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“Guys today i want to look at an ultra cheap dirt cheap dvd player. I i know there s blu ray players out there and all have expensive equipment. That you you know your blu ray or dvd capabilities and whatnot. But you know there may be some applications where you just need a simple ultra cheap dvd player that can play your kids favorite bubble.

Duffy show or you know. If you just have like a local action. You know the the entire series of star wars. And you know you just have just you just you have an extra tv in the house and you want a very very cheap dvd player to play them on this one is actually pretty pretty good from sylvania.

It s it retails for between 25 to around 35 dollars depending on there providing canadian are very apparent see and it comes to the remote control. Controller runs off to triple a batteries it does what it s supposed to do you know play dvds. Obviously you get you know you can t get her plain dvds. If you re gonna get dvd quality of course.

Which is pretty go pretty pretty good for the price so let me just go into the specs and features on this and a bit more detail english and just show you a demo of how you can use it so. Here you have the front of the unit..

I just took it at the box and as you can see it s basic black. So it s a nice and cool color. That means it can blend in very. Well with your entertainment center alright.

Now over here. We have our basic power button right. Now this system is an off state or standby. As you can see by a red led i press the power button it goes turns green that means it s on so here we have our infrared port work our moons will and here we have our stand that controlled on the system on the front panel.

So of course you never skip backwards to get forward button the syria. But play and pause. And this is your ejectment your nuts the sylvania pride right there so obviously the most press to eject button tray comes out and i can put in my favorite up close all the dummies and you can either press this pretty boy or what you can do as well and that s the most i m system from this press. It manually in the back of the unit as you can see you know our hdmi port so you re gonna get hd 1080p playback and we also have here our left to right channel audio channels coax.

We also have year our ypbpr outputs standard. Any you know entertainment system and your collapse..

Collapse you ll port there as well and it s just your part game so again hdmi ports. You have your left and right audio channels. We have our video channel. So it s this weird your standard.

But a coax connectivity to your tv. You don t want to use hdmi and we have another co op for here and this is your your composite inputs here composite output society. So your your ypbpr elton s device is pretty small i mean it s roughly i guess 11 by 11 inches. So it s a nice small compact design and you know from as far as height is concerned it s like you know board an inch and four or inch and a half tall so it s a very very low profile.

So you can put this looking anywhere. So that s pretty nice as well so a quick high level summary of the features it has hdmi output. There are 500 plus definition line on this thing comes that are in more control. And i showed you the port to the back you have video collapsible.

Ye pvp are outputs the aspect ratio is selectable. So you can have a little fashion..

Before 4 3. Aspect ratio from tv s from back in the night. Even and an earlier or you can have the white screen 16 9 format as well and this is also a progressive scan dvd player the dvd formats i can actually just show the books right here that summarizes the format s but pretty much it s dvd dvd our dvd rw rw v cd cd c er cr w. Ft c and so what s good about that is the fact that you can also trade audio cds in this thing and so it s not just music lyrics of the unit.

There and all these extra bonus hey not bad for 30 bucks. And this is the remote control that comes with it so standard remote control power button. All the features that you get my starting to remote control and in the back. It actually takes to triple a batteries so pretty stunning every moment you can add this to your collection of other remotes okay so for this demo.

I m just gonna show them how easy it is to use this be deep there so i m not sure okay let s turn the tv. So i m using the hdmi or maybe just gonna eat you my hair you have an hdmi cable. Nice took my tv. So my baby.

I m a port on this thing here. So that we are intro to the dvd..

So that s the menu for this i can just use this to navigate obviously answer that simple as i said you know you can get into these for about thirty dollars around that right and i ll keep. And i mean me how blu ray players out there and all these high end dvd players. But if you need a simple basic player that can play dvds as well as audio cds. This is a really good buy.

I think like i give it a solid 4 out of 5. Just because of the price. And the fact that you get a remote control get a nice looking system and it plays a quite a few different formats. I see some hesitancy in the video that i talked about and also plays audio cds so if you re interested i do have a link in the bottom of this page.

Where you can get these off of amazon so have fun and enjoy okay. ” ..

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