Car Battery Cigarette Lighter LED Voltmeter Review

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“Welcome to welcome hamster today i ll be reviewing this car cigarette adapter voltmeter. I i got this on amazon for about two dollars and 63 cents. There s really brand name for this just because you re so. Many resellers on amazon is basically both the least expensive one.

I can find and this will tell me that the how much volt is in my vehicle. When it s not on and also when it s on and also on its text. So here s a chart. I found amazon so here s a for when it s not on it should be between eleven point nine volts to twelve point eight volts and when it is on it should be between thirteen point two volts to fourteen point.

Eight volts and reason i got this is because in my car just honda cr v..

2012. At times. I ve promised starting it and i don t think there s a battery because we got we could lessen like twenty thousand miles or about thirty thousand miles on this car. So it s too early for two battery problems.

It s too early for it to be like the alternator problem. So i got this in also a backup battery and just in case whenever your car stalls or i can t see how much votes left on a car and recently just last month. I got a letter from honda dealership telling me that there is an issue with the honda crv 2012. Because the computer is in charging a battery properly so essentially my suspicions were confirmed i m going to bring i m gonna bring this this honda crv into the dealership tomorrow.

The server center tomorrow get it fixed or to get the computer updated to use this voltmeter..

It s essentially just insert into your power cord like so and next. Thing is some turn around turns accessory. So right now is showing that it s got twelve point four volts and according to this chart over here. Twelve point four that s where says.

It s good so that s a good thing. Twelve point four. I m gonna set it to the opposition traps a little bit that s fine so i m going to start the car now and it s just steadily climb a. Bit so now it s.

142 and now let s go back to the..

Shark 142. That s also good you know what endless is that if my car is like ground under 11. They d have a problem. It s quite a difficult time starting a vehicle i need a little boost from my portable bit my portable charger.

But yeah this is using these cigarette voltmeters so your report voltmeters is very easy you ll need to take a traditional voltmeter and go to the battery hook up to the positive negatives. You can just do it right in the comfort of your cabin car cabin. So i would recommend one of these units. The only cost per lesson cost more than three dollars and there s norm.

I don t see a reason to buy any any of the other ones out there that s like over ten dollars..

There a lot fancier. Some of them have been usb ports on it. But a problem is that with the building usb port on these these devices it draws more battery from it so you might not get as accurate of a rating as we would have hoped and also if you re trying to diagnose an issue. I believe that less interference is better just have to be very straightforward in your diagnostic tool.

Okay so this is just a review of a car adapter a car power outlet. The voltmeter this one works for twelve volts or twenty four volts and well thanks for watching over hamster. If you guys have any questions comments suggestions feel. ” .


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