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“Right hey guys so today. I wanted to make a quick guide on a website. Website. Called daily indie game.

This is a great little marketplace to buy and sell keys so if you purchase a bundle. And you don t want all the games or say you already own some games. And you want to get rid of the excess steam keys. This is a great place to go because you ll be able to exchange your steam keys for other games basically so this is daily indie game.

This is the website. What you want to do is go to the top right corner and click create a new digg account and just link it to your email and then once that is done you ll get to a page that looks something like this you want to go to edit profile and once it loads you go down and there s a place where it says steam numerical id you want to type in your i think it s a 64 digit id for your steam account the best way to find that is to go to this website called steam finder com. It s in the description below and just type in your steam username and get steam id. So this is mine right here you just copy that into the digg website and paste.

It here you want to do that so that you can filter the website from games. That you already own so you only see the games that you don t own. Which will make things a whole lot. Easier you ll see three different things at the top there s the dig point store.

The trade steam key section and the dig marketplace. So the dig point store is basically this website getting games from various publishers and selling them to you so. All of these games. Shown here are guaranteed to work.


And as you can see they re all being sold for various dig points. Essentially every dig point is worth one penny usd. So scrolling down. You can see a bunch of dlc.

And there s various games shown as well and they re all being sold between like three to ten cents each all these games are extremely cheap some of them do include steam trading cards as well there s a little thing here so this little column is for trading cards. So that says yes. It does include a trading card. So there s some things with trading cards for like 5 cents or less.

Which is pretty crazy. So you can sort through these and purchase all these for a very very cost all you do is click buy a game and it will use your dig points. I ll show you how to get dig points. In just a second so the second section is where they re selling various games from their previous bundles.

This website used to sell bundles of games. I don t think they do it anymore. There s a bunch of bundle games. Shown here they re a little bit more expensive.

So the middle section. Really isn t that useful this third section. Here is probably the most important this is the dig marketplace. This is where individual users can buy and sell steam keys.


Most of these are from various game bundles. But there s a lot to be found here people sell all sorts of games even higher in games. I m currently sorting it by a lowest price first and as you can see there s a ton of games shown here you want to be careful. Though because there is some things that are dlc so you want to make sure to look up each item before you purchase it there s a lot of like soundtracks and dlc items.

There s a ton of games here too for less than 10 cents each and the right corner you can see three cents 4 cents five cents six cents this is a great way to expand your game library if you re looking to purchase very very cheap games. It s also a great way to sell your excess keys from various bundle sites. If you don t want a game you might as well sell it on this website get some dig points. And then you can purchase other games.

That you might be more interested in a couple more things and the reason. Why we put in our steam. A numerical idea is because there s a tab here where you can hide games. You already own on steam.

Which is a great feature. So you won t be seeing games. That you already own secondly since this marketplace is entirely from individual sellers. There is a seller rating make sure you only purchase from people who have a 100 seller rating.

This will pretty much guarantee that you get a key that works otherwise if you purchase from someone with like a low rating. You might get scammed so that s just a fair warning to all of you guys out there being on how do you get digg points. And how do you use this website in general. Well in the top left corner.


Let me zoom in a little bit. There s a button here that says buy dig points you can purchase dig points for real money using paypal credit card bitcoin etc you have to put a minimum of 5 second way to earn dick is to sell your unwanted steam keys through the digg marketplace to do that you click on create trade. Which is this middle tab up here. Then you ll have to fill out some information.

It s actually very simple you start with the game title. So say i wanted to sell a game called bad rats. I just type it in and then click on the name and the drop down tab and that should automatically fill out the steam app id does it have trading cards yes it does and the current price on steam if you re looking for the steam app id all you have to do is go to the steam store the top it ll show you a five digit code you just copy that into the form and then you want to type in the steam key so you just type in whatever random. Steam.

Key here that you have that make sure it works make sure. It s unused from whatever bundle site that you got it from or wherever you got it from this is the key that you re selling to someone else who s going to purchase it make sure it s valid if it s invalid and you sell it to someone your account is going to instantly get flagged and then you re never gonna be able to sell on the side again. Because your rating is gonna go down and no one s gonna want to purchase from you so make sure you use valid steam keys do not ever use keys that don t work. If you re unsure if they work or not just don t use it on the site and then scrolling down you want to make sure is it region locked.

Typically all games are not region locked. But if you know that it is region locked make sure you say that it s locked and scrolling down. I ll have to type in how much i want to sell the game for so i can solve for a hundred digg points. Which is a dollar they have a 15 trading fee.

Which is very similar to the steam marketplace. So if this game does sell i only receive 85 digg points in return. I would encourage you guys to use a very high amount just because of not not a whole lot of people use this website. Currently so if you have spare like steam keys from cheap bundle sites.


I encourage you do like maybe ten that s ten cents worth and then you ll get eight cents in return which i feel like is a fairly good deal especially considering you re not going to be using those steam keys if their unwanted keys just sell them for a low price you don t want to sell them too high otherwise. They ll never sell and then you ll never get those dig planes. But yeah and then you just click create trade and then it ll show up in the dig marketplace. And eventually it ll sell or hopefully.

It ll sell in the long run. We want to do that for every single key that you might have might take a while if you have a lot of keys in excess. But this is a great place if you don t want to give away your keys or if you re having trouble finding people who want to trade your xx steam keys might as well just sell them on this website and then you can purchase other games. That you might be more interested in or just games.

That you don t have i know it s a big problem for me i go on like humble bundle or any other bundle website. And i always end up getting a lot of games that i already own so it s a great way to sell those games here and then i can trade them for other keys and just it s a great it s a great little website. So yeah. That s pretty much it for a daily indie game.

I hope you found this interesting or worthwhile. I thought it was a pretty good website. So thanks for watching and ” ..


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