CONVERTER: Component to Composite (shinybow sb-5470)

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“Good evening boys and girls. This is etheric 777 and tonight. I m back with with another little etheric slokas production during this video. I would like to answer to of your questions because you know during the last month s years stays.

Whatever i got here there are some questions from some of you guys that actually wanted to know how i record my videos for youtube or how i do my livestream and all that and beside of that you know that i come up here and there with a little game room tour. Where i show my setup in some minutes. How it all works and how i record my stuff and no showing games and hardware and so on and i always got a lot of comments from people that told me all about it looks so cool that looks so complicated and never could do that by myself and whatever. But i want to be honest with you it is really not that complicated as it looks like it just looks complicated because i show you a final product.

And if you guys take a bunch like cables like this and you show it to me. Even i will have difficulties to understand what you actually want to show me there. But when i see it step by step then i say. Oh yeah.

That is very simple. And what i try with this video is i try to explain to you in a very simple way how i record my stuff yeah in an easy way to and i will show you connected one cable after another and then you will see it is way more simple and in this video. I will be concentrated mainly on sd signals that means of older consoles. But even on the playstation.

3. And a 360. But um yeah on a setup that you can have for a very very low price..


Because that is what the most people of you need to know when i want to start. And i guess. This video is not so interesting for somebody who has an and set up or way more money to spend. But this year is a little bit more for the beginners that maybe ya need to start and just need a little information to start somewhere with something and i guess we just start with a simple capture card.

I m going to show you the easy cap a very good card in my opinion for about 10 bucks you can get this on ebay and it has an s video input video input and then stereo audio input and i guess that is the cable that most of you guys will know about there. You have red and white for an audio signal and a yellow cable for the video signal you will find this on most of the older consoles and it works very simple you plug this on your capture card your capture card will be connected on the usb port on your pc and then you have there a little preview window. Where you can play. While you record you can do a walk through or whatever you want and after you can edit this and something like that you can do already for let s tell 1015 dollars including the cables and all what you need so that is a very simple thing of course.

It becomes a little bit more complicated when we talk about the component signal component signal can be an sd or an hd. But the cables are working a different way because they have a way higher quality. The video signal is split up in three cables. And that looks like this here.

You have tear the video signal on left side blue red and green of course you can t connect this simply to your easy capture card for example or to the video input and therefore you will need very little converter this one here is a component to compose sit converter compensate is the yellow one and component is the signal that we have there split up three different cables and you know there are a lot of different prices. But i got this one that i show you there for about 20 25. Dollars maybe directly for china and have to say. It is really very good for its price of course.

It s not ultra professional therefore you need to spend more. But it works very very good for what i spend for and you see it on one side. You can enter with your component signal on the other side..


You have there a composite output and this output signal you can simply connect again to your capture card and by the way for yet european users or australian users. Where you have the pala system that is even interesting if you have a pal 50 capture card you know 50 hertz and if you have a pal 60 gain because you can t connect apollo 60 console on your pal 50 system because it doesn t break and with one of these converters you can for example. When you have a xbox 360. You can use this signal pal.

60 and converted into a pal. 50. Signals. Even that is very interesting so so far i guess you understood the main thing.

And that is very simple and just now we come to the next question. The next question is how can i play on my television. While i record the stuff on my pc and therefore you will need a simple switch. I have here shiny box that looks again more complicated than it actually is this one here as you can see has four inputs so i can connect therefore consoles and two outputs and then is a yeah a product.

It is a little bit more expensive. That is something that you can use in a middle class. But of course you can get even a very simple switch for about 10 bucks. So so far we still talk about 50 dollars not more not less and what i will show you is very simple how i connect this now so right now i have in my hands.

The component cable that comes from a television and here. I have two outputs as i told already before so. What i do i connect simply my television to this output off the switch..


And you see. When you connect one cable after another. It s already way more simple it just looks complicated when you see all the ports. And maybe.

You are not into the material. And you say oh wow. I never could do this. But you see here.

Five cables. Just for one television and on the other side for this example. I connect my xbox 360. Even there five cables and that s already connected so now on one side.

I entered with the console on the other side. I have one output that goes to the television and now i connect simply discomforted a converter that i showed you already before on the second output of the switch. And now you can imagine how this work you know on one side. I have hd signal coming from the xbox that is passed through straight to the televisions or they are have an hd signal and on the other output.

I connect our converter as i showed you already before and on this converter again the easy capture card and you see as more cables. As you see in one moment is more yeah. It s more complicated it looks like but in reality..


It is it s a very simple connection you just need to be you just need to do one thing after another. So. What i showed you was a switch that i use. But that is more interesting if you use a lot of different consoles you know and if you need some more options.

But a simple switch that you can get on ebay can be even between 10 and 50 bucks. And so it s really not that expensive and when you do it like this then you have wallah an hd signal on your television as i talked before and in the same moment on your yeah for example that is my control monitor. When i record my for a live stream or something. But also a sd signal that you can use on your pc and i want to stop it here.

I don t want to make this more complicated as sounding. More complicated as it really is so this was one step after another and if you have any questions you just can leave your comment and i will try to help you wherever i can and you saw it that is really nothing special we have there easy care for let s say. 10 converter for 25 so we are at 35 and let s say a switch for 15 bucks and put 50 you can already record yourself. While you played on your television.

You can play an hd. While you record an sd and i think that is really not bad for a beginner and for today. We stop it here because this video is already much longer than i actually wanted to do it maybe the next time i show you something else. But yeah.

That depends on your questions and then we will see how this goes on and i hope i could answer to the questions that you left me during yeah as a tote during my last videos and yeah good i think i stopped it here. And i thank you very much that you have time to watch this video come back soon and ” ..

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