Charli D Amelio Fight with Addison Rae!

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“S table charlie. The menu and addison rey two of the biggest tick tock stars stars got into a fight watch the whole video to find out about everything now all started. When charlie. The menu and addison rey.

We re at the santa monica pier. They had to do this challenge on whether they can take better photos than the tick tock boys. And it gets crazy in the clip addison way and charlie the man you look like best friends. But later that changes and you re gonna wanna watch this fool clip because it plays into why the fight happened hiba close eye out on charlie them earlier and addison rey.

Because things get crazy their left leg. Even awesome got it okay boys. What are you doing now all right number one boys oh. Number two girls oh together like over this way here.

We go. Oh my god okay got it okay. That was awesome did you see those did you guys have any idea they could actually do that i think you need some help with the judges. So go in front of them the winner guys keep on washing because right now in this typic is even crazier literally.

At the end. You won t believe what charlie d. amelio and addison ray did while you re at it. Though make sure you subscribe to the top level speed channel and join the journey to the top of youtube.

Thank you so much can you scale..

It hit something oh good awesome awesome got it okay guys what do you have can you win. One round come here hey anybody do a headstand head balance hold. It okay. That s good okay oh.

That s awesome city yes got it oh who s that again go okay got it and time. Oh yeah okay the last round boys you guys feed right behind them like this sucks like good perfect go wherever there you go they won now they get to eat their khan. Candy. No guys in this next clip.

Things start to turn on because charlie. The mania on addison rea have to take photos with that fan. And it s really cool to see how charlie and addison interact with the fans for this place into. Why the fight happened so keep watching we re gonna surprise some people in there tik toks.

They re all pretending to look at the ocean. So that nobody knows they re here do you do tick tock okay awesome. So do you know renegade okay have you ever seen yeah okay so so we ll try something like that together you. And me.

So you can i m not very good. But then the second half. I get better okay let s go right over here. She told.


She s a big fan of charlie s amelia. But she has no idea charlie is standing right behind her let s see what happens you get you know somebody named charlie de mille. Oh. Okay.

So you know you have you seen her do that before okay so just try your best okay have you ever met her. I ve never met her do you guys do tick tock do you know renegade okay so we re all gonna dance renegade together i m not very good but i get better okay daddy do you guys do tick tock. Do you guys want to be in a youtube video okay so what we re doing is we re gonna dance renegade you know right again we ll all dance it together okay are you guys ready here s the camera right over here. Okay.

This is charlie reporting from santa. You know top nations. So charlie demaio and alison ray go to surprise another bunch of fans. And they absolutely freak out this is the craziest reaction by far okay i m bad.

But i get better halfway through okay. Well you look in the camera now life you won t believe this oh charlie. That menu on harrison ray go on a roller coaster together. Yeah.

That s why they literally sit right next to each other if you keep watching you see charlie on edison s insane reaction to the ride. What happens at the end is so crazy yes. I had a videotape some random people videotaping me look at how to turn a turn i m owning this thing secure moving why was the shame shade now guys after that clip charlie. The man who actually went on a plane with her mother to italy this is really important because i m gonna show you a comparison between charlie d.


Getting on a plane and addison rey. Getting on a plane. This is a huge reason why this is so important so keep watching guys because i m shane gonna kill the chemistry right now i m gonna show you addison rey getting on a plane to new york city on the plane. She s with one of her friends what at the end of the clip charlie.

The man your sister makes you the maleo joins addison rey keeps realizing that he must have a credit card. I m in new york and during you ve been drinkin and bryant smashed his finger. I m back with dick finally. We are about to go eat dinner with my parents and her parents and bryant and then what are we gonna do argon laser time i use their tax no maybe so i m gonna update you guys what we decide to do now guys as i showed you tony gamellia went to italia and this is so important guys because if you keep watching you understand why this plays into the fight between shaunie.

The menu. Okay so right now who s sitting front row yo so this part of the video is literally gonna be the most insane as part so far like you re gonna want to analyze this and stick around so addison rey under tick. Tock friends have to hide from a bunch of fans they go to this bunker place and then there s this insane clip. That i m gonna tell you guys more about so.

Watch this all right now we re in a shed. So we just we announced that we were at the conservatory. Which we know is a store everyone that works there. But there s like how many people got all seems like thousands of now.

We re gonna go to soho. So yo. If you kept your eye out you would have seen that dixie demand yo. Charlie.


Your sister was spending a lot of time with addison rey for some odd. Reason. I think this might have caused a problem between charlie d. amelio and addison rey.

Now. I m not too. Sure why. But this is their power of footage that got leaked to me you re not ready for this before i show it to you guys feel free to subscribe to the confidence b.

Channel. And join the journey to the top of you to you. But actually i m like a cool dude like why would he want to sell bro like wow. Why don t you want to solve.

Bro well yo free. It you wanted that was insane. What do you think about that tell me in the comment sections below make sure to look out for my next video drop in tomorrow. And if you re bored make sure to click on this video right here.

It s literally just one click. ” ..

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