Constantly Ejecting How to Fix Cassette Adapter Monster iCar Play

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” s up guys. This is isaac from tech 2 here and today i m going going to be showing you guys how to fix your monster. I carplay cassette adapter your cassette to plug into your phone and the problem. Most people have is it you will put it in and it continuously ejects without playing your music.

So let s get started so. Let s say i have my tape in here. And i want to play some music so got music playing and all of a sudden my fixed mine. But yours might randomly eject while the music is playing and you ll have to push it back in and boom.

It will eject again or maybe it ll stay in there. And it ll keep making clicking sounds like it s constantly being put back in there so i m gonna show you guys how to fix that today and let s get to it ok..

So. The first step is very simple we just find all the little screws here. And all you need to do is just unscrew them ok so. When you have your screws out make sure to put them in a place.

Where you will remember they are and with the logo on the bottom simply lift up ecover and there you go now try to keep all the gears in the same place. If you don t that s fine. But take off the gears and find this one with a little rubber ring. Now all you need to do is just rub your finger along it kind of gets little lines in its and and some dirt on it all you need to do is rub along it and clean that off i ll be right back once.

I m done okay so after you re done wiping down and cleaning off your rubber ring. You need to put your gears back on so..

Let s take the second biggest. One and with the little knobs facing up. We re going to put it on the part with the wiring. Not the one with the writing on the front.

We re going to put it on the back cover and then find this second part with these little grooves here and those grooves are gonna fit in with the little knobs so they ll find them match them up. And then you should be able to turn them together. Then find the big one and with this tall part on top put. It down on the middle.

Part. And this is another one with little notches put that one there here s another thing with grooves..

Just simply place that one on top of here. And then take this small one and with the notch on top put. It right on this little knob. Right here.

So it hooks up with other ones take the last level. One the notch on top and put it right here right on top of it and then lastly make sure you have the rubber ring on top and the gear on bottom and place this in this little nook right here so the gears go together. But the rubber is on top of this here. So now when you turn it all they all turn together and there you go that s how to put it back together.

I ll be right back okay. So once you have all your gears in take your cover just fit it back on there should kind of fall in place make sure you grab both sides..

So it doesn t come apart just turn. These little red gears. Make sure they turn make sure they work and then flip. It over to the back cover and then just put in all your screws and screw them back in and your monster eye car place should be ready to go and work again in your car thanks for watching guys.

This is isaac from tag. 2 signing ” ..

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