Como Liberar Motorola Moto 4G, Moto x Pure, Moto Z Force, E, G, etc. Como Desbloquear Motorola

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“Tal amigos soy cristian y en este v deo les mostrar como liberar cualquier tel tel fono motorola que existe en el mercado esto funciona para el motor para el gp para el moto z y cualquier tel fono moto que existe en este caso utilizar mi moto g4 de cuarta generaci n y lo vamos a liberar para usarlo con cualquier tarjeta sim gsm de cualquier parte del mundo el proceso es muy f cil muy simple y les prometo amigos que ustedes sabr n c mo liberar cualquier tel fono despu s de este v. Deo para liberar ese tel fono solamente necesitamos una computadora nuestro dispositivo y una tarjeta sim gsm antes de iniciar debo mencionar que lamentablemente liberar un tel fono no es gratis pero cr anme amigos vale la pena tener nuestro dispositivo completamente liberado de f brica esto no causa ning n riesgo ni ning n da o hacia el tel. Fono. Y.

La garant. A de nuestro tel fono. No ser afectado bueno pero yo te mostrar c. Mo liberarlo y luego t decides si lo quieres liberar o.

No bien iniciamos el primer paso es obtener nuestro n mero email para esto presionamos el siguiente comando estrellita m s 0 6 m s y como ver s el n mero imei de tu tel fono aparecer en la pantalla este es el paso m s importante de todos puede tener este n. Mero cerca porque lo utilizaremos en algunos segundos para liberar nuestro dispositivo perfecto ahora cambiamos hacia el ordenador o hacia la computadora y vamos a la p gina web un lock river puntocom est en ingl s y est en espa ol viene en esta p gina vamos a generar nuestro c digo de liberaci n as que debemos rellenar la informaci n. Del tel fono el cual deseamos liberar bien aqu al lado derecho vamos a iniciar seleccionando el pa s y operador original de nuestro dispositivo en este caso mi tel fono fue comprado en eeuu y tienda y luego seleccionar las marcas en este caso vamos a liberar un motor o la moto y luego debe seleccionar el modelo exacto de motorola que deseas liberar en este caso vamos a liberar un moto g4 cuarta generaci n as que la seleccion aqu perfecto luego el siguiente paso es el m s importante todos aqu debemos ingresar el n mero imei el cual adquirimos anteriormente este es el n mero de 15 d gitos nico para cada tel fono y es muy muy importante viendo mira estamos aqu correctamente y por ltimo debes ingresar tu correo electr nico en donde deseas recibir tu juego de liberaci n aseg rate de que est 100 correcto porque y ver s tu c digo bien luego haber completado esto vamos aqu abajo y podr s ver el tiempo aproximado de espera y el precio para liberar nuestro tel fono el precio y el tiempo de espera siempre var a dependiendo del pa s de la marca y de tu tel fono bien presionamos el bot n de liberar ahora en la siguiente p gina ver s un resumen de tu orden aseg rate de leer todo aqu y luego vamos aqu abajo y vamos a completar nuestra orden esto va a tomar solamente unos segundos as que regreso cuando mi orden ha decido completado exitosamente bien si. Has hecho todo correcto ver s un mensaje de confirmaci n.

Dice no que tu. Orden fue. Recibida y. Puesta exitosamente ahora solamente debes esperar a recibir un c digo de liberaci n.

En tu correo el correo puede tardar entre unas 72 horas para recibirlo normalmente es muy r pido pero en algunos casos es posible que sea un poquito m s tardado luego de haber esperado recibir s un correo igual a este el correo incluye el c digo de liberaci n instrucciones paso a paso y tambi n. Est n. En espa ol y en ingl s y como podr s ver aqu est el c digo de liberaci n. El cual es el m s importante para liberar nuestro tel fono este c digo.

Es. Calculado basado. En tu n. Mero email as que solamente funcionar para un tel fono bien ahora lo vamos a ingresar en nuestro dispositivo viene el primer paso es apagar nuestro dispositivo cuando el tel fono est apagado vamos a ingresar una tarjeta sim diferente.

A la original del tel fono si en mi caso mi tel fono est bloqueado para el cliente utilizar una que no sea de cliente en este caso una de timo van claro digo movistar cualquier otra luego encendemos el tel fono y con el tel fono haya sido encendido ver su mensaje pidiendo el c digo de liberaci n aqu debemos ingresar el c digo el cual recibimos en nuestro correo electr nico bien lo ingresamos y luego presionamos un block o liberar luego ver s un mensaje diciendo que tu tel fono fue liberado exitosamente de la red excelente bien amigos la liberaci n fue exitosa y como podr s ver aqu ya he recibido se al de mi nuevas tarjetas sin bien amigos eso es todo as es como se libera cualquier tel fono para usarlo con cualquier tarjeta sim mundialmente si necesitas ayuda o tienes alguna pregunta puedes dejarla en los comentarios de abajo. Y tratar de responderla lo m s. Pronto posible no olvides suscribirte a nuestro canal subimos v. Deos todas las semanas muchas o this i ll put this back on the nshelf now to collect dust.

Yes this thing s awesome get one the next thing you ll need if you re going out shooting for a while is a power bank now. I ve tried lots of power banks over the years they ve been nreally hit and miss. But one brand. I ve found to be consistently really nreally good is cygnett and this is the power.

Bank i m using right. Now it s 4400. Mah. And it charges.

My phone or 360. Camera. Nat. Least.

Twice over 360 camera batteries last for an hour max. Which is why sometimes you just need to take a coffee break nput your camera on charge and start shooting..

Again fully caffeinated with a fully charged battery next. We re going to need something to store all these gadgets nand. My favorite brand for camera bags is think tank and this is my favorite think tank bag. It s the cable management.

10. Version. 2. Think tank make quality bags.

The materials. Really strong. It s got a window on the front. So you can see exactly what s in it i love this thing.

And there s space for nbusiness card in the back every time. I m traveling and shooting. I always have this thing in my backpack with my most essential nbits of 360 camera gear should you buy a different case for your 360 camera. I hear you asking well it depends on the camera.

But most of them make their ncases pretty darn good i think the insta360 neoprene pouch is basically perfect for this camera neoprene is good because it not only protects the lenses. But it cleans them as you put the camera in and take it out. I don t see the need to get another case for a camera like this because it s going to double if not triple the size of the overall camera plus it fits so nicely nin. My think tank bag now let s move forward in the workflow and think about things we might need for post production of your 360s.

And you might be expecting me to recommend computers and laptops well. No no no no no no no no one awesome thing about 360 content and 360. As a whole is it s one of the only styles of photography that you can do basically everything you nneed to do on your phone. Not only can you change nyour camera settings and take full control of your 360 camera with your phone but in 2019 the smartphone is the computer nfor 360 photographers not only is it easy to edit and reframe 360 photos on mobile.

But you can also do it with 360 videos the apps are getting so good now that you can do everything you need to do without leaving your phone. I mean yeah. There are some advanced things that you will nneed to go computer for but for 99 of things i use my phone which is why your phone should be your biggest investment nin your 360 camera kit it s super important that you have a phone of the last two to three nyears at the oldest especially if you have a camera nthat shoots 5k plus video. There s no way an old noutdated phone is going to be able to do that however.

If you invest nin a new fast phone it s like having a mini ncomputer in your pocket. I ve noticed phones are nadopting all the best things about computers nand simplifying them turning computer programs into mobile apps and making them touch friendly. This is usually why i nbuy the latest iphone when it comes out because with every new release they make the nphone faster and better. And it means.

I can do more stuff on mobile. That i was once only nable to do on computer u0000 u0000 and then i m going to ndrop this in by hitting d. Then you can see it here. The reason.

Why i brought this ring in is because i know it s going nto be an orthogonal unwrap instead of pelting this nout like i would before or doing this shift f thing boundary. I want it to be straight. I can press r. Which will do a completely northogonal unwrap and if i hold f.

It s going to pelt nit in kind of take care of it you can see it s perfectly straight nit s making this big black bordered lines. Which kind of tells me that it s going nto hold it in place..

No matter what this bordered lines tells me that nit s going to unwrap perfectly vertical and horizontal. This is my favorite tool in headus. I can really solve this nby pressing control. I and i can bring back nindividual lines or pressing.

I or if i just hover and hold. I drag ni can select multiple at one time pressing shift. I will make a loop and nthen pressing control. I will make a ring.

This is perfect for heart surface props that need to have straight nuvs to texture on say. If i wanted the borders to be straight ni could just select the outside edges. So let me get rid of this nby. Pressing control.

I let me just select these noutside edges by holding shift. I and then looping everything like that if i pelt this out. Now by holding f. Nit.

Will constrain. The bordered edges. And have the inside nedges. Conform or change.

Rotating. Scaling and nmoving around a uv island works sort of the same as the drop scene. If i wanted to rotate this ni would hold down space bar then left click drag. I can rotate this if i want to move it naround i can hold space bar then middle mouse click move.

I wanted to scale. It i hold space nbar and right click up and down. So that s how that works what i like to do mostly nfor this orthogonal pieces. You hold down control.

And then ntap like a directional arrow like down or right you can see that it s going to nmove exactly how that line is if i was to go on the slanted one nand then hold control and press down. It s going to make that line nstraight or perfectly right it depends on what line nyou re going to do it on if i wanted this to be nstraight. I ll go to this border and then press control left or right. I wanted to note that nthere s no clicking involved all you have to do is just hover nover line.

And then do your hot key this is me just hovering i m not doing nany sort of clicking or any of that i m just hovering over the edge same for when you press. I nand all that other stuff. I ll talk back to the face mask to nshow some of the pelting tricks. I m going to straighten this nout first by setting this line and then making it straight okay if i hold out control then hold right nclick.

I can move over to see if i hold down shift. Then right click ni can softly move an area around this is great for massaging. Some of the nblue and red colors out to be green. Say if i want to have these red areas nbe more green.

I can massage this out kind of stretch it out a nbit kind of like that i ll take more time definitely. If i press on hold o..

I can do an narea relax. Which is very useful i use this a lot so areas nlike this where it s squashing. I can press and hold o. And nit will form those down instead of holding f to pelt everything nout.

I can just do one area like this let s unwrap. One of the horns. Now this gives a great nexample of how sometimes something just doesn t nwant to pelt out right. We have to force it to pelt out so let s npress 2.

Then go to one of the horns. I m just going to pick this nhorn right here this back one just going to hit home and i m ngoing to split the back area because i know that s where ni want the uvs to split well want to go all the way nup. So i ll just stop it there and hit shift s to split nand then let s drop. It there.

It is if i wanted to pelt this out. I know it s ngoing to pelt out a little bit weird like that i think that even if i nhold to the boundary pelt. It s still going to do some funky stuff this happens sometimes so i found to ndo is just to force it to be straight. This is nice because it gives me a nlittle bit of control of my unwrap.

It doesn t make it feel nso technical at this makes it feel a bit more artistic to force this to be right ni have to hold shift. Then hold right click to nkind of pull this out pulling that out means nthat when i pelt it out it s going to make it straight. It s literally forcing those nparts out then when i pelt it it s going to squish them back. I can do this any way.

I want i could try to make this curve this way like that and then pelt. It and it will nstart to be a shape that i want it to be this works for other things as well like say for this thing. I nwant it to be like a u shape. I can just pull this down and then npelt it and then it will do that i m going to continue unwrapping nsome.

More parts real quick and finish. The video up let s just unwrap a couple more nhorns. So it s this back one. I do this sometimes too because nwhen.

I do the orthogonal. I will then release all the boundaries nthat will hold f to pelt. It it will give me that natural shape nand. I kind of want that natural shape for when i do baking the normals because if i do this completely straight.

I will get a lot of wavy nlines in the normal. I will release that and then pelt it out i ll wrap some more parts. I know that this big ring is ngoing to be kind of a problem. So i m just going to make it ncompletely straight.

When i unwrap it let s unwrap drop each part this will be kind of a big npain to do the release boundary or you re going to n unintelligible to do this. It s just going to be a pain. It s easier to just press nr. Once and make orthogonal and then release the nboundaries and then pelt.

It that way it s nice and straight for this one instead of npelting just press r and done i m releasing the boundaries. So that nit kind of keeps its natural shape..

And it s still very straight. If i wanted to i could nmove around this thing. I could shape it however i want like that and then there you ngo kind of messes. The shape.

Mostly is on the parts nthey re pretty symmetrical. They re kind of the same thing so ni m not going to unwrap all of them because most of them are going to be nshowing the same uvs stuff like that now i ll show you how to ndo a very quick auto pack. Which is very nice. It s very useful i use this sometimes for ans nthat needs to be done very quickly or i ll even do it just furrow quick nand then i ll repack it in max.

I m going to move this none off to the side now because i need this one out nhere to do the auto pack. I m going to go into the unwrap area to nwhere all my other things are unwrapped. I just want to do a very quick auto pack. I m going to go to pack and nthen.

I m going to go to best and then i m going to allow it nto rotate to whatever i want the bleed is i m going to nchange that too to about 2 shrink boxes to fit that s fine then just hit pack all and then nit will do it s little thing. It will pack everything it s going to tell you nhow many seconds. It s been since its last improvement nhere at the bottom left you can hold space bar to nstop. Whenever you want you can see that it did.

It s nbest job to pack everything for some assets that i m ndoing very quickly that i nneed to finish the same day. I will do this and then i nwill bring it back into max then i ll repack it on my own or if it s very quick. I ll njust leave it how it is and i ll texture it how it is a couple last little thing nis. I forgot to mention that i didn t really nlike the pinch the split.

So you can actually still weld nvertices in here just by hitting w. Then i can re pelt those areas back out if i hold o. I can shrink those back in so you can still make the edits nin. The unwrap.

If you wanted to i can even go in here. Nand cut and hit shift s or actually you cut. Then nyou hit enter to split those are a couple of things nthat you can also know it s very customizable. It s very editable and also if you want it nto re drop something i ve had times.

Where i hit nshift d. In an open area and that you can t really ndo anything after that because it s telling you this nlittle area at the bottom left. If you hit enter to abort. It s going nto allow you to move everything again.

If you ever do anything in nan open area by accident. It s going to give you an error. You can also set how long you nwant the unwrap to go for so. If i can set it for 5 nminutes.

Then hit pack all and then i could walk away and then come nback and then the unwrap will be done when you re ready you can just go nahead and hit save and then click save. And it is done so i hit dismiss then exit nand you re good to go now that wraps it up for nthis unintelligible . This is the final result nof how the mask turned out it was unwrapped fully in headus nthen finished in photoshop and then rendered afterwards. My name is cordell felix ” .


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