Blackweb Bluetooth FM Transmitter Review

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” s up youtube. It s me kimberly 8. 23. And today.

I am doing a a review for you guys. It is the black web bluetooth fm transmitter. So anybody s watching this video. You probably already know what this is and that s why you clicked on it.

But just to briefly tell you it is a device that you can use to connect your bluetooth devices in your car. If you don t have bluetooth capability in your car so i do not have bluetooth capability in my car right now so i bought this and i was hoping that it will help me out because i hate when i get in the car. And i can t connect my phone and it also works like if you want to take calls over the bluetooth as well so in my other in my car. I m able to connect my phone soon as i get in but in my my truck.

I m not able to so cuz it s an older truck it s a 2006. So it doesn t have that capability. So i m hoping that this is here black web bluetooth transmitter. It s gonna help me do that so you guys are gonna find out along with me so i just opened it up i just got it in the mail.

Today and here s the actual device you plug it into your accessory outlet. You know you and your cigarette lighter or whatever. It is you have in your car the cigarette lighter is what it says on the instructions so if you guys have an older car you probably still have cigarette lighters or you just have the whole to charge your phone or whatever. So.

That s where this goes. And then you have they give you an aux cable. So you can actually connect your device. Bloop via your bluetooth or you can use the aux cable and connect your device to it that way.

And then they even have a slot for sd cards. So like say you want to play you got music on the sd card. And you want to connect this to your car. And put your sd card in there.


So i thought that was pretty cool too. But basically for me i m just trying to use it from my phone and so we re gonna see if this works i just turn my car on so the instructions say that you are to plug this in and then you re to match up your channels. Your fm radio to the same channel. As on the bluetooth on this device.

So it says. I read online through someone that the higher the channel. The better so you have to find a blank channel. And then once you find a blank channel.

Then you also put this on that same channel. So i m going to do that right now all right okay someone s alright you guys so sorry. I couldn t figure out how to turn a spaceship. I barely charged stations in this car.

So i got it now so i m turning the station and i m trying to find a blank station okay okay this seems to be a blank station all right i found 1077. It s just static so i m assuming this is okay now i m trying i m gonna plug this up i have two ports. The one in the front is broken so i m gonna have to go to the one in the back and try to use that one so bear with me you guys. And this is awkward all right.

I m gonna try to turn my camera or else you can see i plugged it in and it s on and it s blinking. The instructions said that that little bluetooth icon on the screen and also that button that you see blinking the instructions said that those two things are gonna blink. When you first turn it on so it s not connected to anything all right so let me turn my camera around so i can do this better you guys can see what i m doing while i m doing it all right so i have to turn this to 1077. Because that s what i have set for my in my car wait that s probably faster if i go back wait a minute all right.

107. Okay so my car is at. 1077 and i have set this device to 1077. All right so now all right so now.

I m gonna turn on the bluetooth on my phone. I m recording on my phone. So give me a second all right so let me tell you guys what i just did because i had to turn off the record on my car. So i mean on my phone.


So. What i did was i turn on the bluetooth on my phone. And then it showed up the things that i usually pair to i scanned for the nearby device. And then it gave me it said like miscellaneous car kit or something.

Like that. But then it also pulled up this bw b. 17. Av.

0. 4. This came up as well so i don t know if it would have made a difference. If i had chose the one that said car kit.

But because i know i saw this bw v. Number here. I went ahead and chose that so i connect it to that under my phone and then right away my car speaker said paired so and if you look at the screen here it has my phone lg stylo fourth that s the phone. I have and the bluetooth icon is no longer blinking the volume button here is no longer blinking and i m turning it all the way up to 30 all right and i m gonna turn up the volume on my phone make sure the volume of my phone is up and then all right so so far so good on the pairing.

I have not used the ox table um. Because i really don t need to use the ox table. I bought this for the bluetooth. But so far so good i ve connected to the bluetooth and i don t hear like a lot of static or anything weird seems good so i m going to come off of here and i m gonna stop the video for a second so i can test it out and see if my music plays from my from my title account and from my phone and then um see if i can get that to play well through my speakers.

I ll let you know how that got how that works out you guys give me one sec. All right you guys one more quick thing about this device um. The instructions say that s when if you want to just completely cut it off like when you re finished using it you can just unplug. It.

But also one really cool thing is there is a usb port on the back of here. So you re not losing your ability to charge your phone. When you plug this up so. If you only have one free port that you can use and you re using this you can still charge your phone here.


If you need to charge your phone. So i thought that was pretty cool cuz. I thought about that and i was like wait a minute my other foot is broken so if i need to charge my phone. Am i gonna have to i might have to get one of those you know battery pack things.

But i don t have to do that because this is here which is a plus. I didn t notice it when i first bought it so i think that s good you can charge your phone. While you re out and while you re using this and so you can unplug. It and then also when you get in your car.

And once you ve already paired to this you won t have to keep doing those steps over and over again so when you get in your car. As long as you took you keep your radio on that that wants the station that you chose turn your car on this comes on then your phone is going to or whatever device you have paired it s gonna automatically pair back up with it so you don t have to keep going through those steps every time you get in your car. So that s another plus about it as well okay yeah. So that s all i want to add.

Too is just so you know about that you can still charge your phone. All right you guys so i just went ahead and tested out this device and it is perfect. It was exactly what i wanted it played great the music came out you can t even tell that i have a device connected to use it it sounds just like it s coming from the radio like it should and also i tested out some you know videos. I watched a couple of youtube videos and they sound.

Great the sound is perfect on here. I turned the volume all the way up on the on the black web device. And i turned the volume. All the way up on my phone and then the the volume on my actual car radio.

I kept it on a six and it was loud enough and so it was great i m not driving right now so i don t know if driving will affect it but i ll do a follow up video if that happens to update you know if there is any change and i have to like not give this a ten. But but for right now i m giving this an absolute 10. So if you guys want bluetooth in your car. And you ve been trying to find a good device.

I know that these fm transmitters. It s hard to find a good one. I am the type of person that does a whole lot of research before i buy something and from what i ve been researching a lot of these fm transmitters. You know are kind of crappy.


The sound isn t that great it sounds like you know it s coming out of a potato or something it just doesn t sound very good. But this fm transmitter had great reviews when amazon. I think i bought it from i bought mine from walmart walmart s website obviously through a third party seller on walmart. I believe.

But yeah they have it on amazon and it s like thousands of really good a thorough reviews if you guys want to check it out. I would definitely recommend it i m giving it a 10 right now if that changes like if i m driving around and i noticed that the playback gets sketchy or the sound gets sketchy because i m driving or something then i will come back and let you guys know that. But yeah. I don t have anything else to say about it um.

Like i said you get this box court. I doubt that i will use this ox court for this device. But i probably will use it for my headphones in the house. Because i have some headphones in the house that i use box cords with all the time when i m working so i think these are perfect because i usually buy a dollar store aux cords and they stop working after like a week.

So these looks like these look like some good aux cord. So i ll probably use those for work. Alright. You guys.

I hope. This video was helpful to someone who may be looking for a way to use bluetooth in their car. And they have like you know a model car. That they weren t doing bluetooth connectivity.

With yet. So i will see you guys in next video. Bye. ” .


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