Can These Sony MDRRF995RK Headphones Justify The Price Tag?

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“What s up you awesome youtubers um. So guess what i had an impulsive purchase. Purchase. So what is it this time.

It s this bad boy here. I do know if it s a bad boy a good boy yet but basically it is sony s wireless stereo headphone system the part number in particular is mdr rf 9. 95 r k. So this is essentially a decent headphone yet to find out that sits on a stand.

Which skis. Which is basically gonna be recharging. It while you re not using it and it s a wireless headset. They re gonna sit at my desk every day and while i leave when i leave work i just put them on the stand.

They re gonna be recharged when i get back next morning. It has a 20 hour playback plan that means you can charge it and you can go you can use it for 20 hours without recharging. They do say that it s got noise reduction system built into it i don t know if it s exactly a noise. Cancellation system.

Because sony like my ex and 1000. Xm tuesday..

Actually have active and passive noise. Cancellation built in with them. It also boasts 45 meters. 150 feet of this transmission.

So. Without further ado just just go ahead and see what it s like what s inside. And what it feels like is it premium does it feel premium is it worth. What you didn t be paying for it i will briefly try to connect these up and see how they sound.

I ll walk you guys through to it as well so don t mean the tabs. It s gonna go out it s actually pretty big folks considering all that s in here. This is something there right. Yeah.

Box is empty rechargeable batteries right now. In the power cord. How adapter. Oh.

It wasn t an aux cable. Nice let s do beyond really drop anything in there okay..

Here is the base station. And i think you rested on top here and the two contact zone help recharge the battery. There s only one audio in and you ve gotta and there s three channels at the back then yeah to have in the back there that s your connectors the points to connect this one are you in or and then you get to pick which channel wanna be in it s dark it s dark grey. I really wish you was back i would have liked it better in back but stop great right there dark grey tuned.

You don t feel super super premium. But all this think they re not meant to be i think that the price was 145. I think on their website sony s website. And yeah.

But they re pretty close to here definitely nothing nothing like the ones. I have in here. But then you have your volume control here and then you have an effect switch basically. It says voice and off voice.

I don t know what that has an auto tuning switch and then power on and off if they feel alright pretty comfortable nothing nothing insane don t you know they don t feel extremely special like like these ones do you like them extremely soft cushion because she does not that is dope like i don t feel any discomfort. It just feels it just feels nice you supposed easy alright guys. So what i m gonna do is i m actually gonna be connecting this to my mp3 player. My walkman and let s see how they sound.

I don t know if i actually have to charge these if i do have to yeah stay tuned. And i will come back in a few minutes obviously we re happy because i m gonna cop that edit that and then purge it so you don t have to wait..

But i ll have to wait a bit and like it discharged. So you have your left ear. Cup and right about here in there on top inside. The ear.

Cup. There s there s this little tab that says push. And what you re gonna do is basically gonna push the tab. It s gonna pop open the cover and you put your batteries in there.

And i m gonna put them put this on the stand recharge. And what you are going to see is this red. There s a little left red light come up so i m back. I let this thing sit on the stand for a good hour and a half let s see what this actually sounds like okay.

So my conclusion. The vocals and things like that actually song really nice they saw this on well. When i say really nice isn t good when the place like a great range both kicks. And that s when when it kind of seems to struggle a bit you don t have that mid range punch.

When you listening to it i think it s lacking that not that not all it doesn t have enough of it i draw i d say it does have it if over odds. It s it has decent bass..

It has decent mid range. But it s not it does it doesn t do a really good job of isolating. The three and then producing it together that means where when you listening to though. You can you can feel like oh wow.

That may play. It s good hmmm. The bass is good right the vocals are really nice too that s basically your trouble right my mind is comparing these headphones. Which are priced at one hundred and forty five dollars on 140 canadian dollars on sony canada versus these headphones which are priced at 499 at sony canada if i were to give this headphone a 10 out of 10.

I would i would give this maybe a 6 considering the price point that is actually pretty good so yeah. Let me know if there s anything you want to know about the headphones. If there s any commands please leave them below and subscribe if you like perhaps i ll try to make a few more videos. If you like the media.

Now and definitely put some comments out there and let me know how i can make things better and in my next video. If i can make one how i can improve video and get you some content or some nation. But what about the item on ruling so that you can get a better understanding of what you are probably gonna push us and when you go to the soul all right guys all the best and see ya ” ..


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