Complete Nintendo Wii Collection – Are You CRAZY?!

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“Jesus metal jesus here and i am back nwith. A new guy kacy. How s s it going dude kacy pretty good metal jesus dude. It s awesome having you because well i want to be honest you are one of nthe.

Most impressive game collectors in our area in the seattle area kacy thanks metal jesus. It s true this guy has an amazing collection how many complete collections do you have kacy. I have 10. I don t know if i can name them all right nnow metal jesus name some of your favorites kacy virtual boy complete in box i know metal jesus jack brothers kacy a lot of people don t like virtual boys nbecause it hurts their eyes metal jesus no no no no no no the virtual boy is awesome for what it is nright kacy.

Yeah. And i really like the game boy nadvance. There s over a thousand titles not a lot nof people know that but that s a really fun system metal jesus yeah. We were talking about that nactually before this video that game boy advance were my favorites to collect for.

But you also have some other ones like the nn64 collection complete kacy yeah i have the n64. But that s loose ni don t have the complete in box set. But i also have gamecube second master system. I recently completed sega cd.

Which was tough metal jesus yeah i saw that pic that you nposted on facebook that was amazing. But there s another complete collection you nhave. I don t know what it is i don t know maybe the title of this video s na hint maybe this wall back. Here.

You have a complete wii. Collection kacy. Yes. The great wall of wii.

Here metal jesus. Great wall of wii have to be ncareful. How you say that so i have one question for you dude. Why the hell.

Did you go for a complete wii ncollection that s what i want to know in this video kacy. I m looking for the next set to go for nand progressively wii was the next thing because i had completed gamecube and n64 nand. I m a big nintendo fan so wii was the next thing metal jesus in truth. I actually like the nwii.

I like the wii. So when you posted this photo on facebook ni remember i messaged you i m like that thing s impressive so for this video. We re gonna talk about nhis complete wii collection. Some of the challenges in getting that some nof your favorite games.

Maybe some hidden gems and a lot. More. It s gonna be pretty cool. Kacy.

Yeah. I ll definitely show everything ni can metal jesus all right. Let s take a look metal jesus. So i have a couple of questions nabout this because i don t have any complete collections and i ve never been that kind nof collector.


So i m kind of curious to pick your brain na little bit so first off i need to know how many. Wii ngames were released kacy there s 1260. Games. Metal jesus wow how.

Many those are bad sports titles kacy. Maybe. 40. .

No i would say shubbleware wise. I would say a third of it is probably the ncase metal jesus now what do people say when nyou tell them that you have a complete wii collection kacy. The first thing they say is metal jesus right kacy and i said i mean. It s nintendo metal jesus.

It is nintendo and like i mentioned nin the intro that despite the maybe the bad reputation of the wii. Has there nare a lot of really good titles kacy yeah. There s some hidden gems and some nreally quality first party titles metal jesus yeah. Absolutely so let s walk through.

I mean just what it ntakes to do a complete collection. Did you initially start off to say or did you find yourself getting there kacy. I was up to a point where i had about n100 games. And that s when i realized i might as well go for it without even realizing there s over 1000.

Nfor this set so it s kind of a daunting task but i did nmy research wikipedia game facts i just needed to find the games that were nofficially released in the us and then i compiled my own list because there wasn t na list out there metal jesus now. I would think that it d be nthis would be an easier time to collect for the wii. Simply. Because you could up until nrecently still find it in retail stores like gamestop best buy things like that did you take advantage of that kacy.

Yeah. This is actually the best time nto collect for the wii. Especially when gamesoft has those buy two nget two free that s essentially 50 off and people are just giving these away at garage nsales metal jesus right i ran into that as well where i ll end up nwith. Some sort of educational kids title on the wii.

Kacy might be rare metal jesus that s true okay so let s talk about that is that not nall wii games are created equal there are some rare ones so can you name nsome of those kacy. Yeah. Let s talk about educational games. So there s hard to find because it wasn t released at ngamestop.

It wasn t sold at gamestop. They only sold the 3ds version not the wii nversion so when somebody tries to trade it in they can t take it metal jesus oh really because it s not in their system. Kacy yeah. It s impossible to find metal jesus interesting where was it sold do you know kacy.

I don t know possibly online. Only i haven t seen it in the stores. But another one is metal jesus no but it sounds awesome kacy yeah. So it s an exercise game.

And it was only nsold at qvc when it first was sold it was sold with a bike so it s like 200 nbucks for this thing. So it s really rare and i found it and swap nmeet for five bucks. But i didn t have the bike. Luckily somebody had one that i knew he shipped nit from nevada metal jesus so you have the bike kacy.


I have the bike metal jesus of course have you ridden on the bike kacy yes. The game s not it s not good you re out there just picking up trash on nthe bike metal jesus really kacy. Yeah metal jesus that is so funny so any other kind of like that were maybe hard to find annoying that nsort of stuff kacy. I would say there s some latin american ndistributed games that were only released in latin america metal jesus okay so i thought maybe this nwas.

Just a north american collection is this all of them in total kacy. No. I don t have like japanese games. It s all like nstc games so that does include nsome latin american games metal jesus okay because some collectors nwhen they go for complete collections they re really only doing north american released.

But you went for anything that was sort of nenglish based or playable on your wii kacy yeah correct like i ordered it online. Luckily it was cheap but that s one of the nharder ones to find metal jesus and i guess. That s thing is nthat. Most of these are relatively cheap is what you ran into right kacy.

Yeah. I mean the cost average of this nwas less 4. A game. Because i kept track of everything metal jesus all right dude so you re obviously a big wii collector what nare some of your favorite games on the system these don t necessarily have to be your all time nfavorite.

But just some that you think are awesome kacy. I got to the stack of five here i would say metal jesus i heard that about that i haven t nplayed. It yet is this the one. Where you stand up and all nthat sort of stuff.

Kacy. Yeah. You can play with your friends nand try to get the highest score. And it s just weird and odd.

There s a lot of weird ones. Where you just nstick your finger up somebody s nose metal jesus. That s right. I ve played a couple nof these versions before and yeah like the drippy nose stuff it was nlike so weird kacy.

But it was fun metal jesus yeah. It is fun kacy another one is it s like a combination of metal jesus. How is this different than normal n. Kacy.

There s just more levels. And more mini ngames in this metal jesus didn t even know that this existed nbecause. I have the original. But i didn t know there s another one kacy.

Yeah. This one s fun another one is days of donkey kong country. But this is a nlot tougher metal jesus. I ve heard i ve heard it s supposed to be painful kacy metal jesus so beautiful so beautiful kacy the artwork in the background is just nawesome metal jesus yeah definitely kacy and the last one is metal jesus i highlighted this in the hidden ngems video as well and i played a ton.

Because it does the motion control s really well kacy yeah exactly and it s kind of like nsuper monkey ball metal jesus yeah. It is definitely now the other thing i like about this though nis obviously all the hidden gems. Too which are games. We d like.


But also are more well known or lesser well known right like gosh. There s a bunch of them kacy yeah. It s a good one metal jesus what. s the adventure game it s like zach and kacy zach wiki metal jesus yeah.

That s a really good game ntoo there s a bunch of them kacy. There s a lot of hidden gems for this nsystem lately. I ve been going for a shoot em up ngames. So the ultimate shooting collection for the wii is a good one metal jesus i got that recently yeah kacy.

It s a compilation of three dream cast njapanese. Only released games metal jesus that s right kacy. So. If you want to save a lot of money njust.

Buy the wii version metal jesus speaking of which another thing nthat the wii. Does really well is light gun games now i ve covered this before. But i keep going nback to the games like what else is there on the wii. There s a bunch of them like that version is really good kacy.

Yeah. There s some good on rail shooters nfor this metal jesus yeah. That s right the version of really good kacy. Yeah.

And there s also some bad ones ntoo like metal jesus that s right kacy and metal jesus yeah. That s right or kacy that s metal jesus. I mean it s so bad it s good nright kacy yeah. Yeah metal jesus yeah that s cool okay so any other things about like a wii.

Nthat are sort of a challenge like what were some of the ones the last nones that you had to get there s always those last couple kacy. The last couple. I would say were the nlatin america distributed games. The three metal jesus okay which ones were those kacy.

It s probably better i show you i can t npronounce. Some of these i can t even pronounce that one but this none s so it s a wrestling game metal jesus dude. That s cool looking kacy so there was three of them including n. And i have a friend in mexico who sent it nto me because i told them i collected wii and there s no way for me to get these.

So nit s really good to network outside your metal jesus. That s true have other people nkind of looking for you now the wii s mostly dead. But it s not is nit. I mean just up until recently there were new nwii games kacy.

Yeah. I thought i was done and then ni had to go buy a couple of more games. But nintendo decided to release a couple of n. They were just trying to metal jesus that hurt didn t it kacy yeah metal jesus and there s also the other one nwhich.

I was mentioning to reggie it s a wii u title right kacy correct metal jesus that s pretty cool kacy. It s pretty cool. Because the flip art nis. The wii.


Cover and the art is wii u. So it s all in one. But it is a separate disk metal jesus so is this the last complete ncollection that you ve built up kacy this is the latest. Yeah.

But i m gonna go for others metal jesus yeah like what give me some hints kacy original playstation. I m about 290 way metal jesus okay and how many are in that kacy about 1300 games metal jesus okay kacy yeah metal jesus now is the wii. Which one has the most games do you know as far as like the size of a collection kacy i would say. Playstation.

2 metal jesus right okay. Kacy there s roughly 1850. Games for that metal jesus wow. Kacy yeah.

I don t wanna do that one metal jesus. Yeah. That s interesting wow that s cool man well dude. This is so awesome like i said when you posted this on facebook ni had to come over here and take a look it because what i like about it too it s very unified nand it looks beautiful.

It s just awesome looking kacy except for this yellow. One here metal jesus yeah. That s true kacy a couple red ones metal jesus a couple red ones. But for the nmost part actually.

It s pretty impressive well dude. Where can people find you because he has his own youtube channel. Where nyou do a bunch of pick up videos. Kacy.

Yeah. You can find me on metal jesus definitely check it out because nwhen. I watch it i get very jealous this guys goes out garage sale ing. He does ndeals on craigslist you find amazing stuff kacy.

I try metal jesus that s right and actually i nthink. We re gonna do more videos in the future. Because you also have a really impressive. What are those things called kacy kiosk metal jesus kiosks.

Yes. He s got an impressive kiosk collection kacy. Fifteen kiosks right now and it s still ngrowing until. My wife tells me to stop metal jesus or you get a bigger house kacy.

Yeah metal jesus all right dude are you on facebook and twitter and all that nstuff kacy yes. Metal jesus all right cool man thank you guys for watching my channel and nsubscribing and take care kacy. Thanks metal jesus like i mentioned in the video ni ve done a series of wii hidden gems so definitely check out my channel if you re ninterested in learning more also i m thinking it might be time for a nwii buying guide. Because there s a bunch of things to know about the wii.

So maybe nthat will be coming up pretty soon. ” ..

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