Best WiFi IP Security Camera Review (Under $30!!) – Works w/ iPhone & Android

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“To protect you re home with wireless ip cloud storage cameras 2999 upbeat jingle. I i feel like a really bad infomercial but hi i m the youtube ndeal guy granite and i am so excited because so many of the amazing nsubscribers who watch and keep this channel going you keep me going. And i love you have asked for great ways nto protect your home. Obviously home security and surveillance.

Perhaps more of an issue now than ever. I m excited about the ncamera deal that i found and i m also even more nexcited that i m giving two of these away for free to subscribers at the end of the. Video these. Cameras which are a 50 price drop down to 2999.

Are great i featured an earlier model nof this camera last year. And as you can see the reviews nare absolutely fantastic in the time since that review..

These cameras have now been nupdated with a new app. There have been a couple nof connectivity issues lotta. People saying they ncouldn t connect as well and the reviews did drop the app has since been nupdated as of two weeks ago. It s working great cody.

The amazing intern that i work with is gonna show you how he set this up it s a very simple qr code scan. And we are gonna give you a hint of what some of the nsurveillance footage looks like you can stream this to your niphone or your android monitor your home from nanywhere in the world and you also get free cloud storage. What is nice about this camera. It connects via wifi to any smartphone.

So you can stay connected nanywhere in the world all i had to do was download nthe foscam app. You see here let me click on that right there and you can see the camera nwith..

My mug right there so all i have to do is just nhit. The play button right here and it automatically nconnects to your phone check check check one ntwo three. I love crackers check check one two three you get an external card nslot. So you can add microsd of course.

That cloud nservice. You get a message for so you know when that camera is triggered or detecting motion. I think the motion nsensitivity is absolutely key a digital zoom and it was as i mentioned really easy to set up nwith the free mobile app. Even thought this camera ndoes not have night vision.

I have to say this picture. Nquality is amazing you are now looking at a nsports set with no lights on if you look at my phone right here you can see everything crystal..

Clear you can see the chair nthe tv in the background and the overall set. If you are interested in ngrabbing. This surveillance deal and again that ip cloud. Service is great the limited time.

Price i found for 2999. Located. Right under this video screen just expand the description box. And you will get everything you need and now.

It s time for the giveaway using tubebuddy s random selection tool to find any subscriber who s commented in the last six months. Giveaway winner this guy actually changed nhis subscriber name to giveaway winner..

That has not increased nhis odds of. Winning but that is amazing irony our second winner for today is. Kc jones both of you just email support at mattsdailydealscom. Nto claim your freebie yes you ve won you re awesome and both of you by the nway are both awesome and you ve won.

If you wanna get hooked nup for a future giveaway and huge deals moving forward there s a very simple and easy nprocess to make that happen click somewhere on my oversized head that will subscribe you on nthe spot to this channel. If you need help commenting or turning on your notifications nfor future giveaways just click up here kc. And i did a i think nabove average demonstration and if you don t wanna. Miss nthat last huge deal i feature.

” ..

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