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” s talk about paypal. I know that they are anti gun. They have been for for i think well over 10 years. I know that recently they ve been really down a lot of companies that are i related.

I don t go against their policies. But i just assumed that if i am targeted and they closed my account no big deal i ll withdraw funds and just find a different alternative. So yesterday. Sure enough i get an email that says after a recent review of your account activity.

We ve determined that you re in violation of paypal acceptable use policy as a result we ve permanently limited your account. So i m like all right whatever time has come no big deal. I don t do a lot of business. With paypal.

Anyways. Went to my account to withdraw funds. And a message pops up perley user agreement when paypal permanently limits an account due to an acceptable use policy violation. Any funds in your account for a hundred and eighty days that s six months after 180 days.

If applicable will contact you with information on how to withdraw any money in your paypal account. If applicable so you re gonna tell me that you re gonna hold my money and if applicable then you ll return it after six months. Okay so i know that this is america. And what makes america great is we have every right to turn away any business that we feel the need to and that s fine so paypal doesn t want to support to a communities.

That is their right to do so. What i do have a problem with is freezing someone s funds especially. When they re law abiding citizens operating. Any legal business and they did not go against paypal policies.

After posting a screenshot of the email that i received on instagram. I had a lot of companies reach out saying that the same thing happened to them. But they had about thirty to forty thousand dollars in their accounts. So if you freeze somebody s money for six months when our small business that could destroy a small company.

So i do have a problem with that and i also have no idea how it s even legally acceptable after further investigation. I wanted to see what right did they have to hold somebody s money for six months. The only thing that i found that says we may place a reserve your business paypal account anytime. If we believe there may be a high level of risk associated with you your business paypal account your business model or your transactions when we place a reserve on your business paypal account it means that all or some portion of the money in your business.

Paypal account was reserved as unavailable for withdrawal in order to protect against the risk of transactions made by you being reserved or invalidated or any other risk related to your business. Paypal account or use of the paypal services. We make decisions about whether to place to reserve based on a number of factors. Including information available to us from both internal sources and from third parties oddly enough if you were to just close your account.


It just says you may close your paypal account and terminate your relationship with us at any time without cost. But you ll remain liable for any obligations related to your paypal account even after the paypal account was closed so why would the same thing just go if you violated their terms. They closed your account and then if there was any problems in the future. You would be held responsible after reading that i then wanted to see okay well.

What is their acceptable use policy and because it doesn t specify what i violated i wanted to read thoroughly the entire agreement and see if there was in fact a violation the only thing that i could find was you cannot sell ammunition firearms or certain firearm parts or accessories or certain weapons or knives regulated under applicable law. So the funny thing is on my website. I do not sell firearms. I don t sell any knives.

There s nothing that you could use as a tool to harm somebody the only thing that i use my paypal for is for merchandise so that s t shirts patches hats so i m definitely not violating any of their acceptable use policy. But then when i try to contact somebody at paypal. I just kept getting in the runaround. I couldn t get anybody on the phone.

I press zero it would hang up on me on monday. I m gonna follow up with them and see if i could actually get somebody to talk to you as opposed to just an automated message. So what i would recommend is if you guys use paypal do not fall victim get your money out as soon as possible close your account especially if you rely on it as your main form of payment. I would absolutely find an alternative because it could essentially ruin your business alright guys so i want to know what your thoughts are on this don t forget to like the video.

Please share help me get the word out so that people don t fall victim. And if you guys have found an alternative to paypal. That is a friendly don t forget to include that in your comments greatly appreciate it n you do that you hand your precious memories. Your family memories you may not even know.

What s on them over to a stranger or over to a company or an individual they re out of your hands. I don t know about you. But that makes me extremely uncomfortable do it in your own home do it yourself with this onetouch operation on the remote control. And i have to tell you not only are we including the remote control and the batteries.

Toshiba has made this so easy there is a red record button right there you absolutely can t make a mistake with this so you can burn all of your vhs tapes to dvd to save them and preserve them this is a medium that was meant to last decades. Whereas tapes only lasts about 15 years. But you can also go the other way too. So.

If your grandma and grandpa are your mom and dad still have a vhs ad. You know a vhs player and you have a new late release movie that you love you can burn that on to a tape and now they have a way to watch that movie and you can share with them. I know a lot of my older relatives and other great don t have their vhs tapes or their vhs player. And they can t watch discs.

So now you can convert backwards as well so it works in both of those so its direction right and it couldn t be easier. Here s the thing. I do need to let you know almost 600 are gone with this holiday weekend. This is a holiday weekend price you should not take not miss this this is a 30 price break you can spread this over the course of four.


Months 4999 to get yourself started on a project. Maybe you re like me. And it s been nagging at you for years you know it s got to be done you know the longer you wait the stronger the chances are that you pop that tape in and it s gonna have nothing on it. But you know what if you start right now you will be amazed.

It s there s so much joy. I feel like i m related to your husband s relatives looking at some of these videos from the 50s like that looks like my great grandma they re kind of they re kind of crazy like us. I m looking at these folks going i love just knowing what they look like seeing you know their expressions and my husband in their faces. It s so funny to hear the inflections and their voices and to relive all of that i mean and these are people they know they re no longer living like they re not around anymore.

So this is such a treat for us to be able to have access to this and i have to tell you i burned all of this onto dvd disc. So what you re watching right here is a disc. My husband and i went back a few months later and popped in the tape. I didn t get rid of the tape.

I saved i popped in the tape to play it back and it was already disintegrating and ghosting. I thought i am so blessed and privileged and thrilled that i preserve that tape in time because it was starting to break down it was starting to go. It s an old old old one of my other favorite tapes that i transferred over recently. I did this a year ago.

Oh i feel so good good as you will so love it what a great resolution for you this year. But it was a tape it was a tape that had transferred to a disc and it was a i lost my brother 20 years ago. But he was on that video my younger brother and me and my big brother lonnie and my dad was even in it i haven t seen my dad know like forever. It was so incredible to kind of go back in time and like it s just this reconnection that that takes place.

So whether it s old memories maybe. It s a wedding or a honeymoon or it s just those candid videos of family vacations or it s any of the vhs tapes that laurie mentioned on you know you ve gotten movies. We had a huge movie arsenal rights expense a lot of money in vhs tapes instead of lis re buying the same movies on a dvd that weren t available anymore. And some are today our favor didn t come out in dvd.

If you haven t read the adjust tape you can now convert it to a format that will last and i love that point. I think that s a great point. The other thing is and you mentioned. There s a home based business.

So you know about how much people are charging right now to do that conversion process you could do it in your very own home put a little ad out on craigslist or somewhere. And say you know i m converting tapes for fifteen or twenty dollars. Where most people are doing it for 30 and you can make a little extra income. I m certain that way the other thing you can do and i love this you can actually pop in a disc and of course have this hooked up to your tv with the included hdmi cable by the way 30 40.

50 value right there in and of itself plug this into your tv. And now you can record your favorite television shows right onto disk. So if you love those tv shows. And you don t want to buy the box set i know i have a favorite show it involves vampires.


I ll say no more but you know the box that is 80 a season a season. It has been out four seasons. So i ll tell you what now you can record your own record it right to dvd discs. Especially those premium channels.

The hbo is any of those record those shows onto a format that you can re watch and relive over and over again. This is easy to set it s easy to record all of those all of those types of items. Too. And now you never have to buy another box set.

I love that that s another great point. I m gonna have to start doing that and there s another one your camcorder maybe. Oh. My god i rang up your computer.

Do you want inputs with this. So you re you re getting all of them you re getting all of the cables. Too and with all of the composite inputs here that you have and component inputs. You can just plug this right in and now you re going to be able to without even firing up your computer burn your home videos onto a dvd discs and pictures.

As well. So a really multi purpose unit. That s why so many people have been on board with this i know that s why everyone is loving. It is something you will always be so glad that you got on and like glory said at the beginning with the toshiba folks very how did ces when this this year.

It was announced that they were making this unit again everybody shared because it s kind of one of those little hidden secrets. You don t see them readily. Available. It s one of the most helpful useful.

Most i don t know impactful pieces of electronics that you will use because first of all it plays your vhs toy ism. It plays your discs and a cord virtue discs. At your up converts your discs to even better. Quality than they may be right now.

But it records transfers from one format to the next and back and forth all done with one touch of a button. It is it is one of my favorite pieces of electronics. I just don t believe in it i promise you i love mine. It is part of your home system.

I mean you are going to love it you re getting if you re adding that new toshiba tv that we just presented to you as our today s special you have four hdmi ports. So this can plug right into one it up converts all of your existing dvd discs as we mentioned playing vhs vhs tapes playing dvds with that up conversion all of the connectivity right here at your fingertips. So now you can plug in just about any device. You ve ever owned over the years to this to be able to hook.


It up whether it s a camcorder s video. Anything yeah sorry i just don t know that i m gonna get cuz talking about the camcorder. Yeah. When tristan was born i had those i had a big clunky camcorder to start and then i got more more you know more sophisticated and it went to the mini dv but i took all of those formats.

I popped him into one of those converters right the hs adapter yep and pop that in and i transferred all of the videos tristan is 16 this year and or he just turned 16. So to that your point of anything like 15 years or older. You are so running a risk of it just going away one day right and i just over thanksgiving and christmas. We sat down and watch videos those first few days of the baby coming home and then the first you know steps that they take in the crawls and the spills and the oh my gosh the most hilarious adorable.

I might have video of my husband two years old eating this giant piece of cheese. I tried to show it on television. I was looking actually for that tape or for that dvd that i burned to try to bring it in and embarrass him further. But i have to tell you those are the memories that you just cherish that you get the biggest kick out of especially.

Now that you re watching. It. With your 16 year old son. He s probably.

Like mom oh. Oh. There s so many funny moments. Don t forget.

And you re exactly right hardly anyone is making this technology anymore so to get an upper tier electronics company like toshiba yes that is still manufacturing this you know it s quality. You know it s going to be useful for you if you have this clutter this mess. All of these tapes taking up all of this space. And you re ready to streamline to kali s point.

Maybe. This is your new year s resolution get everything on a nice slim disc. And it s going to preserve it for you for decades instead of the 15 year kind of time limit that we re looking at on vhs. They didn t refer to degrade at that point and cleaned out the whole garage and the attic.

And everything that was a part of our new year s resolution rates right i couldn t believe how many boxes of tapes that we had convertible before they heard every. I don t want to do your site. I know thank you laurie. Thank you so much see you next hour.

Sure is a regular today s special from toshiba. So stick. ” ..


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