Cerulean Blue Hue – Schmincke Horadam Watercolors The Paint Show 29

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“Blue hue. What s up lebron here thanks for joining me in another episode of of the paint show and today. We re gonna look at cerulean blue. You buy feels like it s been such a long time since we looked at one of these and this blue has a place in my heart because i used to not like blue cold blues.

And i used to be really into warm colors and actually this paint made me hate french ultramarine because the moment. I started using it it just blew. It out of the ballpark that s how you say it but in any case. This made me really start to love colder blues.

Because the way it mixed with yellow made such vibrant greens and this is the one thing that i wanted to talk to you about i just created a very fresh look that i was unfamiliar with before while french ultramarine and warm blues tend to create a gray than muted green okay so this is why i m super excited about this one what i what i do now is change the angle and take a look at these this tubes. Stet and will also look at the brochure shrinkers. Brochure and talk a bit about more about this paint okay. So let s get started okay so there we have it cerulean blue hue.

This is actually quite accurate as to how the what the color looks like so let s first look at the pigment. So this one has pw4 so pigment white fur. That s zinc oxide white. It also has pb 15 3.

So that s say hello blue and the 3 is for a green shade. So this has the phthalo blue green shade basically alongside some white. So it s not a signal pigment. It s a hue.

So this says cobalt free cerulean blue. The zinc oxide preserves. The character of the color similar to basic color of color theory similar to helios cerulean ok. So this is a shrink as i think attempt at creating a basic blue that will be kind of i don t know if perfect.

But at least close to a pure primary blue. So if you look at some other things here this is a serious one which i think is a real catch because it s the cheapest and it s it s a basic one i think a little blue usually tends to be serious one from what i saw so far. But it s just a really good one so a good replacement for phthalo blue. If you re if you look for one.

So. It has a four out of five light fastness. Which means good. It is semi transparent and it is semi staining.


And i m really pleased with the way this one works and reacts and i m gonna show you right now. We re gonna do a quick demo and swatches and show you everything and what it looks like so let me show you what this one looks like on the palette. And you can see it right here. Okay.

So this is the cerulean blue hue. And it s essentially the same as the daniel smith s phthalo blue that i m gonna show you right now so okay so we barely have any but it s this one now it s the same color essentially again the green shade. We re gonna i m gonna show you a comparison of the two later on but this is what it looks like on the palette. Let me show you what it looks like when wet.

So you can see very bright and happy blue that i really started liking. It s interesting how it takes some time to start liking certain paints for certain people. But for me the moment. I it was like a switch.

The moment. I started liking it i really liked it so now what we re gonna do is i m gonna demo. I m gonna show you what this looks like on paper okay so i ve got some swatches ready and we re gonna start with a really light consistency here kind of like this very watery now i m gonna add a bit more pigment to the mixture and we re gonna start to see what this looks like and i m gonna add just a little more make it really strongly saturate and there was quite a lot of birds chirping maybe you can hear this it s really nice and now. I m just gonna pick it up straight out of the pen and just show you so this is at its strongest.

Okay. I m swatching that way so that you can see the comparison later on to the other colors here this is a really useful blue. I find just super useful as a primary to use it s just really close to i wouldn t say neutral. Because it does have green in it so it doesn t yellow in it but i would say it s a pretty decent choice.

So now i want to show you what it looks like compared to french ultramarine and let me i m gonna clean i ve got french ultramarine really close to it here and i just want to clean that part so so that it s pure and i ll show you what it looks like the french ultramarine. I think is much farther away from being a perfect or neutral blue. So it does feel like it limits its performance at least for me. Which i m gonna start here again top to bottom and this gives you a view of what it looks like really watered and down now the more i m gonna add blue to it you ll see there s a huge difference and i m gonna show you soon some mixes with this one what i also like about this about the cerulean blue hue.

Or phthalo blue is and it s really something that it depends on your uses right. But what i like the most about it is that it can achieve a very dark value and unlike the the french ultramarine that is limited now i m gonna pick it up straight out of the pen and it s less soft it s less you can see how this one is is darker. And it was much easier to achieve that level of darkness maybe. It s a bit hard to see.

But it is the case. I really need to try hard to get darker value here and with this one i barely tried. I actually the wash is still quite wet even here at the bottom. But if i would have just picked it up really straight out of the tube.

You will see how dark it is so next up i want to swatch right next to it the phthalo blue green shade..

So this one should be really similar because it s essentially the same so i m just gonna make sure that it s clean. And i m just gonna make a simple swatch here so that you can see how these two are really almost identical now. It s a bit hard to tell because the differential from marine invaded our space. But i think is here near the bottom you can probably see this this the best so they re really similar the daniel smith.

One is just slightly contaminated. Which could account for the minor differences. But it s essentially the same color so anyway now let s look at some wet in wet so i m gonna thoroughly clean my brush probably just change it to another one i m using my silver black velvet brushes here where is there we go silver black velvet. The paper is concern montval sketchbook 300 grams.

Sally was paper a really good sketchbook. I think so i m just pretty letting you in the area here and a sketchbook really behaves differently than a just a regular watercolor paper every paper. You re gonna try out is gonna behave a little differently so it really takes some time to to get to use to to get used to different papers. So anyway.

This is what it looks like it s spread spreads out pretty nicely. And i love most of my schminke paints and this is no exception. They re just wonderful a really good bread to have now i m gonna darken things up a little bit and some darker spots here and there and even though even when it looks super dark and this in this specific situation. It s gonna dry up much lighter okay because of the large amount of water.

I ve got here. But it s basically what this one looks like i m gonna add a bit more here so you can see and i m just gonna clean up some of the brush and try out some dry brush to show you some of the papers texture and what result you may get using this as a dry with a dry brush so anyway. This is it i m sorry that my voice is a little weird today. I just i was sick for a few days.

And so i m just recovering usually when i m sick my voice tends to widen. It s possible scale of notes. It can produce. So i can produce much deeper sounds like like this you know when i m not sick so anyway.

Yeah. Now we can move on to the yellow mixes. Okay so what i want to show you is again what this looks like on the pallets and i m just gonna do i m gonna let it make some paper a bit. So i m gonna put a bit of the blue here and now i m gonna mix it with lemon yellow.

Because i find that this is a great combination so i m just gonna let those mix on paper like this now. Let me show you here s my lemon yellow and i m gonna just start with the yellow pure and gradually add more blue. So here we go we take some of the blue here and we get this nice result. We re gonna add just a bit more blue here.

And this is the combination that really made me fall in love with with this type of blue because it just produces a beautiful green..

So now what i want to do is i m gonna switch to a smaller brush because this one holds way too much water for this small of a space and sketchbook and i m gonna try and make this darker combination okay so i m gonna start with the yellow just so that i don t completely contaminate. It and now i m gonna bring some of them blue and you can see it s okay it s not darker. I m gonna add a bit of both the yellow can t get too dark. So we ll probably have to trust the the blue to do this the dark part of the work.

So anyway a bit more of both the more blue you add it still preserves it s green. But it does turn a little darker okay you can see this here with a little more blue. So this is probably as dark as i can get in an initial wash let me clean this up and add some pure yellow next to it just so you can better see it again. The the lemon yellow is really hard on them on the palate.

It s it dries up really hardened as opposed to the two this one that this is really soft and easy to pick up so that s interesting now i want to show you some red mixes and this one like any phthalo blue. When mixed with red. It s gonna neutralize it in some cases so let me show you because it has yellow in it so the first red. I m gonna show it to you is with cadmium right so red light.

So we ve got that one here and let me show you just what it looks like when it s mixed together. So i ve got here some some of the blue and remember it already has yellow in it because it s a green shade. So now i m gonna add a bit of the cadmium red light and you see we get this kind of a gray gray mixture okay just graze it out let me show you each of them individually. So here we have it s sort of like a metal.

It reminds me of metal consistency like you know a rusted metal. So this is what you get from these two let me show you again like this and this is the mixture and this one can get pretty dark as well if i just add a bit more of both you ll see because both of them are really strong both the red and the blue are really dominant. I think that the red surprisingly is even more dominant than the than the blue here. And this is just like that if you would combine daniel smith s phthalo blue and pyro s scarlet.

It s basically the same combination. I m gonna try and replace some of my basically two essentially so it s essentially the same combination next up i want to show it to you with magenta okay so i ve got magenta here. Which is another kind of red. More of a it has a bit of burnt sienna in it so let me clean it up okay so this is in its purest form and when i ll add some of them blue because this one it s a bit hard for me to understand because this one also clearly has it s also a blue but i guess because it has more sorry.

It s also a red but because this has blue in it then it neutralizes. It a little less let me show you on the palette. Here you don t have a lot of space. But i m gonna do it somewhere around here so we re gonna grab some of this so the blue a little more of the magenta this is magenta.

I just wanted to show you schminke only and this reminds me of karbas all violet or like any kind of a basic violet that you ll get when you purchase it too so yeah. It s really similar to the combination of phthalo blue and quinacridone rose by daniel smith. Also it s kind of it kind of mirrors. The same combinations.

I like to use with my daniel smith paints..

Which is a useful thing to know and to have by the way check out the wet in wet. And how it dried okay. So a really beautiful one for four skies and four. If you want to get a lot of wedding.

What effects create interesting textures you can use this red. If you want to get grey clouds. I already tried that one before so anyway. This is it i think for this one let s change the angle and wrap up this video.

So there you have it cerulean blue hue by schminke a really really favorite color of mine for two reasons first one i just love the wave looks just beautiful just like the phthalo blue. It s one that i came to love with time. So that s the first reason now so it could be used as a good primary color. Now the second reason is that it can achieve really dark values.

And i think this is really important because it s just a bonus. It just allows you to use it in more ways and sometimes i find that when i use a a trio or a primary combo. That one of the colors lacks in the value. So it could be the yellows you know we don t have much of a like much strong value.

But the reds and the blues. If both of these cans achieve dark values. Which is very rare with reds by the way then it just frustrates me. And it sometimes happens with cheaper brands you will find out that that one of the colors can produce a really dark value and it s just a disadvantage.

Because it just it s just harder to get to the richest darkest darks. And you want to be able to mix those as easily as possible you don t want to really work hard and also ruin your brushes by stretching the the pen cuz constantly so anyway. This is it for today. I really hope you enjoyed this episode.

I will put links to purchase this paint on amazon. I ll also put links to my podcasts to my patreon page to everything else if you want to support me. Patreon page is the best place to do that and also get some nice little bonuses. This is it thank you so much for watching and i will see you again in another vid real soon ” .


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