Car MP3 Player FM Transmitter USB PenDrive And SD/MMC Slot extension

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“Guys. This is my continued review for digital and to play or i would say say this whole package is like the fm transmitter for cars because as you know can plug your usb in here with the couple of songs and at the moment. You guys you can see that i have plugged sd card in there as well. Which is 2gb are think 4gb sd card.

In there for a couple of songs and this is av aux input power input. And it s fairly cheap fairly barely alright actually. It s just a review. This is a review as a continuous one vera.

I have been asked quite many question in my first video. But how can i plug i phone with it it s like iphone or any other smartphone or are your ipod or any mp3 player if you want to be mp3 player yourself as an mp3 player so you do not need to connect any to mp3 player you just put your all songs in mac. In sd card. And you can just play with them from there so the questions were it can connect iphone.

Yes. You can connect your iphone to it there is no problem with that way by using observing pin. Which i m just going to show you. Which is which is come with the with this part actually.

This is a three to point. I m sorry. It is two point three three point five mm jake so it works pretty good with the iphone and any smartphone as well and the and the couple of people perk up call of people ask me about this because i have owned this bmw. I ve seen it because just just some time get into the way as you can see you can touch it and his choice is down.

So that is a bit of disadvantage. I have found and there and other than that sound quality is okay still okay. It s been it s been about a year it s been more than a year actually i own this mp3 sorry fm transmitter mp3 players if a co close enough there s a couple of things i would like to show you oh gobo closer. There you go at the moment.


This well here is just showing. You what song is playing how much is a timing and is it transmitting or not address is transmitting on what at what frequency is eighty. Seven eighty seven point seven frequency is transmitting it what it s like you can change the frequency by pressing these two buttons up and down so as you can see i can go up just pressing it up so i can change the frequency ere. We go you can change the frequency.

Why you would like so that s pretty easy. This is a volume button and that s the complaint. I ever had okay is that if you hold it down is a power on off. It s a volume button you can increase it before you well there you go.

It s decreasing to see once you fully increase. It you can decrease. It that is an issue. I ve found in all the fm transmitter of this manufacturer.

I have seen or seen or reviewed before so as you can see this is a problem to suppose. And pause rewind next. There s nothing wrong with them. There s no problem whatsoever with it i have seen it when you increase the volume from here.

But too much let s suppose at the 40 40 level 40 percent levels for the foot 40 means hundred percent level. So it s on 40. I ve seen a bit of deterioration inside the inside the volume inside the sound quality of it so i was always tend to keep it lower and it performs far better in lower sides and it performs better in low. So i ll just plug it in and start it up resistor let me tune up my radio.

Okay so we can it s very difficult to find that frequency on that way okay. 78. In a yep. We are up seventy eight point seven as you can see sound quality is vegetating.


Because sound quality s bit bit off. It s not very good why is only because it s only because all of it zoom out i m sorry. It s only because this is a volume is set to two to our maximum actually what we want to do it atandt ecclesia. This as you know that i ve already shown you the problem with it.

So i have to use this remote control. Which came with it if you watch my first video. I have i ve explained you know how you can do this all so i m just going to decrease the volume that s the button with i ll put on thirty. It s worth pretty good in that way there s your problem with the bass or of anything.

I found pretty alright with that so let s change. The song that works pretty boom. There you go. It s otherwise everything is performed performs pretty good actually i ve seen it some of the guys ask me a question.

We re saying that we re going to hit the fifth gear. Does it make any difficult for me it really does it really does some time with difficulty if you got off aux connected in next to here. If it s connected via degrees of volume. If i have collect connected auxiliary cable just right here as you can see just let me connect it through so if it s connected right here.

Yes. It just create a problem it does create a problem. Which is not very good so i will not recommend this sort of feature to use i will only use it as mp3 player yes. If you got a different make of car.

You know wear the gear gear is against all the same things you can t change the gear for fm transmitter anyways. But you can do if it s not here cigarette sorry to the charge to charge. I m saying so it s not a function day. Everybody ask me eventually how to scroll inside the folders if in this memory card which i have connected in this one i have created twofold.


One is for the english songs. Which are not doing here and other one is for a hindi songs. Which is which are from my wife actually so what we re going to do actually is basically you need to press this button right. Here.

The folder. One which will let you but she goes it goes into some chinese stuff for you press. It again now you can see that is you scroll to english or hindi or whatever you want this way we re going into it in these songs we can go you might press in that one. If you you can go listen.

Yeah. See so you can select. It by pressing them button. You can scroll inside the list.

No i want to go into the hindi english songs. If you press this button again this folder button it goes into it so now i can scroll back inside by just pressing these next next and the previous next and sorry. I m sorry. I was targeting on the wrong place so right now now by pressing this next in the preview button you can scroll inside the folder.

So if you want to get out of the folder. You can easily press. This button. So you just get him out of the get him get him out okay.

So that s the only feature you can see they can scroll around it there s no problem with the scrolling around it anyways so it s super vv. I ve i m running it from last one here. I have no big complaints about it so far for the amount of money. I paid for it so that s that s plus.


That s part of it i think i would say that for this amount of money you should be alright. You should be okay so happy no i have been also asked about the base functions. Yes is do have a quite good amount of good nice amount of base in this. And you can also select the eco functions as well so you just press this eco button on using your remote control here we go at the moment is set as a normal so you can press.

It again it goes change to the rock. As you see you can see the sound changing as well so i ll increase the volume. So you can easily. See the difference.

The difference will come up in a video itself so there we go rock is pressing this button. This is a beverage is working pretty good as you can see that it s all functions are performing how you want them to so all in all still accessibility good get upper one one year of use mashing this work you be good okay. I have reviewed another one other word another fm transmitter is just an fm transmitter. Which way you can connect your red auxilary pin into it and quality of sound and that i found it very nice very nice quality of sound.

I found it and it s very cheap buy as well it s in my videos is in my channel videos. If you can let just go through that you can you will see you will find it much better that if you do not want it to connect test. If you do not want it to have sd card feature and you completely wanted to have it like just just the a hand free also fm transmitter in which way you want to play your songs from your mobile phone or mp3 player separately rather than using this mp3 player of this particular device so please go through that one it might help you am. I hope you might be we might be that is all product.

You want it actually rather than this one and the core sound quality on that one is far better than this one for sure so. Please review that one as well please look at i would say and if you want to like to if you would like to add something in my video please do do tell me to tell me i ll try to put in a video as soon as possible as soon as possible and please do comment on it i will be looking forward for your comments as well thank you it is a small extension in the video where this sport which i said which i mentioned before it s a usb port. It s not for the charging purposes. Only for a plug in your usb flash drive for playing songs from it or that s the only purpose of it you cannot use for any charging purpose.

Because you do not have this feature inside so i just found it out and thought. It is better to add it this bit in the video as well hope you will like this video and please do comment on ” ..

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