Build Unique Custom iMovie Transitions With Keynote On Your Mac

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“This is gary with macmostcom. Today. Let me show you how to build your own own ncustom imovie. Transitions.

Using. Keynote macmost is brought to you thanks to a great of supporters go to macmostcom. Patreon there you could read more about it. Join us nand get exclusive content so with keynote s ability to build videos nthat have transparent backgrounds.

You can basically use keynote to create these cool ncustom transitions. It s just a matter of building a slide that s nstarts completely transparent something happens to cover everything up and then it gets transparent nagain you could use all of the different transition nand animation tools in keynote to accomplish this let s look at two examples first let s create a very simple transition. A lot of transitions are simply just filling nthe screen with something and then removing it then you have it go from one video to the nother at the point. Where the screen is completely nfilled with something else.

That s where you switch videos. We re going to start in the wide screen here nbecause. Most video is going to be wide screen. We re going to go to a simple black blank ntemplate there i m going to zoom out as much as i can so ni can see as much of the surrounding area and get rid of the default text that s there then i m going to add a simple shape.

The idea is that i want this shape to fill nthe whole screen. But i m going to actually do a lot more with nit than that the first thing. I m going to do is i m going nto instead of using the blue color. I want to use a graphic so i downloaded a graphic from online.

I can just drag it into the shape. It s just this fun little graphic. Here and ni. m going to make sure it fills the entire shape.

There then i don t want it to be actually straight nlike this i want it to actually be slanted. So it will nslide over in kind of a diagonal way so. What i m going to do here is i m going nto go to arrange and i m going to make it basically twice the size because i then also nwant to rotate it 45 degrees..


The idea here is i want it to slide across nlike this you can see by having it be that size. I will nend up with a spot in the middle here. Where it s completely covering the screen. So let s put it here to start with right there at the corner.

Now. I m going to go and control click on the nslide and duplicate the slide. It s because we re going to use magic move magic move wants two identical slides go back to the first slide. Here go to animate nand.

Say i want to add the effect magic move so magic move is going to transition between nthis first slide and the second slide. So i want to go to the second slide. Now and nmove this so that it s all the way to the other side. So.

The other corner. Matches. There so it starts here ends. There so now when i go and preview magic move you ncould.

See it moves all the way across like that now i want to make this black background transparent. So in this first slide here i want to click non the background. I want to go to format. And i m going to change nthe background to no fill this is very important this won t work if you don t do that you have to do it for the second slide as nwell click on the background and go to no fill.

So now i have no fill for both slides. So basically this is transparent this graphic slides over on top of it in addition to that when i go to animate there nare. Other things i can change like the duration. Let s make it a little bit longer and i ll nshow you why in a minute then i m going to change acceleration to none nso.

It s just going to slide across at a uniform rate now. I m going to go to file and export to nand movie. I m going to take the timing to zero..


So it njust does the animation and nothing else i m going to change the resolution to custom. This is very important because not only do nyou want to change the resolution to the video s size that you re using. But you want to switch nto apple prores 4444 because you need to use export with transparent backgrounds. This will not work if you don t have the transparent nbackgrounds.

So then we ll do next and then we ll save nthis out so now i can take a look and here s the video. If i click on the video and then i hit the nspacebar. It will show me a quick look preview in the finder. And you can see a gray background nthere telling me.

It s transparent you can see it all the way across so here i am in imovie. I have two different clips here i want to put the transition right between nthe. Two clips now i ll move this over a bit and drag this nfile. Here as an overlay so on top here right around the middle between nthose.

Two clips. So i can move this about right here you want to get it right to the middle. If i move the playback head right here it nshould be covering everything it almost is there s a corner. There.

So you could still nmaybe zoom in a little bit and further adjust to get it to the point. Where it s perfect you can see the lemons appear on the left nthe switch. Happens right there. And then the lemons go out that way now four seconds is probably too long for nthis.

But i wanted to make it four seconds. So i have the versatility to make it any speed ni want so. What i can do here is i can click on this nand. Then with these tools up here.

I can click the speed tool and i can set the speed to nbe fast. I could adjust it anyway. I want it s going to cut the time in half..


So do it n2x. I can do it 4x or i can make an adjustment 2x is probably really good for what i want i need to recenter it so the center is right nhere in the middle. Again. There.

That s perfect now the transition will happen in 2 seconds. Nto go across. Now let s try something else i m going to go and just create a circle shape nhere. I m going to move it to the upper left shift drag a corner.

So it gets relatively nbig and leave it there then i m going to bring in that same graphic. I m going to actually shrink it down a little nbit so it just fits right in there. So now i have a circle full of lemons. I m going to add a line and i m going to drag nthe bottom left hand corner of that line to the center of that circle and then the other nend of the line to the center of the slide.

I m going to select both of these the line and the circle. And do format shapes nand lines and make a motion path from shape and click the line. So now what will happen is if i go to animate nhere. I can click off of it and click on the circle again and go to animate.

I can preview nit and you can see the circle moves there into the middle now i can click this red dot. There and then nit will expand again i can click this red dot again and i could nsay. I also want it to scale. So now i can shift click any of these dots nhere and scale.

It up to the point where it fills the slide so now when i do preview it is going to scale nup. I can actually click build order here and nsee that i ve got a move and a scale. I can select the scale and say start it with nbuild one so group them together so now when i do preview. It s going to both nmove and scale up now i m going to add one more transition here nby clicking the red dot.

And say opacity. I m going to leave this one as separate instead of starting on click. I m going say nafter build two so it s going to do these..


First two together nand then the last one the opacity you can see here. I ve got that nselected here. I can go down to zero. So i have the move the scale happening together nand then change the opacity down to zero.

I could click on any of these and change the nthe acceleration to ease in or ease out or just say none for all of them let s say now. I can preview you could see it does that so it starts off blank this moves in and nscales up and then it fades away. Now i can do the same thing as before i m going to click on the background and click non format change the background to no fill one last thing. I want to do is i want to delete nthis line.

Here. So there is not a white line that s in the way. Now. I can go and export to and do movie and nthen go to custom resolution 1920 apple prores 4444 with the transparent background nchecked export it here now i can go into imovie and replace this ntransition here.

I ll just delete it with this one bring this one right here to the middle. So nthat. The lemons are completely covered at the point. Where i do the switch.

So now you can see the transition. There so really the sky s the limit here you can use different shapes. Different animation. Ntechniques different transitions.

Anything you want so. If you like to use imovie. And you want nto have your videos looking really unique. ” .


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