Brook X One Adapter Extra Overview (2019 Version – PS4, Switch, PC, XboxOne)

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“What s up guys welcome back to the channel. It s johnny phrase today. We we are checking out the updated version of brookes x1 adapter. It s now called x1 adapter extra full disclosure.

These guys did send this out to me for a quick overview for you guys on my channel. And i wanted to show you guys some of the differences between this version and the older version right first thing you re gonna notice is there s a bump in the back. Why this is housing that 2x battery is supposed to get double the battery life. And this updated version.

Thus. The word extra and the new version installation ready straightforward remove the backplate remove the original battery. And this is gonna be replacing both of those at the same time so you have to be mindful to line up that micro usb port first before you secure that back clip once it s in there. You re gonna have the most godlike you know xbox one controller.

You re gonna have support for switch. You re gonna have support for ps4 you re also gonna have support for x input on pc as well as xbox one i also want to mention it it also works with a new xbox 1s controller. You re gonna have motion control. Support.

As well as the audio functions still functional on ps4. So. The x1 adapter is installed onto our xbox. One controller and the first thing.


I m going to take you through is how to pair this up to the console of your choice. I m gonna be focusing on two consoles guys that s gonna be the ps4 and the switch. I figure if you bought this set up you know that s what you want to use this for so you can have one controller. If this is your favorite controller like the xbox.

One controllers your favorite controller you can now use it on basically all the three major consoles that are out you know as of this video. Okay so the first thing. I want to point out guys is the box okay two things in the box. That s really notable the first thing is this sim popper.

Okay if you get into trouble. There s a little hole right over here where my finger is that allows you to reset you pop that sim popper in there resets. The device so that s first thing. The second thing.

I think is super. Important is that these qr codes give you access to both the user guide and the firmware right you re gonna see that on the the back of the box as well. I m sorry the side of the box. As well alright.

So make sure that your firm is up to date and the user guides which i ll pop right on the screw right now will show you how to get this guy into the specific mode that you want to get into the first thing you want to do right so now there s on the screen. I m going to be focusing on ps4 and switch. I m gonna do the ps4 first so what you want to do is hold down the brook key. So this top button over here.


That s gonna be the brook key. You hold this down until it blinks blue and red. You see how it s doing that once you re in that mode. You can press.

The combo key. So it s uh. Let s see it s going to be the view button and then a i m gonna press that together and that will change this guy into a ps4 mode. I m gonna wait until the light stops blinking and then i m gonna know that is set on ps4.

So that is now set on ps4. I have a micro usb cable connected to the back of the x1 adapter extra and i m gonna hit the home button and you re gonna notice that instantly the ps4 recognizes it now that i have it in the ps4 mode. Now really important part you want to unplug the cable for wireless play right. It s gonna turn off.

But you just hit the brook key once again and that should repair the controller now that it s all linked up and here. We go we re in the ps4. So we have the switch booted up let s do the pairing method. Again brook.

Key do we flash blue and red and put the command and boom. I am already connected to the switch. So we just put the x1 adapter extra through its paces on both the ps4 and the switch. And i wanted to go over some of my pros and cons with the product.


Let s start with the pros. The first thing is performance is not really an issue as far as lag is concerned. I can t feel any lag. I can t perceive any lag.

Doesn t feel any different than using a stock controller on ps4 or switch. That is a big plus. A matter of fact and you guys go back and watch my original video for the first x1 adapter. You ll notice.

I m doing some pretty execution heavy combos with street fighter. 5. And no performance issues. Then and no performance issues now so big plus on performance good stuff to brooke second thing on the pro side.

I want to say battery duh. It s uh. You know 2 times. The battery speaks for itself you got to play much longer without having to recharge it so that is a big plus third one i want to say on the pro side is just that if you like playing on the xbox one controller.

It s the best one that fits your hand you like how the analog and d pad are switched. Then this is an awesome product. You know you could just save some money instead of having to buy like a pro controller for switch or another controller for your ps4. You re good to go so that s the stuff on the pro side on the con side.


I do want to say it significantly changes the you know the weight and feel of the controller. So for instance. I don t have big hands so this little bump up top doesn t really bother me. But i could see if your fingers kind of reach past this point you have to deal with this bump over here.

You know also the bump on the back is much more profound than the previous version. So if you re wrapping your hands around the back. You know even me i m rubbing my fingers against this little bump there it s a little awkward feel wise. But look you know the sacrifice to a better battery was to put that bump.

Oh those are the biggest cons that i have with it let s go over some of the details when this will be released. So as of now. It s basically on its way to ship to local vendors. You re going to see this live on amazon focus attack and.

Arcade shocked right so again amazoncom. Focus attack calm in arcade shock. Calm there s a three us vendors and it s gonna retail for about sixty bucks. All right as soon as the links go live.

I will update my video description below and post those links for you guys otherwise this has been the x1 adapter extra overview guys i hope you enjoyed the video subscribe hit the notifications you can also follow me on twitter and instagram at johnny phrase. Until the next one i ll catch you guys. ” ..


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