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“About four years ago. I did an unboxing video. But the black webs headphones that that i bought from walmart after my beats headphones broke i compared the two together said that they were the same in terms of build quality and design. And i was it i never made any follow up video or talked about the sound falling and that was it though admittedly that was run my early years of youtube.

Where i did things very crudely and sometimes i still do. But nonetheless. I d like to talk about black web headphones especially with this one these are black webs on ear wireless headphones in blue. The boss of 13 hour listening time using the bluetooth function.

Which varies depending on the. Volume and the kind of. Music you listen. To but does have a 35 millimeter.

Headphone jack for regular use aside from only the. Headphones it also it comes with a 35 millimeter..

Headphone cable as well as a micro usb cable for charging. But no power adapters so you need to provide that by yourself or plug into your computer. It also comes to the bank in case you want to put it in there or for storage. The bail quality is roughly the same as a previous block of headphones that i own it actually went to 300 block of headphones of the same kind as the one i unboxed years ago.

And while it sounds like they aren t good if they break so much it s partially my fault for not handling them with care. But at 30 to 40 canadian price tag eliminates that concern concerning. Many other headphones. Don t offer a similar ear.

Feel as they do for that price now these headphones are on 44 to 48 canadian non bluetooth headphones costing around 20 to 30 for over a year different pricing for on here well. It said sensor address. Things i didn t cover last time around with the first pair of how do they sound well they sound pretty good it only slightly lacks in bass. Which i can t just using my phone s own sound settings or even a windows.

By adding. A small space boost other than that the sound comes out clear..

And i can really enjoy using these for music and gaming. One thing to know though is that depending on you you might feel slight discomfort on your ears after long term use which sometimes comes with on your fits. I guess so if you want more comfort and maybe over here is where it s best for you the bluetooth function is also another thing it sounds just as good as using a wire. I actually use a different pair of headphones for short time before buying these where the sound quality was decent.

But on bluetooth. It couldn t handle loud sound and with some times. Cutoff. These do not struggle with that and perform nicely having this feature is great for moments where i want to listen to my stuff.

If i don t want on a cable hanging over me like when i wash dishes and have my phone in a cabinet to watch. Something. The bluetooth function has four buttons with it once it turned it on or to sync. It with your device.

And three buttons to control your media. One for player pause one for volume up or skip the next track or volume down or go back a track so in conclusion..

What i recommend these absolutely if you were on a budget and wants some good sounding headphones. I would also recommend the non bluetooth versions like the one. I bought just not the over here. Once they cause much more discomfort on the ears.

Let s turn about the blue subversions as i don t own the over here version of course. This isn t the be all end all of headphones. Not even close there are other headphones out there that sound better than these. But do cost more money so it s really up to you on how much you want to spend on headphone.

Very good for people on budgets. Not for people who want the most audiophile experiences you me how can i remember the osi model. Because that s a lot of layers to try. And remember exactly the order that they come in and without just sitting here and going over it over and over and over there s got to be an easy way to so these.

Two mnemonics are typically the ones that i throw out to the class and say you know either one whichever. One works for you is the one that you may want to use when you re taking that exam..

When you re taking that test. When you need to actually recall this information so again. We have the all people seem to need data processing. Which starts at layer seven and works its way down to layer one application through physical and then we have people do not throw sausage pizza.

Away. This is our fiscal through application layer one through layer seven. So i hope. This is a benefit well thank you for stopping by and watching.

And if you have any questions. If you have any comments feel free to leave them in the comment section below. ” ..


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