Boss 1000w 4 speaker audio review

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“With you i figured i d make a pretty quick video about these boss 1000. 1000. Watt for speaker handlebar mount stereo system. I got.

I was originally going to with a dirty bird fairing and had the two five nine playing five and a quarter inch speakers. And it s like two grand and i ve heard mixed reviews about it as well as these so everybody always turns these things on and they you know they they turn it up and let you listen. But really you can t tell you know i mean how loud they are or anything else by by just listening to someone s stereo. So i m gonna turn off the biggest thing.

People ask is how loud are they hell you know how much wind speed have how fast can you hear them it honestly. Depends on the song okay and how old it is i ve noticed it. But no the song is older then it s gonna be lower..


If it s a newer song that they seem to be louder. But i usually run pandora. So this will give you an idea i read a band or i play a lot of 90s type music and i have no problem whatsoever hearing the knees at i mean i ve honestly i have heard them up to 90 100 mile an hour. Okay i do have a windshield.

I m sure that that plays a pretty key factor in it. But then there s also songs like in when i m on the highway at 60. I can barely hear it so i would say it all depends on you know the song your crosswinds you know things of that nature. I comfortably.

I say you have no problem hearing. This radio at 60 70 mile an hour down the highway. No problems whatsoever set some songs you can hear it a hundred some songs you can barely hear at 60..


But i say a nice gauge is 60 to 70. No property songs. I figured with four speakers. You would hear them a lot better than the two speakers.

My i i guess. That s the the you know the deal with some that some people say. It s kind of the same. I don t know i ve never just played the two speakers.

I ve always had the four. I think it is weird. Though that you can t even really hear these until your your volume is about halfway up or more okay..


When it s like barely turned up you can t really hear the speaker s of all which i think is kind of weird it should you should hear something when they re on and the volumes a little up. But you know the other thing that i highly recommend is i was going to originally wire it into my ignition switch. Which i went against and i just went ahead and put a toggle switch to turn on and off the amp. Which i like what i did to these two bottoms and then maybe two down here on their guard rails.

I didn t like that because i have such a tall windshield and then this black brace it kind of heights. The lower ones you know so you can only see the two anyway it doesn t bother me though from this side. I ve picked them off doesn t look bad actually with these flat black they can look like tacks. So it s kind of cool people.

Like what the heck are those but just wanna make the discrete video. I m altra happy with this for 100 bill. The sound quality is great and i mean you re not gonna get top in bass performance..


These are not bassy speakers. Don t expect to hear some boom in there. It s all gonna be treble amid all of it so there s no hope no real no real you know bass at all in these which i think are perfect for right down the road anyway. If you want to add bass fry wanting some subwoofers as for the loudness like i said.

I m totally happy with it i i ve heard it 7080 miles an hour. But really for gonna be screaming on the highway anyway are you everything s gonna sound distorted with wind so ultra happy for speakers thousand watt amp. Hundred ” ..


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