up button. Thank you so much have a good day ” .


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